Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday, May 2

Jackson finally has it all figured out! He's friends with us, big time now! You can walk right up to him, reach out to pet him and most of the time he now raises his tail or his head for a pet! Wow--he did it! He crossed that invisible line of "being leery of people" to "I'm your friend"!  What a joy to see this. 

We took in a new baby kitten yesterday. She was in danger of becoming a dog's meal. She's a little black/white kitten, about 51/2 weeks old and her name is Riika. What a beauty and a big heart of love! She is at this moment, snugged up with Jemima! 

Kizzy has also arrived. Eric and Carrie brought her Weds. night. Kizzy is CGCry's cat. At her death, when the nurse called, we told them that FFRC would take care of Kizzy.  This does not mean that she is a permanent. We hope to find her a quiet home where she is queen of the house! She's all white. I do believe she is bewildered a bit--a little lost at all the changes. She enjoys being petted.

Wrigley and Oriah are side by side on the window shelf watching the birds at the feeders. Navi thinks she's a kitten--playing and flipping over toys! We have not brought Joey up to the Main Area yet. He asked for a bit more time in the Thumper Rooms. He likes it there. Kerri Kat is still washing her entire head when she drinks from the faucet! So fun to watch her do this.

We had BOXES Weds. evening. Many grateful thanks to you.
Sue M--donation to FFRC
Karen C--card from Sunny, donation, baby food jars, Fancy Feast can, Kitty snackers,  Whiska and Meow Mix packets, coupons and Paw Points
The Bubbas/bubba1021--case of Whiska Purrfectly Chicken and a case of Appetizers
Mayumi from Tokyo--2 boxes of TUlle (chicken and tuna), package of green tea cream oreo cookies. For Magenta and Joline-can of chicken with bonita flavoring
Vicki B--6 bags of Royal Canin Baby cat Dry
Betsy and Lewbeth--For the Rescue Center: 2 boxes of doggie snackers, large bed pad for Cami and Janie. For the volunteers--20 bags of Classic Mix chips & 12 packages white cheddar popcorn, 2 brown rugs for the kitties, kitty snackers and toys.   For the Catathon--donation to help with a garden basket, lots of items for the garden basket: spiral decoration, gloves, frog and lily pad decorations, starter pots, knee pads, basket, garden plaque, flower stake and 2 butterfly stakes, pruners,solar hummingbird light, accent solar light, aroma burner, quick soil mix, garden tools, 2 turtles, various bulbs and seed packets.  Feel Good/Young Girl basket--2 sets of hair bruishes, pack of cute binderclips. Also a bird binoculars for bird basket
Betz--For Catathon--expandable spandex fanny pack
Eaglewatcher/Beth--1000 potty bags 
Mary Elizabeth I from AZ--donation to be used as needed.
Shannan W--donation for FFRC
Starrylightmeow & Pondracer from UT--donation in honor of their anniversary!
Laser Tattoo Removal eGuide--donation for FFRC
Melissa L--2 handmade slippers for FFRC--so so pretty!
Pat/Mirage's mom--a baby afghan (will use for baby basket for Catathon)
Susan S from WI--donation, can be used for bleach, vinegar and water

Remember if you make a purchase thru Amazon you can go thru the FFRC website, click on the Amazon button and then FFRC gets a bit of credit! For April, YOU brought $156.89 to FFRC! Thank you. 

Smallisha, one of our newest cats is doing good. Here's the news on her--yes, she is pregnant. A cat is pregnant for 9 weeks more or less. Many vet offices will spay a pregnant cat if done before 7 weeks. Yes, that may seem sad, but I have to consider it as saving lives. The bottom sad truth is that there are simply too many kittens being born and never ever enough homes. We have in the past spayed pregnant cats if brought here early enough. I personally, for our FFRC cats, would like to do it before 6 weeks. I feel Smallisha is at that point and so consider her too far along to spay. So....she will have her babies. She will be spayed when kittens are 6 weeks old (or close depending on our surgery date at that time) and the kittens will be spayed/neutered at a young age. And we'll love the kitties. 

This morning Beth will be taking Oriah and Thursday to the vets office. Oriah needs her last two remaining teeth pulled. She will also get a physical.  Thursday, along with a physical, will have her spay. They will both be home later today.

We so love our cats and wish for them to live forever. Of course, this doesn't happen. The time of being with your pets is NOW, in the present. Take that time to love your pets. I believe most of you know that two of our oldsters are struggling a bit. Both Magenta and Putter. Magenta has slowed her eating up--not asking for as many meals. She is visibly more fragile. Putter has grown old overnight. They both love to be loved on. These two cherished cats could live to be a hundred and it still would be too short. I will give both many hugs for you all. 

We're working full speed ahead on the Catathon! Remember--it's June 22, a Sunday. The cement was poured for the Shelter House on Weds. It's just sitting now, drying and looking wonderful! Next week, the roof will go up. We are already envisioning our events using this, visitors sitting under it and having a good chat,  volunteers having lunch outside, our FFRC meetings can be held here and just a nice area for people to gather at FFRC! 

Quick!  Grab a cat and get it neutered/spayed!  Real quick--you will be saving lives!
Q: What are the benefits of spaying/neutering cats at eight weeks old?
A: A reduced risk for reproductive disorders and lower risk of mammary carcinoma. Also, the animals seem to tolerate the procedure very well and recover more quickly and painlessly than those sterilized over six months of age. In other words, less surgical trauma, quicker recovery and fewer complications as a result of the surgery.