Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Weds., May 28

What a glorious day today is. There are kittens galore playing, roughing up each other, purring, kneading and playing some more. The adults are so sweet. They welcome the kisses, hugs and attention. There is always a sense of peace here at FFRC for me. And if I get an overwhelming urge to "get away", down to the barns I can go. Just sitting on the picnic table in the corral is great!  Handing out horse treats is very nice. The walks down to the "island" too is so relaxing. Spending even 15 minutes in the Cat's Cove is also rewarding. Those cats soak up the attention! So....even when we have a sadness of losing one of our cats, there is still peace here. While I terribly miss those that are gone, the gift of memories of them is so wonderful. And knowing that all is well with them now, is powerfully comforting to me. 

I'm sitting here at my desk laughing at 5 kittens that have been hard at work for the last 45 minutes. Dewitty (our visitor) brought some items in plastic bags and these kittens are busily unpacking the bags for me! They think they are helping. The crinkle of the bags is so enticing! I told them they were going to get in trouble. They just looked at me like "she's crazy to think that"! 

Our Shelter House is done other than the evespouts and downspouts. But those will be coming. Jimmy has put up a clock and thermometer. When Gustwiller's were here last week, they installed 3 overhead lights and a plug in for us. I love how the Porchies and Covies enjoy laying on the table. Of course, they always wipe off the table when done!! 

We have some thank yous to give. I am grateful.
We had some Magenta memorial donations given--thank you very much, means a lot to me: Glynette M from CA, UncleKat from OR, Joni G from WA,  Anonymous Friend, Sheila H from Canada, Arden & CHarmaine from IN, Edward B from FL, Margaret/EarthEyes from NC, Joanna H from Finland, Anonymous Friend for Spay/Neuter Fund, Pat & Ellen from Defiance, Cris_79 from Italy, Janet & Seb & Sylvie, Tina/PeppyCali from WI and Carolyn J from TX.

Thank you too for the lovely bouquet of flowers that was delivered yesterday. They are beautiful and mean a lot to me. 

We will have BOXES tonight. Yeah! Let's do BOXES at 5:30 tonight. Will give me a little extra time to get inside to my kitties tonight! 

We have started the picture taking (thanks to Jenni C) of the Baskets for Catathon. This is a long process so we have to get started!  Pre-registration will also start about 10 days or so before the Catathon. Don't worry--if you don't pre-register for the Catathon, you can still bid. It just shortens the phone-time if this is done beforehand.  We will also have a drawing during the Catathon for all those that pre-register!  Remember, it's June 22!

On June 6,7,8 we will be handling the Concession Stand once again for Defiance's Dance Recital. I believe this may be our 5th year to do this. We use this as a Fundraiser for FFRC. We will set up for Friday PM, Saturday afternoon & PM and Sunday afternoon.  We have to completely tear everything down each evening. It's a fun fundraiser for us! We even know some of the dancers-- Elizabeth, Unique and Jocelyn will be performing! 

Have you done a spay/neuter yet this spring? It's time--grab a cat and call a vet! It's impossible to find enough homes. Let's prevent these births---it's the right thing to do.  Thank you.