Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday, May 30

Our volunteer Amy is home now from her surgery. We're so glad she's home and recuperating. Sending good thoughts and prayers for you, Amy. Ellen, Pat and Megan are filling in for Amy for a while. 

I've heard from Dr. Darcy. She will be here a bit earlier to get all the surgeries started. As usual, all surgical physicals are done first. Then we do the boy neuters, followed by the girl neuters. In between, we will fit in as many yearly physicals as possible. Because Dr. Darcy has a commitment later in the afternoon and also because of our big surgery list, we may not get 100% done.  These are the cats we hope to get done:

Neuters: Dickens, Abner, Dexter, Francis, Byron, Corduroy, Mathew Scott, Burlingame and Hillsborough.

Spays: Jemima, Smallisha, Jessie, Blyss, Fantasia, Genevieve, Josephine, Mayumi, Riika, Carla Mae

The following are questionable due to weight:  Misty, Punita, Unna, Tita and Teva.  These kittens are still young yet. Remember--if the weight isn't there, we don't do it. I believe in placing the kittens safely over the anesthetic risk. We will again be using our wonderful monitor and heating blanket for surgery.

In addition to doing all of this, we have physicals that need done. Oriah, Luigie, Whisk, Ratchet, Navi, Ming, Kerri Kat and Karena need their beginning physicals or their yearly physicals.

If we have time, I'd love to have Ada Jane, Cutie, Freemont, Jackson, Jersey, Merri, Joyful, Lorenzo, Tabitha, Zelda looked at. These cats are getting close to their annual physical time. I will also have another discussion with Dr. Darcy about Walter's circling. A very busy day for tomorrow.

We had BOXES last night! I am truly humbled by the support you all give. I thank you.
Mayumi from Japan--Chicken soup pkts for oldsters, snackers of Chicken & Bonito flakes,  2 boxes of Tulle (tuna flavored)
Irene B/ladydoc--a variety of wonderful jacket/tops--just beautiful! 
Anonymous Friend--4 bags of 40# Precious Litter
Cessna--48 big cans of chicken--cats already had some!
Yarnlover2013/Brenda R--Minnie Mouse Sound & Play, Hello Kitty Crayola, 3 stylo pens, Art Work Craft, Books, Scratch & Sketch at the Zoo set, stained glass kitty hanger, a Lion/Tiger & Kitten framed print, and a cat with 4 kittens framed print, 3 puzzles
Autumncat/Anna--for the Catathon--many numerous items for an awesome Dog Basket--Slicker brush, nail clipper, quick stop, tote for dog itens, woof frame, dog plaque, magnet, keychain, door mat, 2 dog mugs, food scoop, Water To Go, 3 pawprint bowls, metal hook for leash, chuck it ball thrower, dog toys, snackers
LJ323--2 bags Fruit Gems, 2 boxes Fancy Feast broth, 4 cans of chicken and a beautiful afghan that has "popcorn" style kitties, hearts, musical note & paw prints
Velma T/Catzthree from Canada--For Catathon: framed pictures of Sidney Island Canada in Sunset and Sunrise and a picture of her oldster cat who goes on their boat with them!
Larissa--for Catathon or wherever:  Her awesome artwork!  All designed by Larissa and painted by Larissa. Home Sweet FFRC Home bank, Kitty Box "Ode to Black Cats", Card to Fabio from Bessie (they are friends!!), Day and night box, many Mini Paintings with easels, 3 wonderful Harlequin kitty paintings, and a pebble with painted Sheriff Putter Badge for his grave.  
Napa from MA--donation to FFRC, in honor of Betz birthday, to sponsor Coralie
Lovebugs/Pam--donation to FFRC, in honor of Betz birthday, to sponsor Walter
Konnar W from NY--donation to FFRC, in honor of Betz Birthday, to sponsor Cozi
Gusti from Germany--donation to help buy drinks for surgery day and to restock drink refrigerator

We have another report from Petfinder for last week.  We had 765 total views. The top 13 cats were Emma Jo, Camvi, Ming, Merle, Preakness, Liberti, Kerri Kat, Shamballie, Whisk, Emily, Ratchet, Weeja and Daisy. 

Emma Jo loves the new rainbow mousie toys--she carries them around and bats them then all over. Mathew Scott and Dexter are good friends--they always share their toys together. Walter has been wonderful with the kittens--such a good boy!  It's been over a month now that Thomas has had a seizure! I'm so happy for him. August likes to lay on top of the purple tower. When he does, he lets us pet him--such a nice thing to be able to do. Freemont loves his feathery toys. It's really nice how so different each cat is!