Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday, May 9

Joey and Coralie have now both graduated!  They both spent the night in the Main Area! How exciting--they're moving on up! Coralie likes it here. She's not too fond of the cats getting in her immediate circle, but that's ok.  We all have our likes and dislikes. She actually likes Thomas--it's really nice they have formed a friendship. They sometimes nap together. But Thomas' very favorite place to nap is in the back Thumper's Room, in the hexagon bed with any of the kittens that want to join him. He's like their Uncle Thomas--always like a kitten magnet!

Wrigley....what can I say but he's a whole lot of fun. He's on my desk now, continually pulling my fingers over to him so he can chew on them! What a love he is. He's a true fun boy--he likes to be involved in whatever is going on. Hopefully we'll find a great home for him!

Aunty Martha L was a big hit yesterday--she brought in a ham bone for the cats. We get to do this a few times a year--they love to pick, gnaw and chew on these ham bones. Keeps them very busy!

We had BOXES last night. My gratitude to you--boxes are very appreciated here at FFRC.
Eaglespirit--for the Catathon Movie basket--3 movies, Homeward Bound 1 & 2, The Beaches, Lego reading book, popcorn
Anonymous Friend--2 cases Gerber baby meat
Anne B from CT--Catathon: 2 decorated boxes (very nice!)  Also volunteer candy, Dawn liquid dish soap, Purina cat chow, Purina kitten chow and 2 owl key chains
Anonymous Friend--from OZBO, 2 cases of baby food meat
Anonymous Friend--from Amazon, a bag of Blue Wilderness dry cat fod, in honor of mod Darkcat!
Shamballie with help from Eartheyes--a dozen cans of liquid KMR
Aunty Julie/tigercat from IA--2 cases of turkey baby food
Newfiedogmom--3 cases Friskies pate, 9 packs of Odoban solid
Widdletigger--for Catathon--kids in the kitchen basket--a cute kitty kitchen apron
Laura S--for Jacck, a portrait by Wanda of Putter (extra thanks!), Derecho, Lorenzo, Freemont and Thomas   Love this and will get the frame done soon.
Tom & Linda (wyoeaglefan) K from WY--donation in memory of Putter.
DebbiDear--donation in memory of Sheriff Putter
Ferole P from OH--is another artist that has sent many pieces of her artwork, on different medium types, so beautiful, all for the Catathon.  Will be showing these soon!

Remember, never hesitate if I make a mistake on the thank yous, etc.  If any of the Anonymous Friends would like to put a name to the gift, I'd be happy to acknowledge that too. Sometimes the boxes come with no names at all attached to them.  Thank you.

The guys were here yesterday for the Shelter House. The stone is now all laid and raked around the base. All the concrete is now scored. THe tresses are here and just waiting for the Amish team to come help put them up!  Today is the Running of the Covies--right after their breakfast they will have their door opened again for their day of cruising. Oh what a great day for them--they love this.  Auntie Connie will call them in for suppertime. 

We had a quick Flash Sale yesterday. Thanks for the support. We do these quickie sales as a way of financially helping FFRC. Bills are big, as is our gratitude for the participation with our Day Sales and Flash Sales. I do believe we will be having an afghan raffle coming up soon! 

Punita, Unna, Tita and Teva are doing great. They have little wings on their feet! They're growing and doing a great deal of exploring.  We now have a set of steps in front of their night time pen, so during the day they can go in and out of their pen as they want. 

The 4 kittens that Peggy S are taking care of were here yesterday and will be here again this morning for a visit. Next Thursday, they will come to stay. This is Burlingame, Hillsborough, Mayumi and Misty (3 golds/1 torti). They are such little loverbugs! 

The golden litter is growing so quickly. They can be out at night now and we haven't had to worry about anyone playing too rough with them. Actually, they are the rough players!  I'm thankful that we are at a healthy state here. Happy, healthy cats---that's my goal! 

Take care all. Weekend is coming up. Enjoy your family and pets!