Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tuesday, May 20

Karula. Yes, that is the new name for our new cat. She is a torti, an oldster, blind, deaf, declawed front 2 and toothless (well, she has one tooth, but that needs to be removed). She also has a pellet over her rib cage. What a sweetie of all sweeties. She purrs like a soft musical song. And she loves to be petted. My son and family have been feeding her this winter but couldn't catch her. Yesterday, after bumping into car tires, she got scared and got onto their porch where my granddaughter Lissa and friend Kelsey picked her up.So a trip to grandma's happened and here she is. An oldster. She's been tested and bathed. She is already on the floor of the front Thumper's Pen. It will take some adjustments as she learns her way around before coming into the Main Area.

Her name is Karula. It means Place of Peace which is an African term. We hope that she finds peace here, her new home. It's also in honor of Mudjie, our mod who has been visiting Africa for 3 weeks and will be home today.

Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to Big Al. Our Big Black Beautiful Baby Boy. That''s what I always call him. He likes it!  Big Al arrived here in June 2007. I remember he showed up and would not let us catch or touch him. This went on for several weeks. I decided he HAD to be trapped and at least neutered. So, the live trap was set. Within a half hour, there he was, sitting up as best he could in it. I approached him, expecting him to be wild. He raised his tail in greeting. I reached in, gathered him up, walked him into our clinic and he was promptly neutered! Since then, he's been a big baby and we love him so much! He is now 9 years old.

We had a quick un-flash Sale yesterday. I thank you all for your support. I know our Sales are not perfect--it's impossible when we have to work with the cam lag. But, we do the best that we can. Your support makes a big difference to FFRC. We sold 16 beautiful Leggygal-made Biggydews!

Have you ever seen Zelda drink water? She takes her paw and dips over and over again from the water bowl. So cute. Coralie is being more tolerant of the kittens. Yesterday I saw her napping twice with 3-4 kittens within her circle. And this morning she had a snack and shared with 2 kittens. So very nice to see. That Jessie is a fun kitten--she is all-speed ahead. Always playing and running!

A chatter friend of FFRC's has passed away. Lois Lloyd passed away on 5/10/14. I talked to her daughter and she expressed how Lois sure enjoyed watching the cats. She was 88 years old. Her chat name was cats4lover.

We had BOXES last night. Many, many thanks to you all.
TippyNTraylor & Ashley too--2 Birthday cards for Derecho & Farrah, 2 cans of yummy food and 2 snackers for these birthday cats!
Janet S--an absolutely stunning white/blue afghan with blue kitties (for Catathon Raffle)
Clare C/chippy38 from NH--card with donation
Leenie from AK & letter from Dhana, Weasley, Samson & Delilah--For Catathon--various books written by Lesley Anne Ivory, also a Lesley music box and postacards! A doggie purse, FFRC key chain. For Feel Good Basket--bath salts, body collagens, moisturizer, shower gel, body salts, soap, organic molding mud and beads. Another box for snackers for the volunteers and a puzzle for Amy. Yarn for volunteers to use and for the knitting/crochet Catathon basket. 
Norma B from IA--For Catathon--6  movies for the Movie basket, a mountain metal pottery plaque, metal cat napkin holder. For the Porchies, a sign that says "Welcome to the Porch" sign!
Cindy H/MNsnowy--potty bags, kitty inside a wicker frame, candy cord, note cards.  For the barn a sign that says "Manure Happens"! For Jacci--polished Lake Superior agates (love this). 2 bags of necessities for Kitty Kastle. A purple/white bracelet for Day Sale, Hair dryer and a Baby Taggie for Catathon.
jz-nyc--4 cases of Fancy Feast kitten
Oilsandsgirl--6 cases of Fancy Feast appetizers
Gusti from Germany--card, puzzle for Amy, For Catathon:  3 lovely pillowcovers (dog, bird and a cat one), frog salt/pepper shakers, elastic clips, 2 daffodil doillies, cat key holder, cat hanger that goes over door, 2 table sets (runner and placemats), butterfly rug for kitchen floor, KMR
Vicki B--Fancy Feast medley
Kikimycat--gauze for surgery. For Catathon/Day Sale--black and white cat mirror and 3 awesome flower frames (so pretty)
Sonja from Canada--week visitor!--50 writing pens, baby food jards, 2 Tide HE soap, Bounce, Salt water taffy from Canada, cat toys, paper clips, memo pad
Sherie S and Sharon C (day visitors)--Sheba cans, paper towels, Mr. Clean pads, Whiska, lysol, chicken can, Dawn soap, baby food
Judy and Phil--4 gallons vinegar, 3 gallons bleach, Clorox wipes, gallon of Odoban and 2 hand disinfectants
Ann Marie F--donation for FFRC
Napa--donation for Pania's care
Cantoncat--donation in memory of Lois Lloyd (she loved Putter very much)
Marilyn B--we are coming up to 11 million views, so an $11 donation in honor of that! 
Lannml--a donation in memory of Lois Lloyd

We took in another new cat this morning. He has been seen for about 6 months, all thru the winter. He started in good weight but has become thin. We got a call to please come and get him as they were able to get him into a building at Defiance College. Sonja and I went--what a sweetie he is! He was hungry and so we fed him a can of food on the spot! He's a friendly boy! He is black and white. His test, bath and vaccines have been done. He shall be known as Defi (for Defiance College). On our way back to FFRC, I thought he was safely tucked in his carrier behind my seat. Next thing I knew, I had a claw on my head and I said "Ummm, cat is out!". Sonja babysat him the rest of the way home! Defi is a winner--such a nice boy. 

The latest group of 8 kittens are now out and about here in the Main Area. There are kitties everywhere. We are definitely doing the kitty shuffle now. Everyone seems to be very healthy and happy. Oriah is walking about more in the Main Area too. We let her choose where she wants to be--the Main Area or the Thumper's Rooms. Joyful absolutely loves the open windows. She so enjoys that. 

We have quite a few cats on hold too! They are: Navi, Wrigley, Merle, Jessie, Blyss, Francis, Josephine, Punita, Tita and Teva. So happy about this!