Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday, May 4

Magenta ate pretty good yesterday--a reason to celebrate! She's a happy girl, loves her cuddling and is enjoying her extra special treats. Every day with her is treasure.  Putter spent the evening with me on the couch. He's such a snuggler. My other cats will pile right around him. 

Jemima is doing good. Her appetite seems to be picking up. It should after all the yummies she's fed! She's a very sweet mama to all the kittens and is a very laid back cat. 

We have a new mama!  Smallisha had her kittens! Oh my garsh--what a shocker this was for me. I was way off--her tummy was so small I truly did not think she was anywhere near ready to deliver. Out of the blue on Friday, Beth came and got me telling me that Smallisha was having her kittens. I said uh-uh--no way.  She said yes, right now! I expected a joke was being played until I saw Connie sitting in front of the octagon bed with the kitties. Smallisha had them in there, along with Thomas and 2 gold kittens from Peggy S's group--all of them were in there!  What a pile of felines! We had a good laugh, got Smallisha situated in a pen with the 4 kittens, checked Thomas who thought this was a great adventure and made sure the 2 goldies were ok. She then proceeded to have one more kitten making a total of 5. All are jet black, head to tail, 3 girls/2 boys. She's an awesome mama. Still makes me chuckle every time I think of this! Don't ever ask me to determine a due date again!! 

The litter that Peggy S is taking care of visits here on Thursdays and Fridays. She, as always, is taking great care of them. They have names! 
Burlingame     male     gold tiger
Hillsborough   male      gold tiger/lighter
Mayumi          female    gold tiger
Misty              female    grey/cream torti   cream tip tail

We had 3 adoptions yesterday! This was an extra fun one! Two sisters who live in a duplex were ready to have cats again. Their oldsters have long ago passed away. One sister who is extra fond of white cats adopted Hazel.  The other sister really liked Canton and didn't want to seperate her from Treesa so she adopted both!  They have patio doors that look out to a feeding station for birds and squirrels that the cats should really like. They will call in a couple days with an update.

We had BOXES Friday night. Big time thanks to you all!
Loricat--Hello Kitty little girl clog shoes for Catathon
Mary M/MissPixie1 from WI--for the Catathon--Finding Home signed book--wonderful!
Wendi B/Wendilin from WI--2 packs of pens, purple paper ream, dry erase markers and a BIG Post-it Pad  Also for whatever our need is: afghan, 2 purple purses, family picture frame, Peace, Love and Rescue t-shirt, black/purple purse (some will be for Catathon, some for Day Sale)
Zelda and Friend--for me!! a mom frame for her picture! And a keep sake box that has Covies, Porchies, Zelda, etc. names on it.  I LOVE it!
Anonymous Friend--for a volunteer drawing for Catathon--Keurig 6 cup K-cup with reusable coffee filter basket, 3 peace bags.  The drawing will happen during the Catathon!
Pat D/Elviscat--2 cases Fancy Feast gravy lovers, Fancy Feast grilled, Friskies shredded
Anonymous Friend, In Memory of CGCry--2-3 packs of lysol wipes, case of Whiska chicken, 1200 9 inch plates, paper towel.  An extra thanks.
Conii and her kitties Elliott and Izabellah--2 large bags of doggie snackers, 12 big bags of Grumpy Cat snackers, TWELVE bags (yes, 12 and we're happy!!) of various flabors of Chip 
Ahoy cookies and Oreo cookies, 6 boxes of Ritz PB crackers, 2 bags of Lancaster cremes.  For the Catathon: From Williams-Somana--3 spatulas, 7 inch large mixing whisk and 2 small whisks.  This will start a new basket of Williams-Somana items!
Theresa and MaryLou--Cat on a Fence afghan with a mouse! and 12 afghanettes!  Wow!
Sheriff Putter--he had delivered 33 lbs of sardines and 8 lbs of clams!!  Yum
Pat & Ellen--play cube, turbo scratcher replacements, vinegar and bleach.

Pat also donated to FFRC 3 special Quillows.  Recently CG had asked Pat to make 3 quillows for her. She picked out the material herself. Pat is so generous and of course made them for CG but she passed away before they were delivered. These Quillows will be offered either at a Day Sale or for Catathon. Thank you Pat.

We've also had some PayPal donations--I'm very grateful.
Carol N--donation to FFRC
Renea B from VA--donation to FFRC
Rob S--donation to FFRC
Jan T from Hawaii--donation to be used for Jemima, Magenta and Putter for an extra treat
Gisa Z from Germany--donation to FFRC
Joanna H from Finland--donation to FFRC
Kate E from UK--donation for a special treat for Magenta and Putter
Patricia T from UK--donation for a special treat for Ada Jane
Konnar from NY--a special donation using his allowance for something for Pania and Coralie
Janet M--donation for FFRC
Billie K from TX--donation for a treat for Magenta and Putter

Yesterday I had some extra fun! I went to the Pet Expo in Fort Wayne with my daughter, Caryn, granddaughter Kendra and sister Patti.  So nice to be with family! Lots of dogs up for adoption. Saw many breeds from chihuahuas to St. Bernards. Only a few cats were there. 

Lorenzo has a favorite toy--milk carton rings! He can play for a very long time with one.  It's also Pania's favorite toy so sometimes they share one! Thomas hasn't had a seizure for 2 1/2 weeks! Yeah--I'm so happy for him. He now lets me give him his medicine by holding him like a baby and just put them in his mouth followed by a bit of meat juice! He is some special boy! 

Oriah is doing great. I think her mouth feels great now as she is digging into her food plate with gusto! Nice to see. She's the biggest leg wrapper cat we have (other than Freemont of course). Jersey now thinks it's great fun to go into the Kitty Kabana room, climb up onto the table (while we hold our breath), go thru the window into the front office, climb down the Kuranda tower then go back into Kitty Kabana room to do again! 

Felicity is so funny! She loves that Kitty Kabana room. I love to watch her play. She's very content. Joline spends half her time in the Main Area and half in the Welcome Room office. She looks great. Her fur is long, her tummy fur is very curly and she has a bit of an FFRC tummy. 

 We are at a very healthy spot in the Rescue Center. I'm hoping our new protocol on vaccinations has something to do with it.  Anytime you introduce a new cat or kitten, that feline can bring in a whole new host of "bugs" in. So we protect with vaccinations, stay very clean and provide a happy, relaxed home. These are three things that keep those bugs at bay. 

Remember--"The pages of yesterday cannot be revised, but the pages of tomorrow are blank and you hold the pen."  author unknown   "You can't reach for anything new if your hands are full of 
yesterday's junk"--Louise Smith

From Putter:  Just think how awesome it would make you feel by saving a life. It's simple--just spay and neuter!