Saturday, May 17, 2014

Saturday, May 17

Ever heard a cat singing? If you've been hearing Jemima then you know cats can sing! She truly chirps, chortles, hums and sings to her babies and to all the kittens! It's quite interesting to listen to her. So many different tones. She loves those babies and gives good care to them. Smallisha's kitties are growing. THey have nice round FFRC tummies. She's a sweet mama too.

I'm beginning to get worried. Between 3 granddaughters graduation in June and their parties, a family wedding, another family graduation and preparing for Catathon.....time is going to run very very short and very fast. Be patient with emails and responses from me. I try very hard to keep up but some days are rather difficult. Right now too it appears we have a bit of flu running thru some of our volunteers--no fun for them. Keep FFRC wrapped in your friendship and patience. 

We had BOXES last night! It was fun and I'm very grateful!
Butterflyclass--an extra special box from our butterfly class in Belgium. They love the cats here but especially Derecho. This box was totally filled with love! There was a special statue that resembled Derecho, painted by the class. This will be a treasure to me forever. There were also kitty toys , snackers, kitty balls all for Derecho and friends. Also 2 framed butterfly artwork done by the class for Derecho. Hearts to each of the children and to their teacher! 
Robin H and her Pre K class from Georgia--another awesome classroom and teacher. This is the class that many of us sent postcards from our town/state with a bit about our personal pets. We saw pictures from FFRCNation including a map where each postcard was received, a BD card and pictures of Robin's kitties Half Baked, Little Girl, Noel and Squeek. It's sheer pleasure to see teachers such as these who do such caring projects with their students
Robin's class also earned their own money and donated items to FFRC--kitty snackers, bag of Reese's Pieces, silvervine, appetizers, pop tabs, blankies, toys with feathers, Fancy Feast, Whiska, cat toys, Clorox wipes, paper towels (for Tabitha) and baby food jars
Tina F/peppycali--8 cases of large cans of the Friskie can food (extra thanks--these help us with the Barnies, Covies ) 
Zsa Zsa and mama--3 of 6 packs of canned chicken (yum!)
Beth/Eaglewatcher--2 reams of purple paper, special plastic bags to be used for catathon / store for packaging.  Also an airline approved pet carrier for a cat basket for Catathon
Joni W from IA--card and donation in memory of Putter, To be used for Catathon or wherever needed: A really neat sign "I kissed a Cat and I liked It" sign, a Kitty ring holder by Brighton (just so lovely) and a cat hand towel that is beautiful
Linda/mls9690--bag of pop tops, Kitten Fancy Feast, baby food meat jars. For the Catathon--extra small doggie life jacket
Gusti--large bag of Royal Canin kitten dry food
Kelly R--2 cases of KMR
Craig and Merianne M and kitties Mr. Fluffy & Hope from MI--letter and pictures of kitties, Werthers candy, Jolly Ranchers, Peppermints, kitty snackers, 12 natural cat food packets, a soft sided play pen! For the Catathon: 2 craft kits/bracelet kits, paint by number kit, kitty socks, tshirts/kids outfit (for Day Sale)
Cathy H/ordinarydiva--sent an Amazon gift card to honor the passing of Donna Summer. Also with condolences of Putter. 
Tammy & Keith--2 blankies, catnip toys, jingle balls
Paul R from VA--donation in honor of Farrah's birthday
Karen C from NC--donation to FFRC

We had an adoption this morning! Thursday went to live with the 2 sisters that are in the 2 condos and now they both have 2 cats! The second sister will love Thursday, I'm sure! The other 3 cats have adjusted beautifully. We have a few other cats on hold. They are: Navi, Wrigley (yes, Wrigley!), possibly Merle, possibly Jessie, Blyss, Francis, Josephine, Tita and Teva. This is all good news! 

Felicity is such a nice cat. She's playing! And today brought a big smile. Oriah was playing with the toy that rotates round. It was so very nice to see her enjoying this toy! 

Joey is doing wonderful. His courage is growing! He loves the windows and spends a great deal of time watching all the action outside. Happy Birthday to 2 of our cats! Camvie is now a one year old and Roland is 7 years old! Camvie is here in the Main Area and Roland is a Covie. 

The cats in the Kitty Kabana Room almost had a nervous breakdown today. A chipmunk decided to say Hi thru the screen! I thought the cats were going to go bonkers in their wish to get that bold critter. How dare that chipmunk act so brave with 8 cats staring at him thru the screen. Whew--sure glad we have special cat screen! 

Don't forget this coming Monday is our unFlash Sale! It's at 2:00 and will be strictly Biggydews! Come join the fun. This will be our last fundraiser sale before the Catathon. Biggydews are $15 and they are beautiful! Take care all and have a happy Sunday!