Tuesday, May 6, 2014

TUesday, April 6

I am honored to have seen so so many wonderful emails, pictures, messages, flower bouquets, notes, chat, fb posts--all to do with Putter.  I have cried a billion tears visiting all the sites---some sad, some funny, some really good memories. He was a very well loved cat. Putter was the best huggiest cat ever. It makes me realize again and again---there is much more to that globe on the wall besides just being a camera. YOU have entered our world and we have entered yours--all to form a friendship with each other and with the cats.  I thank you for this. Putter was an extra special cat to us all. He was Sheriff and he had a heart of pure gold. He is missed terribly. As is the way here, we grieve, we are sad but we know what we need to do--there's abundant life here at FFRC. Time to move on, get adoptions, raise these kittens, pet and love them all and carry on. And never forget the love of Putter. One more time...Putter boy...what do you say?  Here it is, his favorite thought---love your pets and get them spayed and neutered! 

Joey is graduating!  He's moved to the Kitty Kabana Room during the day! And he's actually doing quite well. We stroll his wheeled tower to the Kabana and he cruises about there and in the front office.  He's getting braver and he loves this room!  Today after the cleaning is done, we will again wheel him and his beloved tower to the Kabana. There's a possibility that he'll be spending the night here in the Main Area.  It's been months, but he's doing it----getting brave!  And what a handsome fella he is. He loves the windows!

We had BOXES last night. My big thanks to you.
Carolyn E/pckrbckr36 from WI--letter with a sheet of stamps, 12 sets of cards of photos taken by Carolyn--these are really beautiful cards (Day Sale or Flash Sale!)
Anonymous Friend--40 lbs of Precious Cat litter (already used!) and a great Cat Behavior Answer book
Nona--2 cases of KMR, 2 tubes of Nutri-Cal
Robert W--curly curvy cat scratcher!
Rosemary B from South Africa--4 absolutely stunning afghans, to be used as needed.  Rosemary--your work is awesome, we all thank you.
Conii and her kitties Elliott and Izabellah--For the Catathon: Williams-Sonoma basket: 2 blue oven mitts, 2 sets of 4 kitchen towels, apron, 8 piece measuring cups/spoons, 4 piece measuring cups, 6 piece Bakeware Essential including muffin pan, cookie sheet, half-sheet, two 9 inch cake pans and a cooling rack--awesome basket coming up!!  For FFRC: card with a donation, 4 snoozy kitty beds, Cat's Meow toy, Pet Stage tower cat toy, large fluffy cat bed, Scratching tunnel, scratching bowl bed, turbo track toy, 2 kitten climbing posts and 4 16 inch catnip toys
Sheila H/oilsandsgirl--3 cases of appetizers, 3 boxes of Tim Horton Coffee k cups, 5 lint rollers, 3-4 packs of 2 inch tape
Littlefrank1 from Canada--donation to use for Dexter and doggies!  For the Catathon and for office supplies for FFRC--so many items! Wow!  stickers, blankets, pillows, pictures, tablets, Craft kits, yarn, beads, 3 Frolicat toys, 2 dolls with baby blankets and bassinets, mirrors, lots of office supplies, stencils--thanks bunches
Martine L from CT (Blue Team)--donation in memory of Katherine Elkins
Holly P from CT--donation in memory of Katherine Elkins
Norman from CT--husband of Katherine, donation in memory of her, to buy snackers for the kitties and volunteers.  Kathy's chat name was taishan.
Holly P from CT--donation in memory of Katherine Elkins
Martine L from CT --donation in memory of Katherine Elkins
Christopher R from CT (green team)--donation in memory of Katherine Elkins
Tom & Jean L from Defiance--Chief tapes
Tara/Anna and Janet (day visitors on Saturday)--envelopes, Leslie and Ivey Book, garden angel cat statue
Phil and Judy (day visitors on Sunday)--3 gallons bleach, box of tshirt bags, copier paper, odoban, licorice sticks, Dawn soap, Bounce, box tops, pop tabs
Chet and Pam M from OH--donation in memory of Vicki Gray
Joanna H from Finland--donation thru PayPal
Diane L--treats and can food for Coralie

Special thanks too, to the following for your donations made to FFRC, all in memory of our Putter. 
Sandra M from Bitish Columbia
Chris U from Canada
Rebecca H
Kathy M from MN
Mary H from PA
Beth M from FL
LuLittle from UK
Glynette M from CA
Gillian H from UK
Kaseyann from UT
Halos Mom & Dad

Mama Smallisha is doing good. Sometimes she looks at those kittens like she's not quite sure what is going on.  Today we will open her pen to let her stretch her legs.  

We took in 4 new kittens yesterday. They were found at Werlor's, our local trash company. They care about cats! They are trying to live trap the mama.  The kittens are about 4 1/2 to 5 weeks old. We have a black one, a grey one, brown tiger and a grey/white one.  They all have something in common--they're all girls! We have a special idea on their names--more later on this!

Kizzy is coming along!  She's now out of her pen and is cruising about the back Thumper's Room! She even has a happy face on! And she's eating good now too. Has a more relaxed look about her. And what a cute face she has--a bit round and wide. Love her. 

Oriah is now up in the Main Room almost all the time. She absolutely loves to be petted.  Not the biggest picker-upper girl, but leg wraps and pettings--yes! Riika is a hoot--oh my goodness, this little sweetie is a charmer. She loves petting and she knows she's ever so cute. Camvie is the official bug chaser--any bug that may come in will have Camvie right on it. Wrigley needs a Wrigley-sitter at times. When I'm working at the desk, he is forever after the mouse--even knocked the screen over yesterday. He just looks at me with his head a-bobbing, full of innocence. What a sweetie!

All is well here.  Kittens are so sweet and funny and so very active. They are either soundly sleeping, eating like crazy or flying around in play. Our next surgery date is 5/31. 

We have a very short SALE tonight, about 7:00 pm, when we get back from movies. We have 6 of the HUMAN sized leggydews, big enough for a twin size bed. They are $50 each. They are double sided. Very nice!  Won't take very long! Thank you for your support!