Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tuesday, May 13

The 8 kittens with foster mom Peggy S are doing well.  Day after tomorrow they will all come back to FFRC to stay. Peggy says they're running crazy! Let the kitty games begin--more fun brewing for us!

We had to give mama Smallisha a different nest area. Several times this morning, we carried her babies outside of Dodger's Pen. She was ready for a change! So, we set them up in June's Room.  The cabinets have a very comfy bed for her and the 4 little ones. She (like how Jemima did) can jump in and out of the room's window door. Hopefully she will find it satisfactory and let the kittens stay put! She's a wonderful mama. Babies have nice round tummies.

Kizzie is doing wonderful. She comes forward now when we go into the back Thumper's Room to be petted! Won't be much longer until she joins everyone up front! She's about ready. Oriah is such a quiet girl. I don't think I've ever heard her meow. She loves rubbing ankles and loves to be petted. She seems quite happy in the back Thumper's Room but sometimes she comes to the Main Area's door and asks to come in, which of course we let her. She enjoys back scratches too!

We had BOXES last night--many, many thank yous to you!
Charlotte and Brutus from Canada--card, lifesavers treats, cat magnet, lots of disposable gloves and a catnip toy for Seymour (which he's already played with!) For the Catathon: 3 CD's of local artists of North Alberta BC and 3 DVD's
Leenie from Alaska--lots of pillowcases for the Covies
Rebecca & Willow from UIK--Catathon: rainbow basket, a rainbow backpack
Steffer48 and Chessie & Chloe--card and a set of peacock salt/pepper shakers for Jacci  (I thank you--so beautiful!)
Cheryl G--Catathon--kids kitchen basket: Curious Chef 17 piece measure & prep kit and 6 piece fruit/veggie prep kit
Oilsandsgirl--cases of baby food meat
Sandra E from Canada--card in memory of Putter
Debbie957--card for Putter, donation in honor of Lorenzo
Card from NJ--donation in memory of Katherine Elkins
Vinnie T from Cleveland--card in memory of Putter
Henry R Peeps & Oh My Guinness--birthday cards for their friends Azar and Joline with $5 for each!
Judith B--publication of her local rescue, box tops and card/donation in memory of Putter
Connie & Hannah and kitties Tookie & Pasha--Mother's day card and letter
Kathy K/Justme--card and donation in memory of Putter
GramCarol--donation for FFRC
Theresa H from Fort Wayne--donation for FFRC
Linda & Gloria  from GA--card and donation from each in memory of Putter
Cheryl L from WA--card for Mother's day
Nona S--two shirts "Keep Calm and Love a CH kitty tshirts to be given to volunteers!
Marcia S --donation in memory of Putter
Jennifer P--donation to FFRC
Judy/judeanlee & Phil/marmytoo (day visitors)--2 pkgs cat snackers (for Covies/Porchies), catnip toys, snuggle safe, 400 6 inch plates, paper pads, case of Fancy Feast can, cuddle pal

We're working full speed ahead on the afghan raffle. 5 beautiful afghans up for raffle. The raffle is 6:00 tomorrow night (Weds.) and BOXES are 5:30 that night. Tomorrow also the electrical guys will be here to fix the short in the farmyard electric pole. This is the source of all electricity to the Covies, the barns, for the Porchies, etc.  It's important that it is safe. This will be a 2 day project and when they are done, we will be much safer. The Barnies love the tall bales of hay--it's their napping spot! 

August and Jackson have become good friends.  There's some kind of feud going on between Freemont and Alma. Or maybe it's playing?!  They lay facing each other with their paws swatting each other, over and over again. Very interesting to watch. Can't quite interpret yet what is going on! Will keep you posted.

Joyful has found her spot--it's laying in the window sill in the back Thumper's Room. She loves it. She watches the birds, watches the dogs, basks in the sunshine and just enjoys the breeze. She looks so peaceful there. Here comes Coralie, my sweetie, into the front office. She's smiling! She is actually laying on the packing paper with 3 kittens. Sometimes that is good, sometimes she doesn't want them "in her circle". She still considers Thomas her best friend. 

Remember--mark your calendars for June 22--the Catathon! The Baskets are awsesome, the Big Ticket Items are wonderful, plans are coming together. Pictures of the completed baskets will be taken soon so you all can view them, plus we will show them to you piece by piece on the cam! 

Enjoy your day! It's a wonderful day to do something that will be remembered--sing a song to a friend, give a ride to someone, spay/neuter a cat (had to get that in!), visit a local shelter/rescue and play with the cats/dogs, pay for someone's coffee! What fun this could be--coming up with ways to have fun!