Thursday, May 8, 2014

Thursday, May 8

The morning birds are singing--one of my most favorite things to listen too. Second to a huge cat-purr! While Putter's absence is greatly felt, the love and comfort of the other cats and the friendship of all involved is so very comforting.

The 4 newest kittens have names. They arrived the day that Putter passed. So, their names reflect our Putter boy. They are a happy litter of babies.
P  for Punita   black
U  for Unna   grey/white
T  for Tita   black tiger
T  for Teva   grey tiger
The first 4 letters in Putter's name. He would've loved to have done his whap of approval.

Outside work:  the protective seal is being applied to the gazebo. THis will be the first full summer to use the gazebo.  It's already been enjoyed by visitors.  The shelter house has the concrete all set and the lines scored in. I believe today the stone will be hauled in to put around the shelter house. The trusses are not in yet but when they arrive, they plan on putting the top on the shelter house in just a couple days. The dirt track from the gas line being put in from the Jenna Radar to the gas tank is pretty settled now so grass seed will soon be put down.  The newest sewer line is still humped up and will take some time to settle down before we can level it and seed it. But, at least, no more back up in Kitty Kastle! The trees are leafing out--such a beautiful thing!

We had BOXES last night--my gratitude is huge. I thank you.
Anonymous Friend--a case of Life Abundance food for Oriah
Sandra E--For the Catathon--flag holder and Derecho flag (for garden basket).   For Albert's Garden--a flag holder and a flag of Putter--it's beautiful. Thank you.
Mary Ann O/Merry+Marvin from CA and fur bby Peanut--card and note for Jacci.  American Express and visa gift card--one for Jacci/Steve for movie /popcorn (extra thanks!!) and one for food for volunteers for Catathon Day--so very nice!. Hello Kitty items for Hello Kitty Basket, 2 kitty mugs for Day Sale, Natural Balance packets & 6 cans can food & Holistic treats for Magenta to try, 2 navy blue towels.
Aunty Julie/tigercat54 from IA--3 cases Weruva Cats, black scarf gift for Jacci (love it, so soft). For Catathon--4 awesome puzzles, Lifeguard on Duty, Explosion, THomas Kincade 4 pack box and Stable Companion.  Really nice puzzles!
Sandra A--for Catathon--plastic tote box, 2 sets kiten towels, dish cloths/mitts. digital thermometer, candy thermometer, ninja express chopper and donation where needed!
Shamballie (with help from Eartheyes!)--3 containers Powdered KMR, 6 pack 2 inch tape, 3 bags RC baby cat dry, big bag RC kitten dry, 2 cases Fancy Feast kitten turkey, 2 cases Fancy Feast Fish & Shrimp adult
Vicki B--2 cases Fancy Feast classic Broth packets, 2 cases Appetizers
Gerricross--case of Fancy Feast Variety, 2 dozen K-cups variety pack
Anonymous Friend--case Chicken Soup for the Kittens Soul, 2 cases Friskies, 2 cases Fancy Feast, Nutra-Cal tube
Autumnkitty--for ALL cats everywhere at FFRC--kitty snackers, Chicken Soup for the Kittens Soul can food
Widdletigger--for Catathon, a basket for "Kids in the Kitchen" --2 awesome kitty oven mitts, Book: Science Experiments you can eat and a book Kid Proof cook book.  Also  kids Kitty apron!
Leggygal--4 cases of baby food meat
Beth/eaglewatcher--6 cases of baby food
Pat and Ellen--for Catathon sewing basket--sewing machine (!), material, sewing box with accessories
Anonymous from cases of baby food meat
Napa/Donna--4 cases of baby food for Pania and friends!

I'm very sorry to tell you that Smallisha has lost one of her babies. That very small little black one has passed away. It was a little female. She was born very tiny and just hasn't hardly gained like the other 4 have. Smallisha is ok--she's taking great care of the other 4. We had been calling her BabyCakes, so that is what her name is.

Joey is doing great.  He has now spent 2 nights here in the Main Area. He's even figured out he can climb the kuranda tower by my desk and go into the Kitty Campus Room. What a brave boy! I believe we will also let Coralie spend the night in the Main Area tonight. She meets me at the door in the mornings, raring to go thru the doorway and join the Main Area! She's ready!

Zelda is here by my desk, napping on a box. Why is it she loves boxes so much? She is just a wonderful cat! Jackson trots all over the rescue center now. He easily gets around the Kuranda towers to view out the windows and to nap. THere's 6 kittens at one of the windows right now watching the peacocks. They look like they are so interested, yet ready to flee if one of the peacocks looks at them!

We also have big thanks to give for donations.
Sylvia H from TX--in memory of sweet Putter
Deb1111--donation for spays/neuters
Canton from MA--donation in memory of Putter and for all the times he made me smile
Hencass--in memory of Putter Butter
Gusti--in memory of Sheriff Putter, for Smallisha and her whippersnappers, for Joline's 10th birthday
Pat and Ellen--donation for sponsor of Farrah and for sales from ebay and amazon
Mary S from NC--donation to FFRC
Karie B from IL--donation in memory of Putter Butter
Pam T from OH--in memory of Sheriff Putter
Ken & Marlane J from NJ--in memory of Putter, glad to have been able to hold him am...a Flash Sale...on the cam!  Yes, we are doing this as a needed fundraiser for FFRC!!

Putter's Ponders:  When you rise in the morning, be thankful! It is a privilege to be alive, to breathe, to enjoy, to love, to BE THERE in the glory of the day!  How so true!