Monday, May 5, 2014

Monday, May 5

Hello to our FFRCNation.  I have very sad news for you. Our sweet oldster Putter has passed away this morning.  He passed at 5:50 am while being held.  He was peaceful and quiet.  Putter first arrived 6/7/10. His birthday was 6/7/97. He was 16 years old, almost 17.  Putter was found at a golf course across the river from here. He was in awful condition and was a completely matted boy. What a handsome Himalayan he turned out to be when his fur all grew back in. Putter was our Sheriff, our sweetie, our dear friend. He was always kind even when he would whap the kittens. We all have great memories of this extra special boy. I will always remember his hugs--oh my goodness, this boy could give the bestest of best hugs. And he was the star of the first Catstock. Even had a song wrote just for him. Putter has been a house cat the last couple years. He loved to watch sports with Steve. We will miss him greatly. While my heart is broke for this loss, it was time. He gave us all his love, but the last few days he's been rather tired from hanging on. Rest in peace now, my Putter Butter boy. I love you and will always cherish your time with us. Thank you all out there in our FFRCNation family for caring about Putter.