Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday, May 16

Whisk is staring at me. Yep, a deep long stare. He knows I have cat snackers in my drawer. And yes...I gave him some! 

The 8 kittens that Peggy have been fostering are back. Oh my have they grown! They look terrific. I do believe they consider themselves as one litter now. They sleep in one big clump! Misty is on hold already. Her new family visited her again yesterday. She has the cutest cream tip tail. Unna is ornery. Teva was the first one out of their pen this morning. They'll have the entire back Thumper's Room to play in today. Joyful is watching them from up high!

Happy Birthday to our sweet Derecho. He is now 2.  Derecho arrived on 7/4/12 at 7 weeks old. Remember his story? His mama had his litter in a woodpile. At 7 weeks old he wasn't able to keep up with the litter any longer. Mama and siblings left him behind in the woodpile. So the family that owned the property and knew about the cats brought him in. We are so grateful. Derecho was our first CH cat. He has opened up a whole new world for FFRC. 

It's also a Happy Birthday to Farrah. She arrived at FFRC on 6/27/09 as a 7 week old kitten. She was found in a woods, all alone. Her first seizures started in September 2009. Her meds have been adjusted numerous times but for the last two years she has been on the same dose and it's been successful. What a sweetie she is. She is now 5 years old. She was made a resident quite a while ago. She seems so emotionally attached here that we were concerned about disrupting her routine in consideration of her seizures. She loves to ride on shoulders!

We had BOXES last night. Hugs and thanks to you all!
Donna H/knittinkitten 2 and Shadow & Starla--Forwherever it's needed: cat gift bag, 5 wonderful books, post it notes, small cat zipper purse, snuggle safe, meow picture frame, ear wipes (dog basket), volunteer snackers, kitty wipes (cat baskets), bag of beaded bracelets (so pretty!) for a Day Sale. I would also like to thank Donna for 2 special items--a cat angel necklace from all the kitties to remind me of all the cats waiting at the Bridge and a special kitty angel bracelet in memory of Putter. 
Connie/warpedinMn--2 cases of KMR
Lannml from IA--2 packages of 2 inch scotch tape, 2 cases of KMR and 6 rolls of bubblewrap (getting ready for Catathon mailings!)
Joyce R from OH--For the Catathon: a beautiful framed picture of 5 kittens and flowers
Pat C (vol)--2 hand warmers and a bubble gum pink filet crocheted butterfly afghan (beautiful!)
Conii and Elliott and Izsabellah--a 2nd kitchen box, all WIlliams & Sonoma items! apron, matching towels, 2 hand mittens, 6 stainless steel odd-size measuring spoons/cups, 8 stainless steel standard measuring spoons/cups, zester grader, whip, cuisinart 7 speed hand mixer, stir fry spat, 3 piece All Clad stainless steel strainer set. 
Oilsandsgirl/Sheila H from Canada--2-3 pack Lysol wipes, case of kleenex
DeEtte--Catathon Inspirational Basket:great books!, 10 Monet note cards, sponge, 2 CD's, aloe socks, aloe gloves, Turbie hair towel, 2 Perpetual calendars, Cucumber eye pads, foot pumice, aroma diffuser, body wrap (heat/cool) and a Bath/Body supply of spa set items!  For the baby baskets:2-3 pack hooded Mickey Mouse bath towels for each basket, gorgeous pink baby slippers and a beautiful picture frame for each boy/girl basket (can put statistics on it!)
Vicki B--2 cases of Fancy Feast Medley
Karen B--copons and CHief Tapes
Nona--4 cases of KMR
Canadanana--2 cases baby food meat
Peggy K and Shamus and Megan--Putter card and donation
Jeannette B from TN and the Fur Haven kitties--card and donation to the Feliz Navidad Fun in memory of Putter
Jean K from MN--card and donation in memory of Putter with a special hummingbird charm 
Zelda and anonymous friend!--styrofoam plates, ping pong balls, LOTS of toys, light up suishy balls. For the volunteers (she's bribing them!): breakfast bars, cotton candy, cashews, combos, marshmallow eggs, pretzels and full size candy bars! 
Henry R Peeps and Oh My Guinness--birthday wishes and the famous $5 bill for each for Rory, Treesa, Farrah and Derecho.  Steve keeps making the favorite browned hamburger and turkey that is shared by all! 
Ingrig/ju-in-ji--Paypal for FFRC in honor of Derecho's birthday!

We also had a special PayPal from the Steinbach Veterinary Hospital for "taking in Alma and giving her a wonderful life! We miss her but are so happy she's with you". Wow--that made my day!     This is in part, my reply:  "She is truly an awesome cat and very inspiring.  That girl is a toughie. Once she figured out she can get herself mobile, she has been very determined.  We made her a cart to be able to move in.  Nope--she doesn't want it. She'll do it herself.  So we made her a belly sling to give her support so she could move better. Nope to that too.  So we practiced standing with her. That was ok with her but she didn't want us to help her walk. So, she's figured it out. She leans against a wall, figures out where she wants to go. Yes, lots of it is flip-flop, but I do believe God gave her rubber bones cause she just keeps on going. She uses legs, walls, furniture, etc to get from one place to another. She has her favorite bedtime circle bed. We put her in our surgery room for night time--very cozy, she loves it in there. But in the morning, after breakfast, she heads to the door. She wants up into the Main Area. So, of course, that is what happens. She spends the day in the Main Area. She is wonderful and an extremely determined girl. We all love her. Thank you for trusting her in our care. "     We can all learn so many lessons from these CH cats, can't we?!

This blog is rather short--I get to have a fun day with daughter Caryn. To help me, please keep emails short today so I don't get too far behind!  Hope you all have an awesome day too!