Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thursday, May 15

Today is the day our 8 kitties come back to FFRC. Peggy has taken wonderful care of them. I thank you, Peggy. This is the Werlor litter and the Foster 4 litter. They're eating good, playing like wild things and such big loverbugs! They will spend a few nights in the back Thumper's Room but will have visitation time in the Main Area!

Other than the evespouts and downspouts, the Shelter House is done! Even with all the rain that we've received. We have 7 picnic tables under it and ready for people to enjoy it. Fabio was sitting in the middle of it this morning, on a picnic table--just surveying his back yard!

Navi is now on hold. She will be going back to his past owner! Things have worked out where she can go back. We're all happy for Navi and her owner. This will happen in June sometime. We also have several of the small kittens on hold. Surgery date is 5/31. 

We had our afghan raffle last night! It was wonderful and I deeply appreciate this support. This fundraiser will help us alot. And the lucky winners were:
Afghan A  -  Gusti
Afghan B  -  Lori W/lewbeth
Afghan C  -  Karen Bar
Afghan D  -  Sara Pal
Afghan E  -  Norma Bea
Congratulations! Your beautiful afghans will be packed up today! The consolation prizes (leggydew and cat toys) went to:
Norma Bea (2) (has donated them to FFRC for adoptions!), Judy and Phil, Lynnette R, Elizabeth/vol, Nigel We. Congrats!
We sold a total of $456 tickets which means we took in $2,280. We also had $$ donated to help us with shipping by Crashgirl. Many thanks! This means on an average, each afghan averaged a value of $456. Just astounding! Thank you. This will be applied directly onto our FFRC bills.

The kittens have now spent the last 2 nights out of their room. All has been well. The adult cats have been really good with them. Jemima is something else. She has taken on the role of mama to all the baby kittens. She is the best singing/chortling cat I've ever heard. She calls them and calls them. Typically, as known to cats, some come, some don't! She is so kind to them. 

We also had BOXES last night! I thank you all for your generosity. It truly helps us alot. We are working hard on the Catathon Baskets. We're hoping all items will be in by the end of May so we can start taking the picures of the Baskets and Big Ticket Items. Once that is done, I'll be showing you the Baskets in detail! Some new ideas for baskets!
Anonymous Friend--more puzzles for the Puzzle Basket for Catathon! Jumble puzzle roll up mat, peel /stick puzzle saver, diet cok puzzle, double sided puzzle (designated the World's most Difficult jigsaw puzzle!!)
Ferole--a gift--a beautiful purple round glass sun catcher   I LOVE it!
Kelly R/timbrwolfpup from CA--For Catathon: 8 scrap booking sticker packs.  For FFRC--gummy snackers!, package of Reese's eggs, 8 bags of plastic spoons, 7 bags of cat snackers, 3 micro fiber window/wall washers and for Kitty Kastle an assortment of toothpaste, shampoo, etc.
David, Neuromom and team from NY--For the Catathon Bird Basket: lots of wonderful items--simply awesome. bird designed pillow, crystal rainbow sun catcher, bird books, sunflower seeds, window bird house, bird notecards, tubular bird feeder, puzzle, stickers, treat bars, Woodstock wind chime, bird seed, bird bath, suet cakes, 4 Chesapeake Bay bird house candles, jewel bird statue, cedar suet station, cedar bird house!  Wow!
Kelly R from CA--card, lint rollers, 2 inch tape, book marks, snicker eggs, an awesome rock that says "Believe", fancy feast appetizers, baby food, 2 bags of Wilderness Kitten dry food
Keiko and Ray--3 bags cat snackers, case of Fancy Feast, case of Friskies pate and a note
Sandra A--card with donation to be used wherever needed. For Catathon, family fun/summer fun basket: Hula hoop ring toss game, backyard darts, badminton/volleyball game and the washer toss game--great games for this basket! 
Beth--for the kids cooking basket: a mini 3 piece bakeware set with utensils, pots with lids, steamer, 2 little fry pans! This is another great basket!
Nona--4 cases KMR--the kitties thank you too!
Sandy/canadanana--2 cases baby food meat
Anna C--a purple Red Bud tree in memory of Putter. This tree was planted close to his burial area. 
Mareiki M from Germany--donation made thru PayPal for FFRC
Joco--a special snackers for Steve and me (puff corn with peanuts for Steve and puff corn with pecans for me!0 Plus 20 bags of puff corn for the volunteers! Such a great snack. Joco also sent 2 copies of her Conversations II. It's filled with her wonderful conversations that she has gathered between the cats and different people here at FFRC. It's really a wonderful booklet. I thank you Joco for sharing this with FFRC. 

Jersey is out and about exploring. He loves watching the kittens play. Derecho and Lorenzo have both been practicing climbing the big hemp pole. They are fairly successful. Joey was seen on the far side of the Main Area way up high walking about on the cat walks! Wow--he is so brave and he was doing great! Cozarelii loves the big pink poof--especially if it's on the Princess Bed! He gets himself up there and naps so very soundly!

The secret to a God Life is to never stop...smiling, loving, hugging, thanking, laughing, forgiving, learning and playing! Enjoy your day!