Saturday, May 24, 2014

Saturday, May 24

If you come for a visit, you'll need to go to the "island" and sit, rest and relax. It's at the back of the property. It's not a real island but it's surrounded 3/4s of the way by backwater. Lots of birds, sometimes can see the fish flip, the eagles can sometimes be seen, turtles might be basking in the sun and deer come to drink. It's so very peaceful. Yesterday we took my mom's picnic table down there and Paul's memorial bench. Our farm ducks and geese love to go swimming here and sometimes the barn cats follow us there. You'd like it!

Next Saturday, the 31st is our surgery day. We will get as many done as possible. Will be one of the "big loads". A list of who will be done will be given next week, after weigh-in. And those that are on hold will be making their way to their new homes!

Magenta.  Our dear sweet Magenta. Some days she eats good, some days not so good. She's getting lots of attention. Any time she asks for food or lovings, she gets it. I feel that Magenta is becoming tired. I think of the word rejoice. We all rejoice in knowing her--she's given lots of love to us all. Knowing and giving love freely gives our heart the full go-ahead to be happy in knowing that some day our pets will pass away, despite our wish they stay with us. We cherish them while here, mourn for their loss but rejoice in having known them. We learn this so often at FFRC. So, we cherish with a big open heart now while our sweet Magenta is with us. 

The kittens are all doing great. Where they get their energy is simply amazing. So much fun to watch. They're all eating good. So many different kittens from different litters, different personalities. It's like one big happy family litter---kinda like our FFRCNation Family! 

Walter, Walter, Walter.  Poor buddy. He clunked his head pretty hard this morning. But, as with the way of our CH cats, he brushed it off and went on his way. I worry about him. He seems to forget sometimes that he can't do circles up on the ledges. We've been watching him closely. But anyone that knows Walter, knows that Walter is very independent. It's HIS way, certainly not ours! Part of the reason we love him so much. 

Our new cat, Defi is doing good. He's relaxed, enjoys napping on the desk and looking out the windows. Karula is eating good. She makes such a soft wonderful "noise"--I truly do think she uses it like a sonar for her?? It's quite interesting. Oriah is one of the biggest leg rubbers ever known here (other than Freemont!).  

We had BOXES last night. Many thanks to you all for this awesome support.
HenryRPeeps and Oh My Guinness--card and $5 for Hazel's BD.  Even though Hazel has been adopted, we will share browned beef and turkey for all the cats! 
Polly E from IA--donation in memory of Lois L  She also included a copy of the obit.
Mimi from FL--coupons
RoseSF6cats--donation in memory of Lois L and coy of obit
Jean/Annette20 from CA--kitty card and donation
Aunty Julie C--a card for Miss Magenta with a gift card (to be used for Magenta's wishes!) and stamps for mama Jacci! So sweet!
Karen T from NJ--card with donation. For Catathon: Hello Kitty items, Laurel Burch zipper bag. Sentsy--2 large warmers, 2 plug in warmers/with candles also accessories to go with the Sentsy
Sandra A--for Catathon: 2 Little Tykes Toy Drop & Roll for the 2 baby baskets and a place mat, tennis balls and pull toy for the dog basket.
Oilsandsgirl--memory stone for Dora. This will go in Albert's Garden today.
FaithyMD and Bobby--box of angels for whatever use needed, 8 new puzzles for the Catathon. Laser bird toy (already being played with!) and pop tabs for Kellen, coupons.
Jessica D--donation thru PayPal
Philip P -NJ--a donation to FFRC for birthdays! The birthdays are Phil, Sonja, Val and Jobokitty!

If you live around FFRC area, there are two low cost spay/neuter clinics. One is in Fort Wayne (HOPE) on Maycrest, 260-420-7729 and the other is in Perrysburg (Humane Ohio) 419-266-5607.  The reduced cost of the spays/neuters is well worth the bit of gas for travel.

We took in a new kitten a couple days ago. His name is Luigi. He is a sweetie, a small brown tiger with such enormous eyes. He was brought here after being found unable to walk. He's probably a HBC. He appears to have a fractured pelvis. These are things that can't be "put in a splint", so time and cage rest will help. He's doing some walking. His favorite way to sleep is flat on his bag with his legs all sprawled and his tummy waiting to be tickled. Luigi loves his chin rubbed too!

Oh oh--the cats have gotten me in trouble again.  Specifically Emma Jo. We all know how she loves to eat.  I had the copy of my Name a Cat on the desk since I was using it. I walked away and when I returned, there she was ripping it in shreds. She looked up and I was able to get a little section out of her mouth that I could read. But, most is damaged. So....if you have sponsored a name that we haven't used yet, please send it to me by e-mail and I will look for it on my paper. I told her she was grounded, but she certainly doesn't believe me! Have a great holiday weekend!