Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tuesday, May 27

I was almost done with the blog when I decided to take Magenta in the house with me so I could hold her while having breakfast.  I will just add this extra at the top and then call it done. A very sad day. My heart is heavy. I had her on my lap. She took a very big deep breathe...and then she stopped.  Our dear Magenta is gone. I knew in my heart that her time was short but wasn't expecting this quite yet. We're never ever ready for this. I will miss her terribly as I know many of you will too. She arrived here originally 2/20/03. She was painted purple, hence her name. She also gave birth to 4 kittens which we found homes for. Magenta was actually adopted twice, but returned twice when her owners passed away. The last time we decided she was a "keeper". She was made a resident  on 4/18/09. Magenta....what a wonderful cat, so full of love to give and readily accepted love back. We will bury her next to Putter. A big feeling of sadness for this loss.

We finally got the 2 new oldsters for FFRC yesterday late afternoon. These are the 2 that I mentioned quite a while ago. They are Suzie and Jessie. Their mama is elderly and needs family to help her. So, she is now out west to be with family. She has 2 cats that will stay with her, but since Suzie and Jessie are elderly themselves, it was not in their best interest to fly them there. We will care for them. Jessie is a Main Coone type cat--long brown tiger fur with a big white bib. She is a talker and a window lover! She so enjoys the birds. She is 15. Her "sister" Suzie is much older. She is 28---yes, 28. This is not a typo. She is confirmed at 28. Both just went to see Dr. P and are both in pretty good health. Suzie needs some work on her coat. I'm not sure exactly what happened, but she has "bits and pieces" of fur, here and there. We are going to try and trim up the long stuff! Very interesting looking cat! Her 2 greatest joys in life is eating and sleeping on a cushie! I don't believe her sight is sharp, but we have to remember her age! Welcome, Jessie and Suzie! And yes, we now have 2 Jessie's. A very unusual happening for us.

Our little guy, Luigi, is doing great. He will be looked at on Saturday--our surgery day. He's getting along and walks fairly good. He's been missing kitty company, so this morning he is up the Main Area for a bit of fun. He is a round kitty!

Bella was in heaven yesterday--she was outside quite a bit, several different times. She loves the kitty-stroller. But her greatest joy is being on the cement. She loves to roll and roll on it. She also lets us know when she wants to go out. She will meow and meow. We're not talking little meowers coming from her--but big loud wail of meows! She wants out and she wants out NOW! She has to have a babysitter, of course. She's not allowed out without a watcher assigned to her!

We have some thank yous to give!
HEather & STephanie H from Cincinnati, OH (Judy and Phil's family)--8 gallons of vinegar!
Eugenia S from Russia--donation thru PayPal to FFRC
Kelly L--donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Kelley F--donation to FFRC thru PayPal

Tomorrow, Weds. will be weigh-in day for our big Surgery Day on Saturday. Some of the kittens are very small yet and make not make weight. They must be 2 pounds to have their spay/neuter. We also have a few that needs their yearly physicals. 

Defi (black/white Defiance College cat) will more than likely end up being another outside cat. We know for sure that he's been outside for at least 6 months. When a cat is bent on being outside, it's sometimes impossible to keep them in.  Our cats of FFRC that are adoptable are 100% INSIDE ONLY. So, when we have one that is NOT going to stay in, we make sure they are neutered, vaccinated, wormed, has flea prevention,  etc are done so that way when they zoom out the door, they are at least medically up to date. Defi has been scoping out the doors and windows ever since he arrived. He's already zipped out like a streak a couple times. We've been trying to convince him otherwise, but sometimes their desires have to be recognized.