Saturday, May 10, 2014

Saturday, May 10

The 4 Werlor kittens have packed their bags and left. Yep, that's right. They are on vacation. Yesterday, Peggy S had her 4 foster kittens here while she volunteered.  When she packed up the 4 to take home again, the Werlor kittens looked big eyed and questioning. You see, the fostered kittens told the Werlor kittens all about the wonders of a home--and they wanted to experience it! they went.  Can you imagine the fun they are going to have?!! They will all 8 be back to stay next Thursday to stay.

Thanks to Michlyn and Vern--they visited yesterday and did a flash sale for us. I realize we've had several now this week, but they are a big help financially to FFRC. I thank you for your support. Items are already being packed and will be mailed out Monday! Thanks Michlyn and Vern for your friendship, your visit and lovings on the cats.

We are now almost a month since Thomas has had a seizure! That must feel so good to him. I'm happy for him. He's so good about taking his meds now--no fussing at all. Of course, it always ends with a kiss, so he doesn't mind the meds. 

Daisy is becoming a pro at the Cat Go Round Wheel. It always makes me laugh when I see a baby kitten on the wheel, slowly walking and making it go around. The smaller kittens spent the night all together in the Cat's Corner Room last night. They have figured out how to get out the window door of June's Room, so in they all went to Cat's Corner Room. 

We have labeled the litters--they are the Goldie litter, Jemima's litter, Dora's litter, Menard litter, Smallisha's litter, Peggy's foster litter, Werlor litter and then there's little Riika, a lone incoming baby. All are doing well and their vaccination protocol is being done. 

We will have our next surgery date as May 31st, a Saturday. This will be a heavy surgery date as many of these kittens will have reached their 2 pound weight. Then they all go onto PetFinder's! A few are already on hold. 

Starting Monday, we will run our next afghan raffle. We have 5 beautiful afghans picked out. They will go on  facebook on Sunday to show you which ones. Raffles seem to be the most favorite way to go with these awesome afghans, so we will continue.  For the Catathon, we have 5 afghans already picked out to auction for bids. As soon as you see the display on facebook, feel free to put your raffle wishes in.  The drawing for these 5 afghans will be Weds. night at 6:00.  So, that means BOXES will be at 5:30 pm. 

Monday is our Advisory Board Meeting in the afternoon, mostly centered on the Catathon. Tuesday, weather permitting, the Shelter House will be erected!  Very excited about this. The cats will like it too--I can already picture them stretched out in the shade on the picnic tables! They will join our visitors there for their picnics too, I'm sure of it! 

We had BOXES flast night. I am so very appreciative.
Patcat--day visitor, with a friend--For the Catathon: Bean Bag Toss game, Jamz Instant Rock Star guitar, Jamz Instant Rock Star drums, Hello Kitty Ultimate Art Kit. And 2 cases of pop for the volunteers
Michlynn and Vern--day visitors--case of tuna, coil toys infused in catnip. For the Catathon/Day Sale/wherever: paper pads, jorunal book, wash clothes, electronic mouse chaser, Sisal Den Scratcher, Twin bed set for a boys basket, crazy stem cat toys, Tranquility and Serenade angels, sets of note pads, Hello Kitty mini doll, hot wheels, a special bear hug salt/pepper shakers set, 3 gel candles, child's heart apron
Vicki B--12 pack Fancy Feast Medley
Medic/Laura--2 cases Fancy Feast
Anonymous Friend--awesome 5 puzzles for Catathon
Kikimycat--a neat Smart funnel.  For the Catathon or whatever: Hello Kitty lunch box, FFRC Christmas cards of FFRC kitties, picture frame with "quilts are like cats (for basket), neon color nail polish, 6 satchels for Christmas basket, 8 neat packs of assorted note cards 3 x 3 (these are really nice--Day Sale!)
Jan H and her knitting group from TX (friend of Beth)--a wonderful box of blankies both knitted, crocheted and sewed for our FFRC cats!
Rebecca & Willow from UK--2 packages of squirting ducks, 2 packs of bath crayons (for Catathon)
Leggygal--a box of wonderful Leggydews!!!  Our supply is replenished! Big thanks!  Also for the Catathon--5 awesome dollies. Each dolls includes 2 additional outfits. These dolls weigh 4-5 pounds each, are beautiful, have never been played with (yet!) and are in original boxes. They are so pretty!
LJ from RI--note and donation and bag of name tags!!
Ann F--donation for FFRC
Josh/Llana & and Smudge and Allie from GA--note and donation, paw points
Jean T from AR and Marie and Leah--card with donation in memory of Putter, whiskers (thanks!)
Mike/sophieandlucysdad from MI--coupons
Trudy S from Bryan--donation
Tom and Linda C and Happycat and Colin--donation for Tom's birthday for the oldsters and new incoming cats.  Happy Birthday!
Gusti--donation in honor of Hannah, our friend. Happy Birthday! She gets to pick a name for a cat!
Mitty from OH--donation in memory of Putter

I'd like to say a thank you too for the cards we have received in remembrance of our Putter. It means a lot to me. Steve and I have shared these. 

Felicity has decided that playing with toys is quite fun. She frequently can be seen in the Kitty Kabana Room playing with catnip mice. What a change in her! Love her free spirit attitude! Jackson now struts all over the Rescue Center. Him shy? Not much anymore--such a pleasure to watch him. Alma has got to be the most determined cat I have ever ever met. She figures out what she wants to do and where she wants to go. She does it! It's quite amazing to watch this cat's enjoyment of her life. She's a happy camper. I know it's difficult to watch her flip around sometimes, but truly, she is doing awesome! Magenta is struggling a bit. We feed her whenever she wants and then we try again. She's getting hugs and kisses. We treasure this sweet cat. Freemont and Lorenzo are best buds. They even nap together! 

FFRCNation! Many Countries, One Heart, One Mission, One Nation, FFRCFamilyNation. No one can do it all, but together we can accomplish so much. Every small act of kindness adds up to miracles.