Thursday, May 29, 2014

Thursday, May 29

Porchies brushed---check.  Covies brushed---checked.  Millie donkey brushed---checked.  Lots of FFRC cats brushed---check.  Horses brushed---checked.  Goats brushed----uhhhh, nope and not going to!!  They are resisting big time!  Oh well, we have the majority of pets brushed! 

We did a big weigh in yesterday. The majority of the kittens will be 2 pounds and up.  There are some that are just too tiny yet. That's ok---we'd rather be safe than to risk a kitten with anesthetic. Saturday will be a very busy day. We also have quite a few that needs physicals. A very busy day. 

We had BOXES last night and so have big time thanks to give!
Diana from South America--card and gift card for Steve and Jacci (movies--thank you).  For the Catathon--2 wallets, handcrafted in Columbia with a Mola technique.  Very beautiful.
Tigercat54/Great Aunt Julie in IA--For the Catathon or wherever needed:  book, 2 relaxing CD's, 2 rolls decorative tape, brown cat bed and pad, pet stain remover, Zoomies handfree binoculars, rainbow mice, red heart shaped cookie cutter, red sillicone trivet, milk rings for Pania, 2 polka dot tote bags, doggie snackers, a 3 set Womens Sierra Pacific purse, tote bag, duffle bag, rainbow colored paw prints folding chair
Jatcat--2 HP cartridge for mailroom printer
Vicki B--6 bags of Royal Canin babycat
Nona--3 cases of KMR
Anonymous Friend--2 of 7 lbs bags of Purina One indoor formula
Anonymous Friend--2 of 16 lbs bags of Purina One Salmon and Tuna
Dewitty--week visitor--bag of cat toys, bag of dog toys, crinkle tunnel, stuffed snowman, very good homemade caramel candy, 4 disney stuffed character, and cheese curds (so so good!)
HenryRPeeps and Ohmyguiness--birthday card and $5 for Tabitha
Susan C from Defiance--donation for FFRC
Pam/lovebugs--for Jacci--a Purple tshirt from The Purple Store!
Our Wisconsin Friends, a Wisconsin Basket for the Catathon (SuzieQ, Wendilyn, DeWitty, DCasper, Wanda)--homemade maple syrup, jam, mustards, hot and spicey, book of Wisconsin scenes, tourist flyers, Wisconsin Recipe book, a $40 gift certificat for Mars Cheese Castle and a $200 gift certificate for a portrait by Wanda.
Wendilyn--cat toys, stick/wand toys, 4 rolls of Paw ribbon, beautiful white afghan
SuzieQ1500--5 big crocheted blankets for kitties, a green/purple blanket for Ming, pads for the Kuranda Towers, lots of note cards and note pads, baby food, Fancy Feast
Caren F from CA--PayPal donation in memory of Magenta
Lucy/lulittle & Benny from UK--donation in memory of Magenta
Karen C from UT--donation in memory of Magenta

The Covies got an extra day of run around time on the farmyard yesterday. The walls were blasted with our powerful sprayer and now things are spick and span once again. They all came back last night for suppertime. They love being out and about. They discovered the fresh, new grass growing and it became the favorite place to nap!

The kitties are doing great! I love kittens enjoying good health--so so important. Coralie has been so patient too with the kittens. So nice to see. All the adults are really good with the kittens. The kittens are so ornery and enjoy tormenting the adults! Fun to see too. 

Our old girl, Suzie is doing great. We will have her checked out again on Saturday, although she just last week had  a physical. I don't believe Karula is feeling the best the last couple days.  We will have her checked out also. She spends the majority of her time sleeping. Sure would be nice to get an age on her. A little difficult to tell with no teeth. She's enjoying all the loving and pettings that she's getting.  Jessie (the 15 year old) is also very receptive to all the attention! A nice group of older cats. 

Have a great day. Today is my afternoon with my mom! Have to take her to the Hair Doctor, as she says! Enjoy this beautiful day!