Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tuesday, October 29

Yeah! Today is an "off-day" medicine day! All 1 million kittens and cats got their antibiotics yesterday. No, really, I'm sure I counted a million mouths yesterday! Today we skip and then tomorrow we do it again. I have noticed only ONE kitten with a slight cold and it's very slight. It's Camvie, but remember, this kitten will always have the possibility of showing cold-like symptoms. We're nearing the end of this whole procedure.  What a trip it's been, but well worth it!

We have quite a few dates of "happenings" coming up that you might be interested in.
Oct. 30th, Weds.--CAPS day on the kitty cam chat 
Nov. 1, Friday--something fun happening--will be announced!
Nov. 2, Saturday--next Afghan Auction. Will have 5 beautiful afghans ready to go
Nov. 9, Saturday--Day Sale at 3:00 to ???
Nov. 16, Saturday--Surgery Day
Dec. 7, Saturday--Day Sale at 11:00 to ???

And in between all this there are adoptions that will be happening and visitors coming to be at the Rescue Center! Fun times ahead! 

We had BOXES last night. A thousand thank yous for this support!
Grace R--kitty scarf (I thank you and love it!)
Gina/catlvr14--3 beautiful crocheted shawls for next day sale, lots of notepads
Widdletigger--2 large packages of Cottonelle Toilet paper & big box of paper towels
Anonymous Friend--3 cat beds, for Wilson, Mercy, Milly and Butter a huge bag of peppermint candy, potty bags, purple blanket, pokie dot blanket, 4 microfiber towels, Halloween bags with goodies for Damian and Jocelyn, Jammies for Jacci (I'm the grand mummy!), Halloween candy, Duct tape, postie notes, snackers for ALL the cats, doggie snackers, 2 big mag lights with batteries
Ms Bekkah's Corner--donation of yarn cat balls with cat nip
Susan/schinn--card for Paddy Purr and a donation for Feliz Navidad fund
Fun Fliers/Kim and Bonnie--donation in memory of Paul to go towards medical bills
Postcard from Bulgaria
Susan TC from Defiance--donation for FFRC
Debbi and Jim from Georgia--stuffed doggie toys, ring toys, Skinnie cat toys, treats galore!, bunches of bling-bling safety collars, kippers, squeaky toys, 12 cans of Friskies, doggie treats, Bad Cat calendar, Halloween decorations and fun stuff (we're wearing some today!), 8 crocheted cat coasters in a small dish (Debbi makes these and they are beautiful!), hole free potty bags, deep comfy bed, 2 Halloween soap dispensers   Wow!
Penn & Teller and Pixel--card from them and Ann and Sean plus a letter with cat stories and pictures, 12 non-scratch pads, saltwater taffy, coil toys, cat toys, Friskies can food, 4 pack Clorox wipes, 9-Lives can food, 5 cans of Pounce snackers and a box of Oreo treats
Cheri B--sent another Spoiled Rotten gift box--toys, can of rabbit stew, tuna salmon pouch, roast chicken pouch 
Mike/sophieandlucysdad--coupons, 9 bags of kitty snackers and Purina One and Sheba cat food (60)
xwired2u--bag of pop tabs for Kellen, a Halloween card, paw points from Fresh Step
BearM--donation to FFRC, in honor of National Cat Day
Vasiliki T from MA--a donation to FFRC, in memory of Linda Bollioli
Betz--Halloween cookies to each volunteer!
Gloria C/Linda M from GA--donation to FFRC
Plee9/Pat L from KS--pictures of her cats, a copy of her local rescue's newsletter

I'd also like to thank Pat & Don S and Fran & Leon S, both from Michigan for sending in a donation to FFRC, in memory of David Gregory who is the father and father-in-law of Tom and Nancy/kerswill. Thank you. We are so sorry for your loss. 

Our deepest sympathy to Linda Bollioli's family. Linda has been a viewer of the kittycam for quite some time. She and her husband adopted Butterburr and Betony a little over a year ago. Her husband has asked as an alternative to flowers, if donations would be made to FFRC. We are so sorry for your loss. Linda considered Betony and Butterburr as "her little children".

Do you live in the Defiance area? Do you need someone that really knows the computer business? We highly recommend Dean Taylor. He has been helping FFRC for a couple years and has now branched out on his own. I highly recommend Dean for your computer needs. His office phone is 419-439-4154 and his cell phone is 775-453-6754. His business is called DLT Computer Solutions. 

We have moved Shiloah and her 3 kittens and the 3 Arkie kittens now to Cat's Corner Room since it's a bigger room. Faraday is now out and about. Two other newbies (Suzanna and Hookie) are also out and about. 

We have very good news for 3 of Paul's cats. Snoopy/Snoops/Noopers went to a neighbor who was here this weekend for a visit and saw him, fell in love with him and came back for him! Also a past volunteer from years ago is back in Defiance and wanted the companion of two cats. I asked her if she would try Jingies and Maurice. Her living room and kitchen join together and can be shut off from the rest of the house, so these two shy cats won't get "lost" in her home. She has lots of time and love to give, so we will give this a try. I want so much for these two to have a happy, loving home. We'll keep you posted. 

We have a really fun thing coming up for all our supporters and friends! Jo Ann C is heading this project.  It's for an FFRC fund raiser quilt project. "There have been so many good suggestions posted for the quilts the FFRC Nation is making as a fund raiser for FFRC. The first quilt(sO are expected to be auctioned off the middle of Feb., 2014. All the information and specifics can be found on the FFRC facebook chatters page. If you don't have facebook, you can email Jo Ann at joco5102@yahoo.com. All instructions will be emailed back to you. The deadline for sending in your quilt squares is December 31, 1013. This will give Vixanna R enough time to put the first quilts together by the middle of February. And there is NO skill or sewing needed on your part. Just two 7.5 inch squares of 100% cotton are all that is needed. You can send in plain fabric, cat themed, a sewn or appliqued square or something that represents your country. If you are unable to send in any quilt squares, we are offering to put your name on the quilt border in exchange for a donation to Vixanna to cover her costs. Any amount is fine. This is turning into such a fun project that virtually EVERYONE in the FFRC Nation can participate in!"  Join in the fun and send your quilt square in! 

You know, I so enjoy FFRC! I just had to say it. Between the cats, the volunteers, the viewers, our visitors--it's a fun place to be! Thanks for being a part of what we do here! 

Puzzone, Trusty and Mogo--3 sleepy babies