Saturday, October 12, 2013

Saturday, October 12

I don't even know how to say this anymore. We have lost our little Minto. He started not feeling well Thursday night but ate breakfast Friday morning. Yesterday he went downhill.  We treated him with everything we had, per our vets, but to no avail. He passed away while being held inside the house, with me this evening. This is so hard to deal with.

On Monday, we will take Minto to the vet's office for a necropsy. It's important that we find our why he passed away as his symptoms are exactly as the other 3 kittens that passed away. Chances are high that it will come back as a virus which is extremely hard to treat. We clean, we give vaccinations, we keep stress levels down, we feed good quality food, we treat symptoms, but those viruses are tough. 

So, our little boy is gone. He was so loved.

Tomorrow is the Celebration of Life Memorial Service for Paul. It is here at FFRC at 2:00.  It will be on the cam, sound will be on, but the chat will be suspended during the service. Afterwards, the volunteers have sandwiches and other food available for everyone to share. Lisa again has provided us with pies, brownies and goodies. People attending will be invited to share any stories they would like with everyone. Six white doves will be released--Paul loved birds. His truck that he loved will be parked out close in the farmyard where the service is. He is greatly missed. 

The Day Sale was today and was extremely successful. I am so very grateful for the support shown. This truly means a lot to me. It helps so much with our bills. Thanks to the mods for playing a big part of this. Thanks to the buyers and the viewers. A big thanks to Jenni, Amy, Dawn, Angie for helping with this event. Another big thanks to Connie/warped for doing so much of the packing up of the orders. Joe/Connie's husband helped run sold items to the mail room. Becky M, another volunteer, came in and did the feeding while we were all so busy. Joyce D provided a pizza lunch for us all. A big effort given by so many--couldn't have done it without your help. 

I have a feeling next week is going to be the beginning of a long peaceful, extra happy time for all of us.