Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday, October 11

Has it really been 3 days since the last blog?  Yes it has been.  Has it been 3 nights that we've not had boxes? Yep, that's true too. Does that mean it's been a bit overload crazy around here. You got that right. Next week I hope begins a long long week of peace, sweet peace. Hang in there with us and you'll see--we'll get caught up.

I have so many thank yous to give that I want to get right to that. Thank yous are very important to me and this rescue center.
FaithymMD--2 smart phone Pet ID tags for Walter and friend
Lucy P/LuLittle & Benny--2 yoga cat mats (blue and green)
Bonnie, David and Michael--note to Walter and crinkle toys for Walter
Oilsandsgirl--12 cans Pink Alaskan Salmon
Brooke B--4 feather flip toys for Lorenzo
Mayumi from Japan--6 packets of Mon Petit (a kitten milk), 4 cases of Tulle (chicken and tuna), 3 packets of chicken filets, 16 packets of extra soft Kleenex for the volunteers and stickers for Hannah
Laura/Medic101--2 cases of Fancy Feast
Janet/Janak--20 mega bags of Temptation snackers
Kerswill/Nancy & Tom--case of Fancy Feast kitten turkey, Friskies Pate, 9 Lives and a 40 pound bag of Precious Litter
Vicki B--3 bags of Royal Canin baby cat dry
Tara--card with CD and donation for FFRC Nation and a donation from picture being done by Wanda
Jean K from MN--card
Romeosmom from MO--coupons and pop tabs for Kellen
Sevren--reflective collar for Wandering Walter
Julie P/tigercat54 from IA--halloween bib for Molly (cute!)
Caren F--package of springs & mylar balls, case of Friskies salmon, Fancy Feast kitten turkey and a case of large cans of Friskies Pate
Warpedinmn/Joe & Connie from MN--12 human size blankies (now called Warped Dee Doos!), 12 kuranda pads, 24 cat nip toys, 50 kickeroos, leggydews and cat nip pads---all for the Day Sale!  Lots of sewing done and I really apprecitae this!
Tana--2 gallons of bleach, and lysol wipes
Deb11111--12 rolls Bounty paper towels
Defiance Dance Studio--donation for the cats
Kona & Minto (our 2 FFRC kittens) received a donation in honor of them being picked up and held!! And also in memory of Paul
Gusti--2 blankies for Rosi and Toby and in celebration of Dove's birthday

I would also like to send a special thanks to the following people who sent a donation for Paul--whether it be for the care of his cats, his medical needs or for FFRC, I thank you so very much.
Phyllis B from MI, Rosesf6cats from IA, Judy S from VT, Renate M from Defiance, Ruffles29 from MI, Jean K from MN, Julie P, Anonymous Friend, Renee C, Peggy E from MN, Marlane & Ken from NJ, Deb M, Catherine D, Janet S & Toby & Harley, Billie K from TX, Helen M from UK, DebbiDear from CA, Lostgirl from NJ, Sigrid from Defiance, Penny V from Ohio, Holly Ann W, Sue H from OR, 
Lois L from IA, DeEtte P from OH

Tomorrow is our Day Sale starting at 10:00 am (FFRC time). Oh my goodness, we have a lot of items to show you. I've a feeling this sale will run a bit long! Please be patient with us here at the rescue center and the mods and with one another. Remember, ustream is always about 20 seconds behind FFRC. Iphones, Ipads, tablets can be 35 seconds or more behind. So, we shall all do our best and hang in there together! During the Day Sale, while items are being sold, the chat will be kept to those notes only--no chit chat during that time as it makes it hard for the mods to pick out the names of people wanting things. We'll explain it all in the morning and do a quick, simple easy round first so it's all clear! 

I want to say a special thanks to our volunteers for their super patience and compassion especially in these last 4 weeks. Many things have happened and we've all been out of our normal schedules. But, they are wonderful and just go with the flow. I thank each and every one of you. 

We had an adoption yesterday! Our sweet little Kwee left with her new mama Courtney and friend to start her new homelife in Maine. They arrived home last night safe and sound and Kwee/Zoey is now a good traveler! Rosi and Toby are also in their new home and traveled just fine too. 

Our new kitten Ganache is doing great. He's so little but can keep up with Walter. They seem to have a real bond with each other. So sweet to see. The 3 little brownies are doing great--Barky, Markie and Zarkey. They move as "one unit"! Where one goes, they all go. Volunteer Peggy S took them home for 2 nights to help out with them. They love her! Trusty is named appropriately. He will lay on his back forever, just to have his tummy rubbed.

Viola's litter is growing. I do believe little Carlton is doing better. There are days where he spends "just staring off in space" and not participating with the other kittens. But today, he seems to be playing much better now. He's so so sweet. They are growing and climbing and acting like bigger kittens. Won't be long until Viola will be going to her new home (to join Theo!). 

Hard to believe in about 4 weeks we will need to move the Covies up to Kitty City for the winter. We will keep them in Cat's Cove for as long as possible, providing the weather is decent for them. Today is the day they get to cruise about the farmyard--they love it. 

Take care everyone and see you at the Day Sale!

Minto when he first arrived, getting his bath.  Picture taken by Diane F.
  Picture 538.jpg