Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tuesday, October 15

This is a wonderful week. There's no snow on the ground (okay, so I know it's only October), Octavia only stole 2 packets last night (instead of her usual 5-6), the 3 newbie kittens from Indiana are all pretty and clean (it's true--they've had 3 baths already, but for right now, they're clean!) and all the cats appear to be very healthy (yes, I know we have a few sneezers, but that's ok). This all tallies up to a great day!

The little calico kitten of Viola, Camilla can already walk on the wheel--so cute to see this little one pound kitten making it go!The 6 kittens of Viola's are doing great. They are out and about much of the time. Those blurry little beings that you may see dashing on the cam are probably them. That Clayton is extra cute. Clark is extra big. And they're all extra sweet!

Ganache has had two treatments by Dr. Bill and appears to be feeling much better. His alignment was out of whack. Thanks to Dr. Bill for helping our little guy. Paul's cats continue to progress. Turtle, Snoops, HoHo and MiMi now frequently walk about the front Thumper's Room and into the Mail Room. Their confidence is building. His birthday is 7/2/13.

Allie, Emily and Daisy also have grown in confidence and are now all loverbugs. Such nice kittens. Kukster continues to bathe the little kittens. We use to worry that he was licking to clean them before eating them (just kidding), but he's doing a great gentle job with them now.

I ran across an old picture of Asha when she was almost all light beige--it's amazing the change in her color. She's sitting on my desk right now head butting me. Trusty's sore eye looks great today. He is such a great kitten--full of purrs.

Barky, Markie and Zarkey are doing terrific. They are eating about every 2 1/2 hours. They're still being syringe fed, but sometimes will venture to the dish and eat by itself. Their little tummies are nice and round--known as the FFRC tummy. They get to get down on the floor a couple times a day to play about. Their birthday is 9/14/13.

Our new little gold  kitten has a name. The visitors we had here, Connie and Hanna were awesome and so helpful. Hanna (our young friend) just joined right in and helped immensely. She really liked this little kitten. So, her name is Pasha--all letters taken from her first and last name. Little Pasha has two jobs this week--one is to gain weight for surgery on Saturday and the other is to get rid of the infection in her open fracture of her right elbow. We're helping her with both of these jobs. Pasha arrived Sunday morning. Her birthday is 8/18/13. 

We had 3 other arrivals Sunday morning. Actually four arrivals. Three kittens (about 3 months old) and their mama. In this particular case, mama didn't like the kids, so a friend of mine is watching her until her spay. The three kittens are gorgeous. Two boys/one girl.  The boys are Dodger (gold/white, long hair) and Harley (white and grey brown tiger, long hair with a white tip tail). The girl is Keeley, a short haired calico who is beautiful. They had an excessive load of fleas and severe diarrhea. Fleas are gone, but it cost them alot of fur. But, that will grow back. The diarrhea is getting less each day. Good diet will help too with this. Their birthday is 7/7/13. 

This Saturday is our next surgery date. Tentatively we have 16 surgeries scheduled, but that isn't concrete yet. We also will schedule surgery for Pasha's leg too for that day. We should have results from Minto's necropsy on Friday--hopefully something will shed some light in regards to his death and how we can combat it. 

Please.....give yourself a big hug from me. The ustream video commercials are making FFRC some money. I thank you for putting up with the commercials. Revenues from ustream have almost doubled and that is awesome and due to YOU!  Thank you for being patient and understanding about those ads! 

Happy birthday to Fabio. He is 6 years old today. Fabio arrived in the winter of 2009, but was elusive. Then on 2/10/10, he went into a trap I had set. I was so happy to have trapped him. When I walked up to him, all defenses were down and he became the silly pet-able cat that he is today! He was neutered immediately at our spay/neuter clinic and has never left us since. 

We have a lot of thank yous to give. I am grateful for your support.
Lisa K--thank you for the brownies and pies for Paul's memorial service. 
Arden & Charmaine B from IN--donation for the new little girl that needs surgery on her leg (Pasha).
Elisabeth A from MD--donation to help with the surgery for Pasha
Deb B from MN--to go towards the cost of the necropsy for Minto--I'm deeply grateful
Ju-in-ji--to help sponsor Callen
Nigel W from UK--donation for FFRC
Margaret H/eartheyes--donation in memory of Paul
Elizabeth G from TX--donation to FFRC--use wherever is needed
Joanne P from FL--donation to help with Paul's memorial service
Bernard G from NY--donation in memory of Paul
Catlady from MI-donation in memory of Paul--use to help kitties that are hurting.
Tom & Lori D from FL--donation in memory of Paul & his kitties
Pam/belltime--donation in memory of Paul
Joanne V from AZ--donation for FFRC
Pam Raver/buckeyecat from OH--donation in memory of Paul
Leasa S from UK--donation for FFRC
Judeanlee--donation in memory of Minto and for Paul's cats
Anonymous Friend--donation in memory of Minto
Nancy G from MI--donation in memory of Paul
cjcat/Carolyn from PA--donation in memory of Paul
Norma B from IA--donation in memory of Paul
Gregg G (volunteer)--donation in memory of Paul
Trudy S from OH--donation in memory of Paul
msowl--donation in memory of Paul
Chris D--donation in memory of Paul
Jane Z from CA--donation in memory of Paul
Lewbeth and Betsy--donation in memory of Paul
nancyerin from FL--donation in memory of Paul
Linda S from TX--donation in memory of Paul

I sure didn't want to forget these thank yous either, from BOXES on Oct. 10, Thursday
Sue B/iluvmykitties--4 bottles of HE Tide
Susan345--4 cases Mega Temptation snackers
pat/cathouse & Ellen/furkitty--4 quillows for day sale, ginger snaps for Butter & friends, Book (Fannie Flagg-Standing in a Rainbow), 4 Gallant lions for Day Sale, box of 500 poopie bags, 5 awesome knives that we can use for the Day Sale
Judith L--heat pacs for kitties
Bonnie, Dave & MIchael--bag of 24 ct nip toys
Grace R/Wondertech--Happy Habitat tent for kitties
Betz--donation for Cutie's plates to be shared with her friends.
June/painteddaisy--donation to help with shipping for FFRC

We have a leaf added to our Tree of Giving, thanks to our moderators. It's been placed right under the leaf that Paul had put on the tree in memory of his wife Tyna and his father, Paul Sr.  Thank you mods for making this possible.

Just an FYI--if you get an e-mail from me, from ffrcmoss@gmail or fofrescue@gmail--it is indeed from me! No one answers my e-mail but me! 

Markie, Barky and Zarkey's favorite thing to do--climb legs or sit on shoes!