Friday, November 29, 2013

Friday, November 29

It is with great sadness to hear of the death of a wonderful FFRC friend--Anna Marie. Anna Marie and her husband Neil have been to FFRC several times and have become such good friends. They both had a place in my heart as well as so many of our viewer friends. She was loved by many of us. Her daughter Sarah called this morning and said that Anna Marie passed last night about 10:30 pm while in the care of Hospice. Please send a prayer for Neil, Sarah and family. She was a person who loved life and will be missed.

We have received the news about Ernest. Dr. Darcy called this morning. His lump/tumor is indeed a sarcoma. I'd like to explain this to everyone so that we are all of the same understanding. This is still a very hopeful situation. A sarcoma is a lump that has a very low potential of being a metastatic nature. It is a clinically aggressive tumor that has a high rate of recurrence. So, our sweet Ernest is scheduled for another surgery--probably on Tuesday. This surgery will be a removal of 2-3 cm's (not mm's) of tissue around the margin of this site, with 1-2 tissue planes deep. This tumor has a high chance of simply being gone altogether from his life if enough tissue is removed. So....I've had a talk with Ernest. He's not worried.  Dr. Darcy isn't worried about a life-altering "thing" with Ernest. And I've talked to Deb--his mama-to-be. She also understands what is going on. Our job is to be hopeful and positive and to send a prayer and/or good thoughts for Ernest. He's going to be just fine!

Tonight is our wonderful, fun name drawing raffle from the Generator/Jenna Radar fundraiser! It starts at 5:30 pm. We will first draw names for the 2 afghans, then the 3/4 wreaths, then start with the 10 items and work down to 1. We will finish with a couple surprises! We will also give the very wonderful update of the amount!!
But, we do have some thank yous to give! I have to apologize though. I found a whole page of donor friends that arrived earlier this week that got "lost". Unfortunately, when PayPal gets quite a few donations at one time, they "stack" them into one entry. This is what happened. I did the first one, marked it as "done", then I got called away from my desk. Unfortunately, it looked like that whole page was marked as done. But, the lost is found and we're back on track!
So, I have some thank yous to give!
Tammy /bellabell, chiel74, Brenda R, Conii G, Nikka, Daniella T, Liz G, christal4, thunderrunner, wolverinegirl, dede701, piperjo1999, daystar2020, Herbert B, Gentlesong, splashNZ, Sonya A, Cheryl L, Kikkocat92, catatonic_cajun, Cameo D, ju-in-ji, Eartheyes, Sandy D, Judeanlee & Phil, marmytoo, Gisela, Mary H, sherlocksmom, mls9690, wacats, Dorothy P, twiggysmom, killiegirl, Yvonne A, PeppyCali, Mike G, PinkyBear, Bonnie M, Dave M, Michael M, catlvr14, wolfpatch, Elle99, frenchsilk, Heta B, CatHouze, Michelle B, MsNiceinVA, Shelley H, sunnyjack, Agnes K, Janet S, Sabine S, Bonnie P, Tuomo V, Ruth Ann D, Patricia S, AnnKoala, DeEtte P, autumnkitty, svcathy, Colleen P, Meredith S, bamagirl, prisotis, JenniB619, Shirley P, sunlighten56, Donna H, Karla M, Janet B, mckane19020, Janet K, Fergiesguardian, lucytoons, twkitty, Linda C, Leenie (in memory of Anna Marie), Darlene M, Miau123
Todays mail has not arrived yet due to the holiday. So we will do another update of donors on the next blog. Please don't ever hesitate to email me if I would happen to miss your name. 
We will announce the Grand Total tonight at the Drawing! 

This has been floating around on facebook and I just love it. 
"I am a forever cat, not an "until" cat.
I am not an..
...until you get bored cat
...until you find a boy or girlfriend cat
...until I get old cat
...until you have to move cat
...until you have a baby cat
...until you get a new kitten cat
I am a forever cat. If you cannot promise forever, I am not your cat!
Author Unknown

This is for Ernest from Deb B
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