Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sunday, December 1

Happy Christmas month! May the joy and peace of this season be with you!

The Generator/Jenna Radar Fundraiser is now over! Oh my goodness--the result of this is simply mind-boggling to me. The support shown overwhelms me and gives me much pleasure and gratitude. This fundraiser was such a success because of YOU.....our friends of FFRC. I am so grateful. 

We have a few more names to give thanks to for the Fundraiser--my thanks to you! Vicki B, Eleanor & Joe F, Terri and Steve E, Carla C, Judith M, Sonnykat, mnsnowy, Curtice Advertising, Christina S, Colleen P, Megan A, Val H, Cindy, Rose F, Locket33, June K, Barbara B, Annette B

We had so much fun at the Name Drawing. There were almost 55 names drawn for various items. In addition to what was on the list, we added a quillow, another afghan (pinks/white cat on the fence), 2 wreaths, santa cat bed, a crocheted Christmas rug.  Many thanks to those that made these items. The talent of so many of you is astounding. 

We also had special entertainment by Jimmy, who was given a challenge! Show his tu-tu again, a couple of his famous ballerina poses and sing 12/10 Days of Christmas! And he did it!  He raised $265 for being such a good sport. Thanks Jimmy and thanks to the supporters!

Now for the finale! We were hurriedly adding last minute donations to the very end!  The add-on donations for 11/28 and 11/29 was $3150.  This brought our TOTAL TO:  $14,745!!!!  Yippee, hooray, I'm so thankful!!  

We will pay for the generator in full, pay for the two propane tank's top-offs and for the extended warranty. Many of the donors had  put if we went over our need, then to apply excess on to our medical needs. So, this is what we will do.  Every day we give meds, whether it be wormers, vaccinations, antibiotics, healing creams, meds for tummy troubles--the list goes on and on. This excess amount will help us with these everyday items!

This week we will also be putting out great effort to get everything in the mail and sent to everyone. It takes time to box and pack but we'll get it done. Please always know if you have not received something within a reasonable amount of time, never hesitate to let us know. We really do want to get everything correct.

The kittens are flying high this morning. Pouncing, diving, crashing into each other, racing around like crazy cats. Lots of energy here at FFRC. It's amazing how rough they can be one minute, then the next they're cuddling and purring away with each other. Yesterday we had 7 adults on the high pink poof all napping together. So sweet to see. We also had lots of visitors yesterday which the cats and kittens all love--even more TLC being handed out!

Our little Miss Molly had a bit of a set-back. She has lost 3 ounces due to diarrhea. We've worked hard on correcting this and today seems a bit better. She's now down just 2.5 ounces. She only weighed 1.6 upon arrival. Her activity level is good. I so wish we could surgically fix that leg. She's being a real good sport about it and taking it easy on that leg. When she gets bigger, the vets will reevaluate the situation.

Shamballie is awesome! He is finally, very carefully, putting a bit of weight on his newly pinned leg. His appetite is good. He is now out of his pen about 12 hours a day--just taking it easy and enjoying watching the other cats. Soon we will bring him up into the main area. 

We have some thank yous to give:
Beth A--donation in memory of Anna Marie. Prayers for Neil, Sarah and family.
Oilsandsgirl--donation for Jimmy singing in his tu-tut! 
Helen M from UK--donation with thanks to Jimmy for a fun night during the prize drawing
Ellen H from NY--donation in honor of Jimmy's great attitude....and adorable tu-tu
Ann F from Canada--donation because Jimmy wore a tu-tu and sang a song!
Jacksmom from MA--donation in memory of Anna Marie--a wonderful woman
Jacquelyn K--donation in memory of Anna Marie
Twkitty--we were able to purchase litter from a donation received from Twkitty
Lawrence G--donation to FFRC
Yankeechick--donation to FFRC, a new viewer

We had an adoption yesterday! Juby went with Donia/WickedWings. While we will miss this extra sweet boy very much, I know that Donia will give him a wonderful home. I'm very happy for DOnia and Juby. 

The Porchies are doing great. They had a day of running and investigating on Friday as this is usually one of their "get out of the City" days. They always stay close and come back in for supper. Today, Sunday, is their 2nd day of the week to have their door left open. These are the two days that their Auntie Connie is here. They love her!

All is well. The oldsters are all doing good. Magenta continues with her many meals a day so she is happy. Ada Jane loves napping on the vibrating dryer. Putter is enjoying watching sports with Steve and laying on his special bed/blankie.  

Whisk! He and his brother Snappy are two handsome tuxies.