Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday, December 20th

$295 for fish/chicken eating deal! Yes, that's right! At BOXES last night, we had a fun time. We received some treats for the cats but they are good for human consumption too! So, upon a "I dare you", we did! We had chicken and dried sardines and earned $295 for FFRC! Thanks for joining in on the fun!

We took in a new cat yesterday. A black cat with a few white specks here and there, about a year old. Her name is Chandini. Unfortunately it looks like her front paw has been in a trap. We got her started on pain meds and antibiotics right away and called the vets. They were able to get her up today so she's already been transported there. A probable amputation will happen, but we'll know more later--sometimes they can work magic there! We'll keep you posted.

Our little Miss Eltoe is still eating today. She actually has a tiny tiny tummy on her today! She loves chicken! She likes to sleep on the cat tower by my desk. And I like watching her! 

We had BOXES last night (Thursday)! Many many grateful thanks to you all! 
Russ and Sandy A from MI--note with donation from their mom Alice who is 104 years old! Also a great kitty Christmas stocking--now with things in for the cats!
Mayumi from Japan--gift for Hannah, card for Hospital kids, singing Christmas stocking card, bag of individual sundried sardines, Kit Kats Japanese style (strawberry) and a dozen chicken catfood cans  
Pat, our volunteer---neon pink kitty blankie and a grey, white & black Cat on the Fence Scarf
Anonymous Friend--2 cases Royal Canin Baby cat food
Sheila/oilsandsgirl--12 K-cps dark hot chocolate, tower of chocolate and other goodies, box of 50 flavors of Jelly Belly Beans! All extra yummy!
Beth A/eaglewatcher--heated mattress pad for Kitty Kastle--big thanks!
Loricat--300 hot & cold cups 12 ounce with lids
Francis S from ME--with Moonlight, Headlight & Day light cat friends (a neighbor of our mod Schinn)--a Christmas card with a donation in honor of Susan/Schinn
Susan/Schinn from ME--kitty Christmas card with a donation for Feliz Navidad Fund, pics of her kitties Cleo and Ralph
Beth & Gary T from IL--Christmas card with their 5 kitties
Diann G from IL with Chesley--Kitty snowman card with donation
Jana L and Oreo "Obin"--Christmas card with Walmart Gift Card
Kimberly R from CA--4 packages Temptation snackers

We also had some PayPal donations!! Many thanks!
Ronald R from CT_-donation in memory of his friend's cat Annie, who passed away at 13 years, last week. Use for the Feliz Navidad Fund.
Neil S & family from OH--paypal donation to FFRC
Shannon S from OH--paypal donation to help with Leonard's care
Judy M from NH--Paypal to help care for the CH cats
Helina P from Finland--donation to use as we need. 
Laura E--paypal donation for Jacci taking a "nibble" of the sardine
Judy S--donation for Joni, Jimmy and Lynnette for eating the sardines
Margaret H--donation for human sardine eating frenzy!
Brooke B--donation for sardine fun
Elisabeth Airey--donation because Joni is a good sport
Romeomom-Sarah P--donation for the care of Zata
Sonja--donation for Jimmy, Jacci, Joni and Lynnette with Hugs!
Pat/cathouze--for Joni eating the sardine chips and for all participating in it

I just realized I did not get the thank yous up from BOXES on Weds. night. Here it is:
Caren F--case of Friskies, case of Fancy Feast Kitten, case of Friskies Senior Salmon
Gerricross--7 lb bag of Royal Canin Kitten
Sheila/Oilsandgirl--24 rolls, large, paper towels.  Tabitha is soooo thankful!
Yarm1/Mona & Alex B (future family of Kona & George)--3 cases Friskies Pate, box of 6 Temptation snackers
Susan/Missmic from WV with Misty, Ebony & Savannah--card for volunteers, quilted purse with kitties "Rescue is my favorite breed"--I LOVE it!, Cat's Meow bracelet--very pretty!
Heather & Marsha R from FL--kitty card (love it!), 6 cans Fancy Feast, case Meow Mix cups (Octavias preferred brand!), 3 beautiful rocks painted with kitties for the spring garden
Sheriff Putter and Friend--18 tiny construciton hats for kitty assistants to wear during construction of cabinet/counter top!, dark chocolate Hershey bars, bag of sunkist fruit gems (a favorite!), 1200 dixie spoons
Connie K--yummy cupcakes
Jennifer/MrsKlunk--case of fancy feast turkey, case of Fancy Feast grilled, 6 bags Purina One adoption size
Norma F/mmiralb--Puerto Rico--Christmas card with note
Sophie&Lucys grandma--Christmas card with donatio
Ken & Sally H from NJ--Christmas kitty card with pictures of their Tortie Cassie who is 15 years old
Margo from NB--Christmas card with note & donation
Marty, Daria, & family (and Ruby!)--Christmas card with donation in honor of Dawn S  (Ruby came from FFRC!)
Julie P from IA with Sophie--kitty Christmas card
Mike/sophie&lucys dad in MI--Christmas card with Applebees gift card for Jacci & Steve
Terry M from IN--Christmas card with donation
ColleenMP--Christmas card
Cheryl L from WA--Christmas card
Sarah P--coil toys!
Mimi from FL with Buddy--pop tabs for Kellen, Christmas card plays Jingle bells with a note
Henry R Peeps & Oh My Guinness--birthday card for Mayor Anony with $5 (for extra Covie treat!), Christmas card with donation
MKmouse--card for Jacci and one for volunteers
Helina/Pilvi--Christmas note with donation

Jackson and August are wonderful. They both can purr and both love to have their chins rubbed. You can tell they are very much dependent on one another. I even saw them both in the litterbox at one time! They are both eating good and are relaxing more each day. Remember when Jersey and Merri first came home? How worried they were? And now look at them!! 

Dovie girl is right here by my desk. I love how she looks at us and does the slow blink--a kitty kiss for sure! Miss Marti loves to sleep inside the clear plastic jugs. Emma Jo is getting braver every day and so friendly. When she first came in, she was a bit shy but not any more. Camvie did her morning "trick" again today--a quick nose lick then a little love bite. Then she purrs! What a sweetie! 

Our newbie, DeLeon, is doing better too. His left ear is terribly infected but we're working on it a couple times a day. His tummy is definately the "ffrc tum" that we like! He's a big big eater for such a little boy. His frostbite/frosted areas are healing. Such a happy kitten. When he starts walking towards you, he drops and rolls!

Even though it's raining today, we opened the door to Kitty City for the Covies to do a RunAbout. They are happy, happy! They're dodging the water drops! Leonard who is now a Covie is doing great. He's fit right into the Covie gang!