Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tuesday, Dec. 3

1,2,3,4,5--that's how many kittens are on my desk.  6,7,8--that's how many kittens are playing either in my lap or behind me on the chair.  All totaled up---that's why takes me ten times longer to do things! Would I change anything?  Nope! 

Ernest has already been delivered to the vet's office. Dr. Darcy left me a message late last night that she and Dr. P are all ready for Ernest's big day. This is a big deal surgery. As soon as they give the word that he is done, we'll be picking him up and bringing him back home. Prayers for Ernest, the vets, the vet tech's--all involved. Before we packed him in his crate, I showed him to Alaska, who promptly touched his nose. 

Our new grey young cat that Judy and Phil brought in on Sunday is doing good. His name is PJ, for Phil and Judy! He's about 10 months old. They've had him a couple weeks and was waiting for us to have room to take PJ in. I have an appointment for him to be neutered. When I made this appointment, the vet tech has expressed interest in him already! We shall see what happens. He had lots of cuddle time yesterday.

Joyful loves napping in a box that's on her desk. Joline made about 10 trips from the Welcome Room Office to the main area---back and forth and back and forth! Oh, the things we do for these sweeties! Snappy and Arden are rough housing together. They yelp, stop and start licking each other. Then when settled down, off they go again. Pure fun play! Anna Marie is playing with a crinkle tunnel with Jemison. Zelda is trying to decide if she really wants to share the desk here with Miss Marti and Camilla. She's not so sure!

We had BOXES last night. We are so grateful for your support. 
Madisonpepper--2 extra soft blankets. A teal one for Shamballie and a light tan for Miss Molly. So so soft and I know they'll love them. They will be put down as soon as the floor is dry.
Mayumi in Japan--donation for the center, 6 Tuna/bonito pouches, 5 chicken and bonito pouches, box of chicken/scallop soup pouches and a box of Tulle pouches--all yummy goodies!
Karen C from Kansas--Thanksgiving card with photos of her cat Sunny, a donation for the center, thank you card from FFRC kitties, 2 inch packing tape, Peek'n'Play toy, Fancy Feast, Just for Cats swat catch toy, 4 beautiful Fenton glass cat figures in assorted colors for Day Sale, 2 baskets
Pat L in Kansas--2 cases Fancy Feast kitten & bag of Purina dry
Betz--Froli Cat laser light for Walter and a case of Evo duck--for his birthday tomorrow!!
Laura E--3 cases of gravy Friskies and case of Friskies tuna
NYCkitty--bag of Wellness Core indoor, bag of Welness Kitten, bag of Wellness adult
AMSprinkle--4 ripple scarfs and 2 baby cupcake hats for the Day Sale
Ellen/furkitty & Pat/Cathouze--catnip nibbler toys, crinkle tunnel, Fancy Feast grilled, bag of Purina ProPlan, Cozy Kong and bag of Royal Canin kitten
Anne & Sean in PA--bag of holiday candy, 4 pack of lysol wipes, Friskies can food, baby food jars, card with pictures of Penn & Teller & Pixel--awsomepics. The Peller boys just had a birthday (2)!
MaryAnn O./Merry_Marvin in CA--thank you card, 14 lavender wash cloths, 3 spritz flashing light up balls, 2 rolls packing tape, duck towel/washcloth set, doggy snackers, book "Perfect Kitten How to Raise a Problem-Free Cat", box of chocolate cat candy!, towel, blankie, 3 boxes of plastic storage bags, Senses drinking fountain and a large box of plastic spoons/forks/knives
Renee C--a wonderful Calendar from where she adopted her cat (Bide Awhile Animal Shelter)

Big thanks too for these donations:
Pat & Sherri--donation of a Pet Supplies Plus gift card and a wonderful story about sugar!!!  So enjoyed this!We also had an accident with their card--gruel spilled, kittens licked it AND THE CARD actually was partially eaten!! I know sometimes these stories sound like something someone would say to a teacher, but here, it's the truth!!   Thank you for the PSP card!
Shannan W--donation thru PayPal
Karie B from IL--donation thru PayPal
Carol N/cn1919--donation thru PayPal to be used however needed
Gerri B from CA--donation to FFRC--sister of Barb who is our visitor
Shari/sillysticks--donation for Jimmy's song and dance!
DKTE69--donation thru PayPal
Joyce N from CO--donation thru PayPal
Deb M--donation thru PayPal

Wow--we took one very very full vehicle to the postal service yesterday! More afghans, wreaths, items should be arriving at their destinations soon!

Our sweet Venus went to her new home. Kate and Roger arrived home with their new sweetie. Sounds like all is going good. She will be one pampered kitten--just what we want. I'd also like to thank them for their heapful of items they donated to FFRC. Something of everything, including two roasted chickens that was deboned and given to all (including Porchies & Covies)). The cats devoured it up! Thank you so much for helping FFRC.

Derecho has been a bit unstable in his balance lately--more so than before. He's been wearing his vest on most days and this seems to help. Lorenzo is now sporting the Christmas vests that Derecho wore a year ago. He's been playing and getting about just fine this morning with his vest. 

Apache, the new black kitten with extra toes is doing great. His feet are healing. Several of his pads appear to have been scraped off. A bit sore, but healing has begun. He has a motor that doesn't stop. He had arrived on Thanksgiving. 

The cats have their ham bone! Their Auntie Judy (sister volunteer) always provides this for the cats. They LOVE it. It requires hours and hours of gnawing and chewing. Keeps them busy! 

George--ready for a new home!