Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December 31, Tuesday

Happy New Year's Day! We have had a wonderful year of 2013.  And I'm so looking forward to an exciting year of 2014! 

We have made many friends. We have had many adoptions. We have started a new "era" here at FFRC. We seem to all love these wonderful CH cats. A year ago we had just Derecho. We have all seen the love he has to give and his determination that it's broadened our minds into wanting to help more of them. Currently we have Derecho, Solee, Cozarelii, Jersey, Merri, Jackson, August, Walter and Lorenzo. One of the new Chicago-5 kittens is also a CH kitten. His name is Wrigley. We seem to have a pull in their direction to give them the love and home they so want. 

In 2013, in Jan., we also had a big volunteer meeting. This gave us direction for the coming year. Also in Jan., our wonderful new sunroom, the Kitty Kabana was started. This has turned out to be one of our favorite rooms!

Feb. 2013, brought on the first of many afghan auctions! These wonderful events have helped us so much financially! We also throughout the year have added our Day Sales as a fundraiser project too.

In Feb., I attended the OVMA--Ohio Veterinary Medical Association's convention. Lots of classes and visiting vendors with their different views and ideas. Also in Feb. and March, we repainted the front office to lavender, June's Room to teal, Kitty Campus Room/Butterfly Room to dark pink and dark purple, the Cat's Corner Room to baby blue and baby pink. They look so nice! 

We also in 2013 had two big events--one was our 3rd Catathon and the other was the 2nd Catstock. Both were a huge success, thanks to the hard work of many volunteers and the webcam friends. The community supported the Catstock event and was ever so much fun! It was the first of having a Horse Poo Bingo! 

The end of May is when the new Mail Room and the back Thumper's Room was started. These two rooms are awesome and so well used. The Mail Room is a huge help as it holds our store items and gives us a big place to send out all of our mailings and boxes. It's wonderful! The back Thumper's Room is an extended quarantine room. At times, we may have 8-10 kittens and cats in there. But what is nice is that on our surgery days, it doubles as our surgery room. Our oxygen tank, autoclave, IV equipment, surgery table, surgery instrument table, anesthetic machine and monitor are all in there and ready to use. We simply love this room as well. 

In the fall, we were able to put in a new Water Shed that made it possible to get the well equipment out of the "ground pit" (which was so so hard to work in) and get it all above ground. So much better!

We had a great fundraiser that enabled us to raise enough funds to get a very nice generator that will feed off of the propane tank. It will run (conservatively) the Kitty Kastle, Mail Room, Main Area of the Rescue Center and some of the house. It will arrive in the middle of Jan. Let the snow begin!

As you know, our dear friend, Paul passed away also in 2013. He will always be remembered as a true friend, a lover of cats and dogs and a person who so enjoyed being a part of FFRC.

There are many other happenings that went along with 2013. I'm sure many of you have other things to add that you have enjoyed about this year! 

When I look at the "whole picture" of FFRC, I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Most of this would not be possible without the wonderful support of our volunteers and webcam friends. I thank you greatly for your part of this Rescue Center. 

We had BOXES last night! BIG thanks to each and every one of you!
Mayumi from Japan--Box for Lynnette, 3 bags of Salmon treats snaackers, 2 cases of Tuna Tulle
Anonymous Friend--Ties that Bind book and CD (honors those we call family)
Arden & Charmaine--case of Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers
Rebecca & WIllow from UK--Christmas card and fleece Hoodie for Jacci with kitty face on the hood
Nan--Scotty Dog Christmas card--2 beautiful scarves (black pokie dots and cream with blue/green)
Lori R/Loricat13--Red/black kitty carrier with 2 doors for FFRC
Octavia & Friend--for the volunteers--2 bags dried mixed fruit, 2 bags Craisins, bag of Blue Diamond Almonds. For FFRC--20 cans of salmon, 3 cans clams, large can of chicken, 20 cans sardines
Cathy/svcathy & Scott with Mac, Angel, Lennie & Ladybug--Christmas Card. From Trader Joes--4 bags popcorn, English Toffee, Sees Candy, 4 bags Gummy Tummy Penguisn, shopping bag for Octavia with her picture on it!  Too Cute!
Wendilin-- note and a cat on the fence afghan, crocheted cream color hat with yellow flower & blue scarf, 2 bags Red Heart Yarn for Pat, can of Rocca peppermint & Butternut & Almond, 2 rolls Christmas Duct Tape, purple postie notes, pop tabs for Kellen & Box Tops for Caryn
Butterfly Class with MMAKKRE--note to Jacci, volunteers & Derecho--the class made Christmas Angels & Mice holding Candy Canesfor the tree and for the volunteers and kids. Lighted Painting for Derecho & Lorenzo of stars and a kitty. The stars represent MMAKKRE & the Teacher.  Box of cards for the Maine Hospital kids

Cards & Envelopes:
Ron & Cicely R--cards for Hannah, Hospital kids, volunteers, Christmas card for FFRC
Lillian M/Xenamolina from IL with her fur kids--Christmas card
Amanda--Happy New Year postcard
Barb W/KKat444 from IA with Saba and Smokey--Christmas card with note and donation
Susan C from Defiance--donation
Louis L from Paulding--donation in memory of Jack P
Andrea A from OH--Christmas card
Ann/Thursday volunteer--thank you card for gift and a thank you for the webcammer items
Linda S/Weyasmom--for Jimmy & jacci--an Octavia Christmas card
Cindy/Bubbles--donation for Jenna Rator
Janet--Christmas card
Anonymous Friend-pop tabs for Kellen & box tops for Caryn
Paris & Becky M from IN--donation in honor of Arden & Charmaine
Andrea/Peach63 & Lana from Germany--Bear Christmas card and post card with note
Anna S--note with donation
Elisabeth S from OH--donation

Norma G from NH--for FFRC
Beatriz B from Brazil--Merry Christmas & Happy New Year donation
jt2101/Jennifer T from MA---for a contribution for the quilt project
Hillary G from CO--for a Happy New Year
Larissa B--for FFRC
Mitty208--for FFRC in honor of the Comfort Family
Lynne W--for FFRC
Melissa D from VA--donation in memory of Jack P

We had a group of people who donated, in support for the quilt projec: jt2101/Jennifer T, Vixanna R from IL, Electra PA, catlvr14, KZNCO, Littleonemine, NYC-coco, Debra J, Ruth B, Yukitori 3, kittiesmom

We also had a group of people who donated to help bring the Chicago 5 kittens here and for their care:
Mary R from LA, Teresa B from NJ, beachkatz, anne-in-uk, Mary Elizabeth I from AZ, eaglewatcher, Elisabeth W from GA, KB_ld, Anna B from France

Please remember, if I ever forget a name, it's okay to e-mail me and let me know!

We also took in a new cat yesterday. Actually, she's a returned cat. A friend of mine had adopted Hazel in 4/10. Unfortunately she passed away last year and a care taker was to have her---a person that I knew and liked. Somehow, Hazel was placed with another family who didn't particularly want her. Thank goodness they brought her back yesterday. Her birthday is 5/23/09 and was just 7 weeks old when she first arrived. A really sweet, calm all white female! I'm glad she's back with us and we will find a new home for Hazel.

We had another adoption yesterday. Rian went to his new home. I've already seen a picture of him with his new kid-friends--looks like a happy group! 

My wish for each of you is a happy, blessed 2014! Enjoy this time, hug your family and pets and know that FFRC appreciates you!