Thursday, December 26, 2013

Thursday, December 26

What a busy day yesterday was for FFRC and a huge adoption day. Our 5-crew (Ernest, Alaska, Merlyn, Arden and Raza) of Deb's started their journey to Georgia. Yesterday afternoon they were safely in their hotel room to rest, relax, potty and eat. Deb has already sent some pictures and they truly do look relaxed on the bed. Today they will complete their journey to their new home. As terribly hard as it is to let our cats go, this is what our goal is. We want them to have their own family and home. This is an awesome home for them and I'm grateful for the opportunity to have this.   PS--just got pics from Deb--they look awesome this morning--all of them!

We also finally was able to get our "Grandma" adoption done. She wanted MiMis to be her lap cat, which I know MiMis will very happily comply. But Grandma was also worried about her being lonesome and really liked the look of Faraday. I put both cats and her in the back Thumper's Room. After about 20 minutes, the decision was made--Faraday goes too. The grandchildren are grown adults so we don't have to worry about children with Faraday. He has two moods--one is loverbug, other is "just let me be alone". Both moods are fine with Grandma and she already loves him. She'll keep us posted. I briefly showed both cats on the cam before I took them to Thumper's Room, but neither really wanted to smile for the cam! And that's okay! 

We also had another bit of good news! At our Christmas get together on Tuesday, I received a message from Curt and Connie (my friends and dear friends of Paul's). They told me that they had planned when Paul's 6 cats get down to two remaining cats, they would adopt them, no matter which ones it was! So, our sweet HoHos and Turtle will be moving in with Connie and Curt next week. I'm thrilled for this. They both already know their new mom/dad. I know Paul is beaming!

We had BOXES and ENVELOPES on Tuesday night.
Connie G had sent 6 boxes and we wanted to wait until all 6 arrived, which was Christmas Eve--so we opened them right up! Many thanks to Conii--I dearly appreciate you and your support.

Box #1-- 2 Cat Dancers, 3 Cardboard Bowl Beds, 4 Flannel Cat Blankets, 1 Pet stage Toy (for the BeaCH boys), 1 red super soft blanket (red), 1 Cat Bed

Box #2-- super soft blankets (red), 2 Cat Beds, 1 Big Bed

Box #3--10 Yeowww! Rainbow Catnip Toys (already passed out to cats in main area, porchies and covies), Lavendar Pillow/Kitty Pod for Jacci, 2 Bags of Coils, 4 Feather Toys, 3 squeak toys, 2 Christmas Catnip pads, Twinkle Chute Tunnel with lights

Box #4--Framed Drawing of Paul and Telo, drawn by Wanda   I LOVE this

Box #5--5 Party Mixes (Snackers), 4 Andes Peppermint Cream, 3 packs Oreos (Peanut Butter, Winter, Golden), 4 Packs M&Ms (Coconut, Peanut, Pretzel, Almonds)

Box #6--Bag of Beggin Strips, Bag od Pup-peroni, Keurig-48 pack.  4 different flavors

We also had Envelopes!
Lucytoons- card to FFRC Volunteers
Becky M--a wonderful letter about her two cats that were adopted from here. Thank you Becky--I loved reading this letter
Suzie- card, includes Day Sale Check
Ellen C from Utah-- card includes donation
Patricia M from IL (shomer5)--card includes donation
Suzanne C (Pinkybear)-- card, includes donation
Sonjamac from Ontario--card
Ron C from NY (cusecat2)-- card
Mark and Terry W from Indiana-- card includes Hoops stickers
Ken and Marlane J from NJ--card,  includes donation for feliz navidad fund.  They are the parents of Maxwell, Beartoe and Goose
John and Suzie S from GA (volspeach)-- card, includes donation for Jimmy and Lynette eating cat food
Suzanne P--card,  includes donation
Teresa S and Jean W from IL (TeresainIL) -- card, includes donation
Irene H from NC --card, includes MasterCard gift card.  Irene is 81 years old and takes care of many feral cats!
Vicky and Pat from Ohio--card, includes Amazon gift card.  They are Clarks parents
Doug and Linda C from Iowa (AutumnChild) -- card, includes donation
Norma B from Iowa --card, includes donation
Judy S- - card, includes Paw Points
Melissa W and Chris from PA--card
Elisabeth H from NJ (Abbackmom) - - card, includes donation
Dee- a volunteer who comes in on Tuesdays--card with picture of her on her birthday (beautiful!)
Kathy D and Joyce-- card, includes Visa Gift Card
Trudy S (from Bryan?)-- card, includes donation
Joan W and Richard S from Maryland--card

Jo Fuller from WI--paypal donation, in memory of her sweet Abby who crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge
Ingrid S from Netherlands--PayPal for Feliz Navidad Fund
Darryl A from Canada--PayPal in honor Leggy, for making beautiful doll outfits for her grandkids
CassieCat--a card and lots of postage stamps!

I know beyond a doubt that I have probably missed a donation and that means I've missed giving a thank you. Please, never hesitate to let me know. Just send me an e-mail! Also, other than a few orders we've gotten in the last 2 days and the mailings that went out on Monday and Tuesday, we are caught up on all orders. If you are missing yours, please let us know. We still have 1 wreath and 3 orders left from the last Day Sale that we haven't heard yet from the people who wanted them. Let us know if still interested! 

Did you see the Elves and Santa that was here yesterday? Yes, they were indeed here at FFRC yesterday! We honestly have the best people helping FFRC. So many came in yesterday to pitch in. I'm very grateful to each and every volunteer that we have. They are a wonderful bunch of caring, loving and compassionate people. 

I wanted to bring up a "touchy" subject. I know many of you wear earbuds while watching the webcam. That is perfectly fine, but it presents us with a little problem. We try very hard to keep some conversations off cam, for a reason. It's a bit disturbing to me when I see some of these conversations on the chat. Please, if you hear conversations that are meant to be private, be considerate enough to not put on the chat. We at times even go to Thumper's Room for discussions, but this is at times very inconvenient, so we sometimes talk very softly in the office. Just please be respectful of our privacy. The alternative is to turn the sound off more.  I'd like to  not have to do that!

Yvonne is one hungry and talkative cat. She is eating to make up for hungry days. Such astounding blue eyes she has. She looks directly at us and carries on a meow conversation! What a beauty! Little Miss Eltoe is coming along. While she didn't eat a good breakfast today, her appetite has definately picked up. Little DeLeon definitely has the FFRC tummy going on. What a purr box he can be! Anna Marie is busily grooming herself by my desk--she is so beautiful. Paddy Purr is also doing better--his appetite has picked up too. We know his eyes are always going to be scarred, but he does just fine! 

Zata was playing Princess of the Hill today. She likes to climb up high and act like she's a super big cat. What a charmer she is. Miata has claimed Kitty Campus Room has her area to be comfortable in. Emily and Allie are beautiful sisters--they are definitely becoming cuddlekitties! You might have noticed Pasha is still here. She will be going back with Hannah today now that their Christmas celebration is over. 

Saturday is going to be a fun day. We will have a BIG Box Time at 2:00, right here at FFRC. I don't know anything about the quantity of boxes, other than I asked if it was over 13 boxes and the answer was a big YES. So, it'll be fun, we'll have snacks here (so if you'd like to come, you are so welcome!!). However this Box Time turns out, please always know that I am so very grateful to each of you. You ALL are a vital part of what we do here at FFRC. 

The 5-crew just this morning! There's 4 of the 5 in this picture!!
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