Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thursday, December 12

We now have the Running of the Cats here in the Rescue Center. The laser light can get about 15 of them running and running and running. The funny thing is, on the cam, you cannot see the red dot, so it just looks like the cats are running amuck.  What fun! 

What an awesome day so far! We have had two adoptions already today, starting at 6:15 am. The first one to leave was little sweet Callen. That kitten has so much love to give--he can not get enough or give enough--it just oozes out of him! He went to a home of 5 people--lots of love to give. The second one was our wonderful Kukster! He went to a home with another young adult cat and a mom/dad. They already love him and Kukster sure did show that he likes them very much here at the center. Good news!

We had BOXES last night. We are so grateful for your support. 
CGcry--poptabs for Kellen, Chief tapes, Christmas card from Asha and 3 wood carved ducks for the Mail/Sale Room
AutumnKitty--5 bags snackers (Barnies, Covies, Porchies, Welcome Room, Center kitties)
Kikimycat from FL--24 Bic pens, variety of pens, papermate, felt tip pens, gel pens, etc., box of mechanical pencils, large Sharpies. Bunches of candy all individually wrapped for the volunteer candy drawer
Great Aunt Julie/tigercat54--4 extra yummy chocolate bars, peacock ornament for our tree, Cat Rules 2014 calendar
Fairview High School FCCLA class, teacher Jill S--4 big pillow cases made by the class
Anonymous Friend from cases appetizers Seabass & Shrimp
Hannah S & Family--day visitors to adopt Pasha--2-2014 calendars, HE laundry soap, case of Friskies
Phil & Judy--day visitors--case of Fancy Feast, case of plastic spoons, scratchers, cat snackers
clorox wipes
Conii with Elliott & Izabellah--large bag Royal Canin Indoor Adult, large bag Royal Canin Kitten, 2 cases Royal Canin can baby cat
Christopher & Stephanie from AL, in memory of mom's grey tabby cat--Christmas card, collapsable kitty bed, Prowlin Pals--fish with sound, variety bag of toys, other cat toys, 3 packages cat snackers
Barbara F from CA--2 bags Royal Canin baby cat dry
Anonymous Friend--Royal Canine baby cat dry, case of Tiki cans, case of 9-Lives and a case of Friskies
Asha (!) with a friend--Container of Yeowwww catnip and 1,000 plastic spoons
Elskates with Brigette, Natasha & Savanna--pictures of her beautiful kitties, donation for snackers
Louise D from TX--kitty Christmas card
Wayne and Kay/Bensam--Christmas card with donation
Karen B from Defiance--coupons & Chief Tapes
Elizabeth Z in memory of Linda B--donation
Roberta S from AZ--Christmas card (day sale payment)
Lynn & Vern/Michlynn from MI--Christmas card with donation
Larissa and Widdle made a beautiful card (all with FFRC cats) and a wonderful story to go with it--all in the nativity scene. It's really quite touching! Thanks to you both.

We also had some donations! We thank you!
Brian B from NY--PayPal donation
Mary B from TX--PayPal donation
Domingo F from Italy--PayPal donation
David W--donation from PayPal

Wanda, our beautiful artist friend also sent in another $200, for 4 more orders! You folks are keeping her busy!

Kiko is busily trying to bury a plate of food. He obviously doesn't like it. All the toys in a 7 foot circle are being pushed over to the plate and piled on top of the plate. Pania is sniffing and examining a spot of snow that came in on someone's shoe. Melia is licking the snow now! Turtle reached out to our visitor just now and patted him for attention. Meowzer is now trying to pull the toys off of the plate so she can have some lunch! These cats....always making me laugh! 

We took in a new kitten yesterday. She was an "I found her on my porch and don't want her" type of kitten. A real beauty. She's about 13 weeks old, black/white, so very thin. She's been tested, vaccinated and is starting on her way to having an FFRC belly! No name yet, but soon.

Our Christmas tree is up, or I should say upside down! We hung our upside down Christmas tree yesterday. It's beautiful. It has lights and ornaments. We had fun putting it together. The cats are worried though--how is Santa going to put Christmas presents around the tree when it's hanging from the ceiling? I told them not to worry! They've been good kitties and will get a special Christmas breakfast! 

All is well here. The kittens enjoyed watching the little bit of snow that we got, from the Kitty Kabana windows. We have those wonderful bird feeders there too so it's quite entertaining. 

Such a pretty girl--Emily.