Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday, December 6

Tomorrow is the day....our Day Sale! These are always fun for us here at the Rescue, very helpful as we apply this to our general fund/budget. The mods are ready--they are pros at this and I do believe they enjoy it too! And I hope you as viewers enjoy it too.

Remember at the Day Sale, we don't have any control over the ads.  Remember too to refresh your computers frequently.
* When you send in your PayPal or check,please always include your chat name.
* No regular chatting during the sale
* Only send PM's to the designated mods
* You must be logged in to put your "bid" in
* Can pay by PalPal, check or moneyorder. The sooner the money is in, the sooner we can send your     item!
* Have a pencil/paper handy. Jot down your "wins"--what it is you won and the letter/number on your item and the cost
* If you want a certain item to be sent to a particular person other than yourself or to be given to someone else, let us know by emailing Lynnette at
* Please be patient--we try our best to get everything right but that lag that we all have is sometimes frustrating. Just have fun and go with the flow! Thank you!

Our new little calico has a name. It is Zata (another Catathon name). She is doing much better today. She's a lucky little kitten to have survived a direct head roll with very minimal problems. She's made friends with little Miss Molly. They shared the heater this morning and I do believe Miss Molly was given a full half hour of sniffing from Zata. Miss Molly looked at her without taking any offense!

Shamballi was sleeping on the fourth tier of the kuranda tower--he is just doing awesome. He's slow going which is fine. Such a brave boy. Ernest continues to do well. Alaska spent some time with her brother this morning. Tomorrow is the big day for Ernest to get those tension sutures out. After that we will be able to let him out to cruise about. He will be so happy!

We had BOXES last night. It's unbelievable the care, support and kindness that you show FFRC.
Lois L/lannml--Royal Canin Baby cat canned food, Royal Canin Kitten dry food bag
Gloria C & Linda M from GA--donation from each, Christmas card, kitty napkin holders, 2 pretty kitty kitchen towels, kitty cartoon napkins
Mary H from Archbold--3 lb bag of Penses carmel corn--it's the best!!
Judy R from FL--sheet of stamps, 20 assorted appetizers, case of Fancy Feast Fish & SHrimp, 8 kitty note cards with envelopes
Susan H--2 cuddle toy pals, mylar balls and foam balls (kittens can get their teeth in these!)
Zsa Zsa & Kathy K/justme and Hamilton and Tootsie from IA--awesome bottle cap items!!  32 bottle caps with FFRC Nation, logo, and various cat faces.  13 keychains bottle caps with FFRC pictures, 25 bottle cap necklaces with kitties and pawprints and 77 bottle cap magnets with pics of FFRC kittens (we are going to figure out a great way to display and get these available to you all!!)
Great Aunt Julie/Tigercat from IA--case of Fancy Feast Grilled and a case of Weruva pumpkin & chicken
Madisonpepper--lots of Yeowwww catnip toys--pink cigars, blue cigars and bananas--big thanks from the cats
Catsownme/Cynthia H--box of medical supplies--alcohol and syringes with needles for meds
Pat the Volunteer--lavendar kitty pad--very pretty
Mazzy Mae & Rob--3 cases of 32 cans Friskies seafood
Widdletigger--5 boxes of Weruva--2 chicken/pumpkin, 2 tuna/lamb, 1 tuna/salmon
KimKost--box of most welcome office supplies
Deb/solitarydancer--thunder shirt for Ernest and a great mattress cat bed for Ernest, which he promptly took a nap on!
Gusti from German--"London" rug and a "Cutie" money box & egg cup
Anonymous Lurker--For Biata and babys-to-be--2 bags of Royal Canin baby dry food & 2 cases of Royal Canin Baby food
Mommymyrna from IN and Leggy--lots of blankies and catnip pads
Warped/Connie--sent things for Day Sale: catnip spiders, catnip Christmas stockings, Christmas coasters, potatoe bake bags--come see at the sale!
Janet B--sent some awesome Boyd's Bearstones figures--really nice pieces for Day Sale
Dawn & Jason from NC--Christmas card
Peggy K from NH--kitty card with sponsorship for Jonah
Kristy B from Defiance--Christmas card with donation
Holly Ann W from MI--birdhouse card with donation to Feliz Navidad fund in memory of Anna Marie
Irene/Ladydoc--donation for Jimmy in Tu-Tu
JoyceOH--donation to FFRC, in memory of her mom (I'm so sorry for your loss, Joyce)
Neil C from MN--donation to FFRC

Solee is forever on the hunt for the spring coil toys. She loves them! Will carry them around forever in her mouth--she must be watching Paddy Cake and Farrah. Merri has been experimenting with climbing. She can now safely climb up 5 levels on the Kuranda Tower. The look of accomplishment is pure joy to see. Whisk is laying beside Intrepid while he's sleeping. When Intrepid's tail moves, Whisk smacks it. I wonder how long until Intrepid wants to swat Whisk! Pasha just climbed by herself, into Dodger's Pen. She is simply amazing.

Camvie loves the dogs. When we leave the dogs in and out, she's the first to zip into the room with them. We let her stay there--she plays and naps with Janie. Janie loves her Camvie friend. Apache is sleeping by my desk, with a purple Beth-blanket draped over him. Last night the cats had a blast. They had their UPS brown paper everywhere--from one end to the other. They love it when they get this--their favorite toy!

Tabitha has built her paper towel nest up even more last night, plus she chewed up a roll of paper towel and has that in reserve--right beside her nest. This is definitely her favorite place to nap. I actually saw Rian sleeping at the top of the palm tree in the Kitty Kabana room yesterday. He seemed secure enough, so I didn't disturb him. He is so sweet. Wayne and Garth not only are brothers but very good friends. Always playing together.

Enjoy your day! It's a wonderful day to be with family, friends and your pets!

Taken just this morning! Can you believe it--both Octavia and Zelda in the same small basket. I do believe Zelda has a look of "I'm gasping for air" on her face!!  I love this pic!
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