Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Tuesday, December 24

Happy Christmas Eve day--a very blessed day. I would like to extend good thoughts to each of you--our FFRC Nation friends. Whether you are a volunteer, viewer, lurker, moderator, admin, fb friend, supporter--whatever your relationship is with FFRC--we appreciate you and am grateful for you. You help make us for what we are. Merry Christmas!

We had BOXES last night! Wow--your generosity is just awesome!
Jeannette B and her kitty gang! from TN--Christmas card, 7 cat snackers, Hoops n YoYo tote for Jacci, Gift for Hannah, case of Appetizers & 2 boxes of Chocolate covered blueberries for the volunteers
Gusti from Germany--for August, Jackson and friends--bag of Purina One kitten and 2 cases of Fancy Feast kitten
Plee9 from KS--Christmas card, pop tabs for Kellen, coupons, bag of catnip, great books to share!
Arden & Charmaine--4 cases Appetizers, case of Fancy Feast grilled, case Friskies Foil packets
Cassie & Wayne B from CA--2 cases of English Breakfast Tea K-cups--love that tea!
Hannah, Connie & Pasha--gift card from Walmart, 4 large cans of CHicken, case of 32 Friskies Pate
Jim & Debbi with Georgia Cat--rug for Covies, 4 packs of folded potty bags, ring toys, HUGE bags of about 50 toys for the kitties, HUGE bag of toys for Camie & Janie, 2 kitty blankies, sardine dish, 4 cans salmon, 6 cans sardines, lots of candy/popcorn/cookies for Volunteers, K-Cup Apple Cider, band aids, 2 bottles Holiday soft soap, stickers, 2 pairs snuggly Jammies for Jacci!
Lorenzo and his Buddy--case of 9-Lives variety, case of Appetizers, case of Friskies Pate & big bag of Precious Cat Litter
Mary H, volunteer from Archbold--2 boxes Planters salted nuts, 2 inch tape, band aids
Kim R from CA--4 packages hot/cold cups with lids, 3 containers Clorox Wipes
Tammy P/BellaBell from PA--Christmas card for Miss Marti and friends, crocheted bed for Miss Marti, 10 appetizers, 4 packages snackers, licorice (black!) and hard candy
Pat/cathouze & Ellen/furkitty from FL--Christmas card and note, kitty snackers, 5 bags ginger snaps for farmyard pets, doggie nail clippers, vaccum for Kitty Kastle (love the color!), gourmet chocolate covered popcorn, gift for Molly, individual boxes of chocolates for volunteers, back scratchers, 3 Chicken Soup books, 2 inch tape, 2 boxes surgical masks and a price labeler
Ellis & Barb I from Defiance--donation to FFRC
Janet S from IA with Harley& Toby--kitty Christmas card and donation for Feliz Navidad Fund, 2 fresh step coupons and pics of Harley & Toby
Donia/wickedwings with Juby and the furry gang--juby paw print card with a wonderful letter
Jacksmom--Kitty Christmas card
Janice C from PA--Snowman Christmas card with note
Glynette from CA--Snowman Christmas card with note & donation
Cheri & David S--Christmas card
Cecil & Jackie U from OH--Christmas card with donation and pics of TyWye & Ajax (ffrc cats)
Betz from PA--Christmas card with coupons 
Hannah in IN--our special friend--Christmas card with donation and a beautiful picture of Hannah Girl!
Nancy R from SC--Christmas card with donation
Janice & Michael S from OH--kitty Christmas card and donation in the name of Mark & CHeryl S
D'Lee--donation for Jackson & Jackson and for spiders
Jodeann87 from MI--Kitty Christmas card and note
Christine & Sly from CO--Family Christmas card with fur kids
From Santa--lovely gifts for Kathy R and girls
Dave & June H--visitors, adopted Birka 2 years ago--paper towels, bleach, cookies !, cat toys and a case of Fancy Feast
Jessie & Wes W from Ney, OH--2 cases of can food
Lori N from NE--paypal donation, in honor of Joyful (Joyful gets to help decide how to use it!)
Matthew L from FL--paypal donation to FFRC
Janet A--donation in memory of Honey and Wella
Fedorova E from Russia--paypal donation to FFRC
Erin M from PA--donation thru paypal for FFRC
Sophie E from Sweden--donation for FFRC thru paypal
Fergiesguardian/Sue H--a gift card for Amazon.com! 

Sweet Yvonne is now up in the Main Area. She's gone to the back door twice now to go back by herself to the front Thumper's Room for a little nap. While I was getting her breakfast today, she meowed 68 times! Yes, I counted them! What a talker she can be. She is a doll--super loving. 

Our 5-crew cats are now ready for their big trip to join Deb's family. She will be arriving soon (about noonish) to see her kitties! They will be leaving tomorrow morning early. What a wonderful opportunity for these 5 cats. They've had their nails trimmed and their ears cleaned and their health records are ready! 

We had another adoption this morning also. Poppy went to her new home. She is going to be one very much loved on kitten! We also have a confirmed hold on MiMis--the long hair calico cat that belonged to Paul! She will be going to a home where there's a "grandma" that will rock her and watch TV and our webcam with MiMis! 

Today the last of the sutures for Miss Eltoe will be removed. Her incision looks good. We already removed the sutures from her lip. Looks like everything is healing nicely. Two super ornery cats! One is Hankster--oh my garsh. Love this boy! He loves breakfast time and is helping everyone eat their food! What a joy he is! And then there's Cachel. Some days I think there's 10 of him! He's here, there and everywhere! Love him to pieces. What fun these two boys are! And then there's George. He's decided this week that we are all his trees! What an awesome cat he is. 

Little DeLeon is feeling better. We've been working on his ear twice a day. Solee has been practicing climbing the Kuranda Towers! I swear she has a smile on her face when she gets at the top! Dovie has been very much enjoying the birds at the feeders this week. She'll spend hours on the cat walks watching outside. 

All is fine here. Have a wonderful Christmas. Enjoy your family, friends and pets!