Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thursday, December 5

Next week our upsidedown Christmas tree will go up! We received this as a gift last year and we love it! It'll be secured to the ceiling and decorated. No danger for the cats!

Ernest had his surgery on Tuesday and came home soon afterwards. His incision is 7 1/2 inches long--it's a doozy. Here's the scoop--Dr. Darcy was very aggressive in the tissue that was removed. She ended up taking 5 cm's top and bottom and 4 cm's side to side. She marked all margins very carefully. This way if one of the tissue reports come back unclean, she will know exactly where it came from and can remove it. She is feeling very good about Ernest. If all margins come back negative, she feels we will be in the clear. He's on antibiotics and soreness meds. The tension sutures will be removed Saturday and the rest in 10 days from surgery date. He's doing awesome. That boy is determined to beat this! He's eating great. we wait. We may possibly get the report back on Saturday. I'll give him kisses and hugs from all of you!

Walter had his 1st birthday yesterday. Betz had us bring in a birthday cake for the volunteers in honor of Walter. He also received a case of Evo that will be shared at breakfast times. Walter is also sporting a new collar from Betz. It's a superman collar because he's a super boy! He now has his GPS on his collar along with an ID tag, bell (he's the only one with a bell) and a superman charm, representing his superness!  He's really one special cat-friend!

We will have BOXES tonight! Because I missed the last two nights, let's start BOXES at 5:30! Sounds like fun to me!

We have some thanks to give because we are appreciative. 
Ken K--PayPal donation to FFRC
Diana B--donation--part for Jimmy's Tu-Tu show and also for a big box of candy (to be opened on Saturday) in celebration of our 9 million cam views!
Pat & Ron C (adopted Mirage 6 years ago)--donation for FFRC and Christmas goodies (she makes the best Buckeye candy!)
Ginger H--donation to be used however needed
Bonnie, Dave and Michael M--donation for the Generator Fun
Kelly F--donation to FFRC for Giving TUesday!
Pat/CatHouze & Ellen (Furkitty)--donation to sponsor Farrah and also from their Amazon and Ebay sales. 

This Saturday is our Day Sale. It will start at 11:00 am (ffrc time). There will be leggydews, catnip pads, scarfs (different varieties), winter hats, beautiful jewelry, potatoe bake bags, Christmas gorgeous hot pads, Christmas warped coasters, Christmas catnip toys, Fenton glass cat figurines and lots and lots more! Remember you will need to be signed on to put your name in on an item.

Want to have some Christmas fun for children? We have just found out that the Maine Children's Cancer Center has our FFRC kittycam up for the kids and parents to view! I understand it's bringing joy to them which makes us very happy to bring a smile to them. We would like to send Christmas cards to the children from FFRC.  If you'd like to join in please do! Here's all you need to do:
Send a kid's Christmas card, signed with your chat name OR your first name only  from FFRC (like Kissycat of FFRC), do not include any gifts (cards only), can add a little note.  Send it to FFRC very soon with Attn: Maine Cancer Center for Children on the envelope anywhere. That way I will know it's for the children. We will gather them up and send them well in time before Christmas, but we need to get busy on this now.  I appreciate your help with this project. Bless these children.

Remember if you'd like to participate in the FFRC quilt project, your 7 by 7 inch quilt squares need to be sent in and received by December 31.  There is no skill or sewing needed! Just two squares of 100% cotton are all that is needed by you. You can send in plain fabric, cat themed, a sewn appliqued square or something that represents your country. This is turning into such a fun project that virtually EVERYONE in the FFRC Nation can participate in! There will be two quilts made that will be auctioned off sometime in Feb.  If you have questions or for information, check out FFRC' facebook chatters' page or can email Jo Ann at    Fun, fun!

All is fine here at FFRC. The cats are healthy for which I'm extremely grateful for. They're happy and so enjoy life! Rian is growing. Miss Molly gained another 1/2 ounce. PJ, our new grey cat from Phil and Judy was adopted by the vet tech at the vet clinic where he went for his neuter. It was a great connection! I understand that Juby and Venus are adjusting well to their new homes. Callan cannot get enough TLC--what a charmer he is. Keeley is now a professional wheel runner! George is a super purrer. Pania can sniff a treat anywhere! Shamballie was laying with a coil toy this morning. 

There's a song I like that can apply to our cats and kittens! I told the cats today that our love never fails, never gives up, never runs out on them. We are committed to them. We can apply that to our family, friends and pets! 

Remember BOXES at 5:30 tonight.

Turtle--a beautiful girl!