Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tuesday, December 10

What a glorious day we had yesterday! Ernest biopsy reports came back clear--nothing, nada, a-ok! The lab report said that the vet took a very safe and wide margin of tissue away and none of the edges show any bad cells. They even went so far as to say he "is cured"!!  What wonderful news. So, I immediately called Deb B and told her the news. Now we could talk about her family cat crew! Her home is now cat-free and she's ready once again to have a cat family! So, five is a good number for her to have. She will take awesome care of them and they will be well loved and cared for. The five that she'll take? Well, that would be Ernest, Alaska, Raza, Merlin and Arden.  Did I say Raza?!  Yes! Raza too. And Raza can be who she wants to be with Deb--herself!

Today started extra early as we had 3 kittens leaving for the airport. Connie D and Angie left this morning with Keeley, Camilla and Sasha in tow--in 2 soft sided crates. They are right at this moment, very close to their destination--Portland Airport in Maine. Courtney is waiting for them to pick up her kittens! Later this afternoon, Angie and Connie will fly back home. Another wonderful home where they will be loved forever!

We had BOXES last night! I am very grateful for your help.
Kikimycat--2 pkg FFRC Christmas cards, 9 cards for Volunteers to send to the hospital kids, 20 Christmas cards for volunteers to send out, Hannah card and 1,000 plastic spoons
Ruth B--card for Hannah
Aunty Fi--green laser bird for Cozarelii  He loves it!
Laura/medic 101--2 cases Fancy Feast
Vicki/vikniki from FL--card with donation, For the Day Sale: 3 glass kitty candle holders and 3 kitty photo frames
Caren F--case Friskies pate, case large cans Friskies pate and a case Friskies Salmon Senior
Nancy/Kerswill with Amber & Domino--letter from Amber, very cute wicker bed for kitties in Thumper's Room, kabana ball, cosmic catnip bomb toy, giant rat, spring toys, 6 pillow cases, Friskies snackers, 3 cat snackers, 3 Meow Mix for Octavia, 5 appetizers, salmon, tuna and sardines, doggie snackers, 2 boxes K-cups Apple Cider and Chocolate, calendars for volunteers, Kleenex, Bounce, white envelopes, 2" tape.  Also 3 beautiful afghans that cam from an estate sale. a Ripple, Granny square/circles and a stripe--all are so pretty
Kiwi--2014 calendar from NZ
Cindy & Tony from IL--card with note and donation
Pat C from OH and kitties--card with check for Day sale
ArdenadnCharmaine --Christmas card with donation for medical expenses
Rovilla B from OH--picture of her kitty on his leggydew and Christmas cards
Isabella H from FL with Bud & Bits--Christmas card
Phyllis B/kittiesmom--cards for variety of people, spartan labels, box tops for Caryn and Christmas card for FFRC
Wendilin--lots and lots of wonderful fabric for Angie
Vivienne R from WI--paypal donation to FFRC
Aunty Gusti--donation for Mayor Anony's birthday and a donation to supply drinks for surgery day

We took in a new kitten yesterday. He's a handsome black tiger, about 14 weeks old. He's very thin and has some skin issues. I believe he was tossed from a car. He has the obvious "pizza face"--with a large portion of his upper lip gone from injury. He also had a tooth that was just hanging there which was already removed. His front leg is not a functional leg--apparently the nerve there has been severed by the impact. There's no fixing something like that. If left on, these are the kind of legs that are dragged about until the skin opens and can become a constant source of infection. The leg is literally non usable. If Dr. Darcy feels he is healthy enough on Saturday, we will have it removed. A very happy boy who can sure purr. His name is Hark (in honor of Christmas).

Happy Birthday to Mayor Anony! He is now 3 years old. Anony arrived when he was just 11 months old. He's a very handsome flamepoint cat. It's been just a little over a year since he's been voted in as Mayor of the Cat's Cove. He wears that title well and has made big strides for his Covies. They now get more treats, fresh toys all the time and extra winter heater beds! Happy day to you, Mayor!

Mayor Anony