Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sunday, December 29

Yesterday was a superb day for FFRC!  Friends arrived--one of our favorite things to have happened! Then people came in and cleared out the whole main area of the rescue center in preparation of our Christmas Box Day! Wow--little did I know what was really going to happen! At 2:00, we were then asked to go out onto the parking lot for the arrival of Santa and his Elf! While waiting, we suddenly heard a horn beeping and beeping, getting closer and closer. Then a decorated, big U-Haul turned into the parking lot with Santa driving and an Elf in the front seat! Low and behold--when the back door was opened, it was FILLED with gifts and boxes for the Rescue Center. Joy, joy!! 

We started about 2:15 to open boxes. While I was told "there are at least 13 boxes", there were a whole lot more than that! There were 206 boxes! They were in a very long, wide line in the Rescue Center. We also had a batch of envelopes to open too! It was unbelievable--I was totally in awe of what was presented. 

We had so much fun. Friends were here to help. "Jobs" were passed out. It was so organized and so so wonderful! We laughed, had some tears of gratitude and kept on opening more boxes! What joy was here. You all amaze me and truly inspire me to be a better person. You make a huge impact on FFRC and myself.  I am grateful for each and every box and envelope. 

We received can food, dry cat/kitten food, cleaning products, gift cards, paper towels, TP, toys, tushy/face wipes, cat litter, kitty snackers, volunteer snackers, cushie beds, paper plates, rugs, syringes, lysol/clorox wipes, so so many items! My heart is full of thanks! I hope you don't mind that I am not listing the individual donations, as I was given a gift and told that it was not necessary to do so! Please know in your heart though, that I am extremely grateful. 

A special thanks to Angie and Bill and Goss for all the work that you did in organizing this event. I am indebted to you. Many thanks too for all the people that came to join in our joy of the day! Our cabinets, shelves and drawers are full. What a safe feeling that gives to me!

Another bonus part of yesterday is that our Chicago-5 kittens arrived from FatCat Rescue. They are so full. Our friend and viewer, Xena is a volunteer there. She had sent me video clips of this particular litter a few weeks ago. I had told her at that time, if they need help with them, let us know. She called me and then had Mary Kay the director of FatCat call here on Friday. Plans were quickly made--Denae, of Chicago and chatter friend--offered to get them and bring them here yesterday! And we also received some PayPal donations to help cover her gas mileage. You, our viewers, have been totally supportive of this event and I am thankful for that.

The Chicago-5 arrived, a bit timid, a bit lonesome for their mama. They were given a capstar, wormer and canned food and told to rest up from their trip while we were doing boxes. But, first, we tested them and they are negative! We are grateful for the chance of taking care of them. THere are 3 boys and 2 girls and will have names soon. Thanks to Denae, Xena and Mary Kay for your part in this.

And then we had pizza! Actually, it looked like a buffet in the Mail Room--food galore! Such a wonderful, grateful and happy day. I wish for you an equally wonderful day!