Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wednesday, December 18

I am so grateful. Grateful that Elizabeth and Angie are home safe and sound. Grateful that we have the two CH brothers under our care. Grateful for another new little gold baby.

Angie and Elizabeth got back to FFRC about 2:00 am last night/early morning. What a long day for them but they did have the pleasure of a few hours in the sun and on the beach! They returned with our two CH boys. We fed them, they pottied, we showed them to the cam (took the cam into the Thumper's Room) and then turned the light off for them to catch up on their sleep. But first, they were told that they were safe forever, would never want for food, would always be clean and have soft things to lay on and will have love galore. I do think they understood.

This morning, they received their baths and names! The black/white kitten is now known as Jackson and the grey tiger/white is now known as August (both after cities in Florida). Their birthday is 7/4/13. They've already been tested, wormed, first vaccinations done and their first physical. They both use the wide stance walk. August has quite a few tremors to his face. Both enjoy a head rub and can purr! Later today or tomorrow they will move up to June's Room so we can get to know them better. Welcome to Jackson and August!

We also took in a new kitten this morning. He's about 10 weeks old. He will have a name soon. He was found by a person yesterday, caked in snow chunks on his legs and tummy.  Poor fella had to be wading in the snow. His eyes were pasted shut and he has a very mild URI. This kind lady who found him took him to a vet who treated him and sent home antibiotics and eye drops for him. So, he's now here and we'll finish his care and then find an indoor home for him. There's one problem with him--he purrs so loud and so much that it's hard to listen to his chest! What a doll he is! 

I would like to tell you about Wella. Some of you, I understand already know. Little Wella passed away on Monday. A very sad happening. Peggy has been caring for little Wella since she was just a few days old. Peggy is the best foster mama in this whole wide world. She loves these babies and is extremely good at giving love and care to these wee ones. It's unsure what exactly happened to Wella.  One minute she was playing, the next minute she collapsed. Nothing could be done. She passed away even before she arrived here. I will tell you all what I told Peggy--if she was destined for a short life, I'm very grateful she had this short life with Peggy. 

Isn't the joy of seeing a child interact with the kittens wonderful? I love seeing the cats and kittens thru their eyes--their excitement. Most of the children that visit are so sweet and kind to the cats. The cats learn they can be happy with these little people.  It's also fun to see the interaction of the dogs with the cats. We leave the top of the dog's door open and the cats frequently jump in and spend time with the dogs. 

Little Miss Eltoe is doing a bit better. We are still syringe feeding her but she is also doing a little eating on her own! Hark is doing awesome--he's running around and keeping up with all the kittens. He is a joy and so so happy. Miss Molly now weighs 1.13--she's gaining! All is fine with our FFRC world!