Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday, December 15

Yesterday was our surgery and physical day. A very good day. Dr. Darcy made it in even with all the snow! We had 4 cat spays: Miata, Miss Marti, Emma Joe and Sadler.  We had 6 cat neuters: Apache, Rian, Sunny, Hark and 2 boys that belong to a volunteer. We also did a volunteer's dog. All is fine. 

Apache had his 2 little claws (his extra ones on front feet) removed. These are the polydactyl toes. The toes are still there, but that toenail is gone. This will prevent these two claws from ever piercing his foot pad--a nasty, painful thing. He will be adopted today by Angie and Bill. 

Miata is now spayed! She was NOT pregnant. Actually what prevented a good feel to her tummy area is because she had a fair amount of adipose (fatty) tissue!! Sure made us laugh. And then when we surgically shaved her tummy we saw a definate scar of a past surgery, which we thought was probably a spay. But, we needed to make sure. It turned out she was still intact so the spay was completed. Mystery solved!

Hark did awesome, although he had 3 parts surgically worked on. His bottom end (he was neutered), his middle (leg removed) and his chin (scrubbed, trimmed and sutured together). He spent the night in a pen but was out and about this morning. Hark is a lovebug--rubs and rubs on 2-leggeds and 4-leggeds to get attention! What a charmer! He looks good and is feeling good.

Then Dr. Darcy did the physicals:
Ernest--looks awesome, incisional area healing nicely--all is good
Alaska--has a very small dermal freely movable lump on neck--is benign and nothing to worry about.
Camvi--right eye remains the same
Cozarelii--good physical, has upper top left K-9 tipped off from hitting it
Derecho--good physical, has upper both K-9 teeth tipped off from hitting it
Faraday--physical good, lightly sedated so we could do his second leuk/FIV test (negative), caught him up on vaccinations, shaved his hiney area and brushed him till he shined!
Merlyn--physical good
Arden--physical good
Raza--physical good, noticed how nice her fur is
Miss Mollie--checked rear fractured leg which is in the process of healing. When she is 2 pounds or so we will do another x-ray. The positioning of this fracture isn't the best, but time will tell what we will do after the x-ray. In the meantime, she's now running around like a silly girl! 
Paddy Purr--will switch eye meds. In January, if not a marked improvement, will have a scraping done of eye to send to lab to check out the tissue. He is eating pretty good right now!
Ponia--physical good, eye appears to be the same

All in all a very good day. It's so wonderful to have that back Thumper's Room available for quarantine space and for our surgery room when needed.  Many thanks to Joyce D for the pizza lunch--tasted so so good! Big time thanks too, to Beth for the wonderful monitor for the cats. We used the pulse, EKG yesterday. We'll keep learning more how to use it. It was such a peace of mind to have that "beep-beep-beep" going yesterday! 

We had BOXES Friday night. We are grateful for your help.
Belinda F/Dawn30NC--donation and a wonderful Christmas clock that plays music
Jill H/nibbiesmommy from NZ--cards for Hospital kids
Kelly R/littleonemine--treats for the volunteers--lots of different candies to share!
Sweetpea--Christmas card with note
Judy & Jay from NJ--Kitty card and donation in honor of volunteers
Dawn926 & Carol/Grubbcarol & Bob--6-12 oz. bags of Royal Canin Kitten, 2-12 oz bags of Royal Canin spay/neuter dry, 2 cases Royal Canin baby cat, case of Sheba, Evo cans, Evo dry kitty food, Bonito flakes, cat snackers, coil toys, nibbler toys, Christmas plates (big/small), cat nip, 3 Thunder shirts, 2 small e collars, new collar with tags for Lorenzo, 2 furminators, nail clippers, 2 slicker groomers, Frontline spray, 2 stainless food bowls, eavy duty dog bones, doggie snackers, lots of office supplies, 3 beautiful rocks: amber, lapis & amathyst, Peanut Butter pretzels for Steve, black licorice, smartie candy canes for volunteers and candy, 2 HP laser jet printer cartridges 12A, lots of good pens

I've heard from VIxanna, who is working on the quilt project. Some donations have been given to her to help with the expense of this project, but now with the 2 new CH kittens coming here, she would like to donate that money back to FFRC and cover the Quilt Project herself. So very nice of you. So, these people need to be thanked for their donations: ElectraPA, Nadine C, Catlvr14, Kay B, Littleonemine, NYCcoco, Debra J, Ruth B, yukitorti3, kittiesmom.  So very nice of you. 

We have also received some donations for which we are thankful:
Kmergen--donation to help with trip to Florida to get the new kitties
Amanda K from NY--donation to FFRC
Jo Ann C--donation to help the CH kitty trip
DeEtte--a donation to go towards the trip to pick up the CH kitties
Pat/cathouze & Ellen/furkitty--donation to help with taking on two more CH cats
Ruth B from TN--donation to help with the travel of CH kitties
Pat & Ellen--donation to help get volunteer kitties neutered and for the Feliz Navidad fund
Anonymous Friend--to help with Ernest's surgeries
Wanda E, of $200 for 4 more orders!!
Maria L from NY--donation to FFRC
Gusti--donation for Happy Birthday to Shamballie
Eugenia S from Russia--donation to FFRC
Eric B from Japan--donation to FFRC
Arden & CHarmaine B--donation to help with trip to Florida to get the 2 CH kitties

By now you may have heard that we are going to add to our CH family. There are 2 CH brothers who need help in Florida. They have already beat the odds. The park they were dumped at normally have a 1 out of every 3 adults that are dumped, are usually dead within the first 72 hours. It was confirmed on Friday that FFRC will have the privilege of giving them a home. So, they are now safe in the fenced in back yard of the rescue people that helps this particular park. Many thanks to FabuStrikesAgain, an FFRC viewer that started this rescue in motion. Angie and Elizabeth are the 2 volunteers that will be heading to Florida on Tuesday to pick up the brothers. My deep thanks to them. 

Do we HAVE to add on to our CH family?  No.  Do we NEED to?  No.  Do I WANT to? Yes. Ever since Derecho has arrived, my heart has been with the need to help CH cats. Of course, I love all the cats, but I have definitely felt that tug towards the CH cats. I thank you all for the support shown in the last 2 days of our taking on two more kittens that need help. This means a lot to me.

Also as many of you may know there are a few people "out there" who continue to be negative about decisions made at FFRC as to what cats we may take in. My question is--why?  We work our bodies hard here taking care of things. We give our hearts to what we are doing. We are deeply involved in helping cats. Why criticize me because of a decision I make? Is it because it's a different  decision then what you would've made? That's ok--we're all different, but let me make my own decisions without feeling your wrath.  I would prefer no more comments made on this subject. The reason is this: I REFUSE to let anyone take the JOY away from me in regards to this Rescue Center. I love what we do here and I will always give my best. We have the best supporters, viewers, mods, admins, chatters in the world and I dearly appreciate your positive impact on us. Be with us in a positive way. So, let's let this subject be done. I'm going to have a great day, because that's what we do here! Thank you.

A friend gave me this quote today and I love it:
You don't need to defend.
You don't need to prove.
You just need to BE. 

Camvie--a very sweet kitten.