Friday, December 27, 2013

Friday, December 27

Oh my goodness--I could see a bit of the floor this morning at breakfast time! Normally it's very very full of cats and kittens. We have had 23 adoptions so far this month. A joyous thing! We had another adoption yesterday. Our wonderful Cashel went to his new home to be with another kitten his same size/age. They are going to rock and roll that house! 

Tabitha has been very busy building her nest up again with paper towels. We used some of her nest this week, so that encourages her to freshen her nest! She works very hard at this! Remember, she received a whole case of her very own paper towels, so we need to let her do her "thing"!

We finally were able to get a 24 x 36 cabinet in the Kitty Kabana Room, Kitty Campus Room and in the front purple office. They are now securely on the walls to hold the particular laundry for each room. The girls put the butterfly designs in Kitty Campus Room. Orange and yellow items go in the Kitty Kabana and purple things go in the front office cabinet! It's nice to have a clean place for the laundry instead of placing them on shelves! 

Emma Jo is feeling great! Her little cold she had upon arrival is now gone. She's active and much friendlier. She is right now playing with pipe cleaners and will not share! They're all hers! Miss Marti is of course on my wrists. Why this sweetie likes this so much is interesting to me! I saw Zata go up to Remison, swat his tail, turn and run as fast as she could! She's an instigator! 

We had BOXES last night! I so appreciate the thoughtfulness and the generosity shown.
Anonymous Friend--spring toys and Christmas toys
Bonnie & BIll D with Gallant, Guinness, GIngersnap, Emmie and Calypso/Smudge--Christmas card from Galland and family with a gift card from Gallant for Pet Supply Plus, shortbread cookies--delicious and some where shaped like Gallant the Lion! and a beautiful Willow Tree wall hanging with the name of "Comfort" on it
Beth/eaglewatcher--2 boxes K-cups dark chocolate hot cocoa, 2 boxes of different kinds of Apple Cider
Octavia--with friend Jennaraab-- Box of Meow Mix cups Shrimp
Another Octavia Box!--2 bags Smokehouse Blue Diamond Almonds, 4 big Kit Kat bars, 2 Hershey Symphony with toffee chips, 5 Mr. Goodbars, 4 spatulas, 2 cans clams, 24 large Chicken of the Sea Tuna
Sheila/oilsandsgirl--All from Trader Joes (extra yum goodies!)--8 bags chocolate covered potato chips, 2 bags Pretzels slims, 4 boxes of coal peppermint candy, 40 individual bags Omega Trek Mix, 2 boxes Candy Cane Joe Joe's, 2 boxes mini gingerbread men cookies, 5 bags milk chocolate chips and 24 cans salmon
Jennifer S from OH & Wendy H from IN (day visitors)--litter, scoops, blankie, toys, cat scratcher, beds, Kickeroos & snackers, paper plates, Dawn liquid soap, Laundry soap HE 
Dawn926--for the 2 new BeaCH kittens--collars: black/white for Jackson, tiger/white for August--both have name tags and phone nuymbers. Also 2 kitty condor cat nip cuddlers for them--already been playing with them!
Mike M who adopted Cashel yesterday--paper towles, TP, rubbing alcohol, windex and zip lock bags
Buddy & Mimi from FL--coupons
Selky Blue & Misty Mae from Canada--my two siamese friends!-- Christmas card with donation for Pania and friends. Also from their house friend Maggie Mae and mama Cindy
H from TX--postcard with a horse! 
Teresa R from FL--PayPal for FFRC
Nigel W from UK--PayPal for FFRC

I'd like to give a special thank you to Mary D from PA. When my daughter Caryn and Kellen went to PA for Kellen's hospital visit, they always visit with Mary. She sent home with her to give to FFRC, a beautiful framed portrait of Putter. It's gorgeous and of course is done by our artist friend Wanda. Thank you Mary and Wanda--I deeply appreciate this. 

Sheriff Putter is doing wonderful. He loves to sit on the couch with Steve and he'll join me for breakfast every single morning. He comes, sits down, stares at me and then I pick him up and put on the couch where he continues to stare! His blue eyes are dazzling. I just pet and pet him! 

We took in another new kitten yesterday. This little kitten is about 10 weeks old and was outside and was brrr-y cold. It's a female, grey tiger with flecks of white here and there on her. She is in pretty good condition--just a bit hungry, a bit thin and lots of purrs to give! Her name is Piet, another Catathon name. 

We also took in another cat last week. She is a returnee. An unfortunate "product" of divorce--where neither side could keep the cat. Her name is Kerri Kat. Her birthday is 4/15/08. She was a kitten when she had first arrived here and has been with the same family this whole time until now. She looks like a big Poppy cat. She will be up here in the Main Area very soon.

We had another adoption this morning. Tatiana went to her new home. There is a little girl in this home who is ever so sweet and she so loves the cats. I think she will be very happy there. I've heard from Deb again this morning in regards to the 5-crew. Sounds like all is well. Raza is doing amazingly well. Ernest. The pictures that we've received looks like they are all happy and content already. I'm so thankful

Remember--2:00 tomorrow (Saturday) is our Christmas Box Opening Day! I'm so looking forward to this and seeing what exactly has been going on! Sounds like fun to me and a big help for FFRC. We have pizzas ordered for about 4:00 tomorrow, compliments of Joyce D.  We'll also have hot chocolate to drink and just have some fun! Come join us on the cam!