Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sunday, December 22

Three more days until Christmas! The cats are getting excited! They know more turkey is coming! And they are thankful for this season of love and friendship. I even saw Octavia share a packet of shrimp today--now, THAT is a miracle right there!

All is well here at the Rescue Center. We also had another adoption! Sadler went to his new home. I've heard from them already and sounds like it's a wonderful bond that's already happened. This is what we love to hear!

As you probably already know, we lost our Chandini directly after her surgery on Friday. Apparently there were some abnormalities in the abdomen which ended up being a factor. These kind of sad events kinda knock the sails from us, but it's part of what happens at a Rescue. Her time here was very short, but during that time, she was well fed, had a heater, was clean and had lots of loving. So....we carry on and will keep on loving them as they arrive. Give your pets a hug--life is never a certain thing. 

We had BOXES last night! I so enjoyed it. And I so appreciate you all
Carla/Beachkats - OR--  Lifesaver Dolls for Vols and kids made by Carla
Karen C - KS--  Kitty xmas card Pawket money w/Donation,  Sheet of stamps, roll of 2" tape, Bag of Kit Kats, 2 Reeses pb cups,  Party Mix snackers, 5 cans FF, 4 cans sardines
Marilyn S/Madisonpepper - NJ  w/ Serena, Madison, Pepper, Christmas & Michael, Kitty card w/ note,  lots of wrapping paper, Simply Nourishing chicken & salmon stew,  5 Newman's Own Organic, 2 Fussy Cat, 2 Royal Canin, 13 Weruva
Great Aunt Julie/Tigercat54 - IA-- 2 cases FF kitten turkey
Lillian D - VA w/ Kitty Kathy, kitty Christmas card w/Donation, Santa Helper towel for KK,  Victorian Kitty doll for Jacci,  3 rolls peace ribbons, blue and red satchel, lanyard, coupons,   2 peace blankies, 4 magnetic note pads
Hannah - made Jacci a bracelet
Dave S -  2 lg bags Purina One Tuna
Maryann O/merry_marvin - CA --Christmas card,  Kitty Stocking full of toys,  Box 48 ball point pens,  Books:  Jingle cats w/CD, The Day Tiger Rose Said Goodbye, 2 Wonders of Learning Guide to Caring for  companion kitties, For Kitties & Helpers:  Sticky notes,  Sharpies,  12 cans FF, toys, licorice, 3 Werthers, spiral licorice,  First Aid Kit,  Kitty & doggie snackers
Liz G/Naturelover - TX--Thermal Aid Elephant for heating or cooling, Senses Comfort Zone, Master Card gift card,  Andes pepermint chocolates,  Bag of Ghirardelli chocolates variety,  Bag of Dark Kisses, Milk Choc Kisses & Marshmallows,  4 boxes of hot chocolate
Aunty Julie -Christmas card,   From Magenta and friends-- Santa hat bed,   5 sheets stamps,   3 (GC"s)  Magneta,,  3 oxes cat grass,   10 Jumbo bags Party Mix Snackers,  16 cans sardines,  4 lg ball toys,   2 doggie busy bones,   3 big bags pop tabs for Kellen  Homemade:  rum balls, treasure cookies, bar cookies and banana bread  Box of decorated cookies for Jaccis grandkids
Lucy O/Lucy Toons - UK  Christmas card, stickers for Hannah, cards for Jacci & Steve, Volunteers and Maine hospital
Jean & Jim M - FL w/Loni & Lucy--  Santa card w/Donation
Cynthia M/CyndiM1 - w/Patch   Santa card w/Donation
Julie P - IA   Coupons
Karen L - OH  Christmas poem w/Donation 
Cheryl & Dan H - MD  donation and a hello to Kiwi
Yumiko from Japan-- Christmas card & diorama and some very cute kitty band aids
Sandi A - NC  Kitty Christmas card w/note & Donation
Buddy - Defiance   Donation & Chief Tapes
Carla & Jim M - FL Christmas card & Donation
Sheryl S/smallisha - VA  w/ Paul and Tricia --Christmas Card w/note
Judy R/MsNiceinVA   Kitty Christmas card w/note & Donation
Beth A/Eaglewatcher - IL  Peace card w/note
Joni  W - IA   Kliban cat card w/Donation
Ruffles29 - MI  Kitty Christmas card w/note  gift card to Pet Supply Plus
Bopeep - FL  Kitty card w/Donation and some for Preakness  Card for Hannah & my mom
Dewitty--card for my mom
Kate&Pat - N. Wales  Kitty Christmas card and Happy Christmas in Welsh!
Elly24 w/Buffy & Midge  Christmas card
ABQcat  Christmas card w/Donation and a hug for Lele
Fiona & Sammie w/ mom Faith/Ugottafriendinme - ME -- Christmas letter w/Donation in honor of Fiona, Sammie and Kiko--  Kitty Bag with Fiona & Sammies whiskers glued on it.. very cute    Pictures of Fiona and Sammie  beautiful kitties
Cindy/MrsHat--  Baby food, Baby cereal, snackers, Kitty wipes & pop tabs for Kellen & egg crates..

I'm trying something new with the Thank Yous.  If it doesn't "work", I'll go back to the other way.

We also had some PayPal donations that we're thankful for:
Billie K from TX--donation for anything we need to make Christmas a little merrier!
Janelle C from TX--donation in honor of Jodie and RIchard M, wishing them a Merry Christmas and a hearty welcome to FFRC Nation!
Ellen/kikimycat--donation from sale of her brooches from her KikitheCat Shop! She donates 15% of her sales to FFRC. Thanks!
Laura E--donation from PayPal for Jimmy's KMR drinking!
Priscilla G from CA--donation for Jimmy guzzling KMR Show
Barb W from WA--for Jimmy drinking KMR!
DeAnne S from IA--for Jimmy's KMR Adventure and the weak "meow" as he swallowed it down
Elisabeth A from MD--for Jimmy to have a fund to pay for his KMR habit
Jennifer W from MD--for Jimmy's KMR fun
Brooke B from OH--for the KMR challenge
Altogether Jimmy's KMR challenge made $130 for FFRC. Oh my goodness, I think he must have a cast iron tummy!

Today is our Christmas family day, so this Blog will be short!  Besides the joy of Christmas, I am concentrating on the word Positive. I am always the type of person who would rather think in positive tones. It's every person's choice whether we surround ourselves with negative feelings or positive feelings. You viewers/supporters are a big reason for my feeling positive. Your joy, your support, your good thoughts and prayers--they all add up and truly help me to keep myself focused on the good of life. I love this rescue center and will continue it on, with a positive feeling! Thank you for this gift you given to me. 

All is fine here. Miss Eltoe is eating great! She is on her way to a little tummy! She was even playing yesterday. Today, little Hark will get his mouth sutures out. A couple more days yet for his shoulder sutures though. Ernest's incisional site looks very good. Little Zata is growing and eating like a 10 pound cat! The general health here is very good, for which I'm so grateful for. Miss Marti is on my desk--her usual morning spot. Her favorite place to nap is across my wrists! Miss Molly is doing awesome. The family that would like to adopt her was here Saturday to visit with her. She likes them! 

The Covies were out and about on Friday. With Connie D calling them for supper, all 16 returned. Leonard has fit right in. Today, being it is Sunday, they will again have their door opened and they'll get their run-about. The Porchies continue to do well. Looks like Big Al is once again "stuck" inside! He won't go out--he refuses. He is a smart boy! Walter and him get along great. 

If you have an order for us and it has not arrived, please let me know. We do truly want to be 100% correct on our mailings. We realize that we do make mistakes but we keep trying for all to be delivered correctly. Don't hesitate if you have not received your order yet and if it probably should have been there by now. Thanks so much for your orders.

Take care, have a wonderful day, do something nice for someone else--pass on that positive feeling!