Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tuesday, December 17

Oh happy day! Our two new CH brothers will be here today. Well, actually they won't arrive until wee hours of the morning. Angie and Elizabeth have arrived in Florida safely. They are actually at this moment at the beach, waiting to return to the airport to pick up the two brothers. At 3:30 they will be getting the boys. I'm so anxious to know they are safely in our carriers and thru security. We have the top two pens in the back Thumper's Room all ready for them. They can go back and forth and of course be together. Soon though we will bring them up to Cat's Corner Room.

We had BOXES last night. You all never cease to amaze me. I am so grateful for the items received.
Cheri B--"Spoiled Rotten" box, sprong toy, Yeowww catnip cigar, 3 cat snackers, 2 cans Holistic Select cat food
Amanda from FInland--Christmas bag of candy, May the Angels be with you card and a beautiful kitty angel stained glass--I love it and it'll be put up today
Joanne H, Andrew and Horace the cat from UK--Christmas card, picture of Horace, 400 big paper plates, 200 large trash bags, 4 packs of dry cat food, cat toys, lots of cat snackers
Joanne/Bouddicea--2 cases of Fancy Feast, case of Friskies, 2 cases of baby food meat, 20 appetizers and 16 tins Rosebud Salve (for the volunteers)
David from NY and mom Sherry with their pets--Thinking of You card with a Christmas note, a beautifully wrapped gift with a quilted Vera Bradley purse (I love it, David!), Christmas ornaments and a giftcard to the movies (which we'll use tonight!)
Heather from FL--big poof for the kitties--already on the "princess" bed
Anonymous Friend--24 pk color Sharpies, snowflake blankie for Mayor Anony's birthday, Snuggly blankie for the Covies, safety pins, Purple sparkly jammies for Jacci (slept very good in them!!), stocking stuffed with goodies for the kitties, toys/collars/snuggly blankie for Janie & Camie, Chocolate Truffles with Bailey's and a CD: John Denver & The Muppets (love this!)
Great Aunt Julie/Tigercat54 from IA--case of Felidae canned food and case of Canidae canned food--a very good food for oldsters, youngsters and sickies
Betty & Tom W from VA with Samantha--Christmas card with note & donation
Dan & Pat R--Christmas card & pic of Kai a 12 year old FFRC kitty!
Tweety324--Bob Cat Christmas card with note & donation
Kay L from MI--donation
Linda V--Christmas card with note
Susie M from OH--Kitty Christmas card with letter & Donation
Janet R from Delphos--Christmas card with donation
Julie L and Bentley, Leo, Lexi, Lucky & Trinity--Christmas card for Derecho with a note
Linda A from Columbus with Haley & Sissy--Christmas card with note & donation
Courtney/calicomom--ME with the Main 15 Calicos--Kitty Christmas card with note and donation
Tim H/littlehobosam with Sam, Angel & Fluffy--Christmas card with note. He has his kitty pics on ustream.tv/channel/littlehobosam
Gina S/catlover14 from OH with Big Buddy, Grey Kitty & Jenny--Christmas card with note and donation to Medical Fund
Tracy/Coolbreeze & Kathy--Kitty Christmas card
Barry & Lori P from IA--Christmas card with her kitties and donation
Luann W--Christmas card with note & Donation
Colleen A from NE--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Oilsandsgirl/Sheila--donation thru PayPal to help with flight to get CH brothers
Lisa--our baker friend--donation of lots of pies and cookies--absolutely scrumptious. We love it!

We also had a lovely poem by Derecho! That sweet boy is so clever! It was lovely!

We have constant entertainment here! On the window ledge by Dodger's Pen are several bird feeders, two of which are fastened to the window. There's usually several cats on the ledge during the day, watching the birds eat. Lately the cats are even trying to climb the window. The funny thing is that the birds know they are safe! They just sit there, eat and watch the cats!

We had two adoptions yesterday! Bugg and Wayne! Both went to families that have lots of time to give them TLC! These are happy homes! Both will have children that will love on them too!

We also have several cats on hold!  I'm so happy about this as I feel they are all going into wonderful homes. They are Ernest, Alaska, Raza, Arden & Meryln (all in the same home!), Miss Molly, Miss Marti, Sadler, George & Kona (these two together!). And we're working on several others--Ginger, Markie and Barky. Such great news!

Want some more great news? We have heard from the company that has the Precious Litter. This litter is superb.  It's very hard clumping and very little dust. Tomorrow in the afternoon, FFRC will be receiving 100 forty pound bags FREE from them! This is just wonderful. We are so grateful!

The kittens have been on the shelves and have been trying to investigate the upside down tree.  I can see the longing in their eyes! But, the tree is safe! Yesterday the cats had another ham bone! It's absolutely amazing how they can pick off every speck of meat from it. Lots of grinning cats around here!

Look at this smiling girl!  Zelda Belda!
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