Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday, December 13

We are down to 12 days of Christmas! Zelda, Octavia and Walter are demanding 12 containers of Appetizers.  I told them they can share TWO--but that's all.  

Today we removed the many sutures from Ernest's incision. I believe there were 22 of them and some of those were running sutures. His incision looks great--is healing nicely. Such a good boy--just sat there and didn't really complain. How can a cat complain when you're getting your ears scratched?! He's still on antibiotics but that will be done soon.

The weather man says we possibly may have up to 8 inches of snow. Then another weather man says maybe 3-5 inches. So, I think I'll just wait and see what comes down! But we will "button down the hatches" out on the farmyard. We'll make sure the horses are snug in their stalls later today, the Barnies all have fluffy blankies and their heater lights are working. The Porchies are all set--their electic beds are on. Sidewalk salt is ready, shovels are handy and the snowplow guy has been called to make sure we're on his plow list (along with my mom!).

Here's the update on the generator: The generator is ordered. I just talked to them this morning and they have us on the work order. So, when the generator arrives, it won't take much time to get the generator up and running. We've also talked to them about getting a dusk to dawn parking lot light put up. That parking lot is pitch black at night! We've had a motion light but it's been replaced 3 times and is again not working. Time to let the professionals do it!

I want to give a very special friend a super big thank you. Beth/eaglewatcher has donated to FFRC a wonderful gift. It's a Veterinary Monitor! We will be able to use this for surgery as it monitors an EKG, Respirations, Oxygen Saturation, Pulse Rate, Blood Pressure, Temperature and the CO2 rate.  This is such a super addition to our surgery equipment. We will also be able to use it to check readings on injured cats as well. I'm thrilled to have this wonderful piece of equipment. Our past monitor read oxygen level and pulse only. Thank you Beth--you are an angel to us and particularly for the surgery cats. 

We had BOXES last night! Thanks ever so much for your gifts!
Sarah P/Romeosmom--2 cases of Fancy Feast grilled, kitty tree with a tunnel
Zsa Zsa and mom Justme--4 cases Friskies Pate, 4 cases Gerber baby food
Anonymous Friend--Snackers for outdoor kitties, doggie snackers, 2 microfiber cloths, 4 washcloths & 4 towels, 2 rugs (purple & yellow), 4 pillow cases, Grey pokie dot blankie, pipe cleaners for kitty toys, stickers for Hannah, bird windchimes for FFRC, green afghan made in Ireland, band aids, 2 tubes of Udder hand cream, lots of office supplies, including a purple pen with refills!, lots of K-cups variety (we use a lot of these)
Gerricross--K-cups--coffee cinnamon and a fariety, case of Fancy Feast Kitten, box of 30 candy bars--Hershey, KitKat & Reesses--great for a snowy day!
Autumn Kitty--24 giant rolls paper towels for Tabitha to "Party On and Have Fun"!  She is rapidly supplementing her paper towel nest in the cabinet!
RoseSF6--Christmas card for everyone, toy balls, case of WHiskas pouches, case of Purrfectly Chicken, 9 Mega bags of cat snackers, bag of Hershey candies--we must have our chocolate!
Kikimycat--package of chuck pads
Pat L/Plee from KS--cross stitch card with coupons, 10 Mega kitty snackers, 12 ans Sheba variety, 2 stainless feeding bowls, package paper plates, 2 sham wows, 2 doggie snackers and books for the volunteers to share!
Ganache with Connie/Warpedinmn & Joe, also Sizzle, Ebony & Willow--note from Ganache saying how much he loves his home, 10 awesome wonderful Warped-de-Doos for twin size beds. Will do a special 24 hour auction sale for these soon! They are really nice!
Julie L from FL--card with walmart gift card--big thanks
Nancy/kerswill & Tom G with Amber & Dominoe--Christmas card
Colleen/Leenie from AK with Sampson, Delilah, Weasley & Dhana--kitty card with coupons
Janet D from Defiance with Greer & Greenwood--Christmas card with donation
Janet H from Paulding--Christmas card with donation
Kai_Madkitty/Cheryl M from TX with Kaihime and Mad Kitty--Christmas card
Rob, Sarah, Sean & Rachel--Christmas card with picture of the family
Amy B/Jobo from MI--Chritsmas card
Picture of Shadow & Patches
Gusti--butterfly card with note
Susan C from Defiance--donation
Amelia M from ND--donation
Anne H from WA--note about those solar lights that we received!
Wendilin from WI--Chritmas card
Service Master--donation and Christmas card
Judy--Thanksgiving card
Budd Family--kitty card with Pet Supply Plus gift card
Patcat--Christmas card
Pauline& Jim--DeptfordDenmans--Christmas card
Laurie B from TX--donation to FFRC, in honor of her mother, who loves watching FFRC. Today is her birthday!
MacandCheeseMom--donation to FFRC
Peggy S (volunteer)--made a donation to FFRC in honor of her family members
Jean M/Annette20--donation for FFRC (thanks for covering our mistake!!)
Chris & Stephanie--2 Petco gift cards (loves Derecho!)

Many of you have been asking about the booklet that is being made of Joco's conversations with the FFRC cats. They are at the printers right now and will be here in the next couple of days! When they arrive, we will let you know. They are really very nice! 

Tomorrow is our surgery day. Sure hope the weather is workable. These are our plans:
Miata--spay IF she is not pregnant & a second leukemia test
Miss Marti--spay  weighs 2.15
Emma Jo--spay   weighs 2.15
Apache--castrate   weighs 6.06
Sadler--castrate  weighs 2.08
Rian--castrate  weighs 3.03
Sunny--castrate  weighs 3.02
Hark--castrate & amputate front left leg  weighs 2.06
We also have a few "extras" of pets that belong to volunteers that we want to help. 

Those that will be having a physical are:
Alaska, Ernest, Merlyn, Raza, Arden, Camvie, Cozarelii, Derecho, Faraday, Suzanna, Paddy Pur.  r, Ponia and Miss Mollie   Some of these will need their rabies vaccine, some need rechecks on teeth or eyes. 

All is well with the FFRC world. I need to get going though--I see the cats are having an argument at the door. Some think they can go out and make snowcats in the little snow that we have. That's not gonna happen! 

Sleepy Camvie. She takes most of her naps in the dogs room with Janie--her best bud!