Friday, January 3, 2014

Friday, Jan. 3

Snow, snow, snow. And very cold, brrrr-y cold. And more snow coming on Sunday. Do I like winter? Sure--love the snow, just wish it'd stay off the parking lot and roads! People have asked me how all the animals are doing. The Porchies are doing great--all snugged in their heated beds inside the sunporch. They are eating good and will come out occasionally, but they do love their beds! The Barnies are doing good too. Lots of warmth on those hay bales. They also have heat lights (away from the hay and straw though) and so they are happy.  Jimmy is being sure they get extra food to help stay warm. The Covies are snug as a bug in a rug! They're taking full advantage of their heated beds and the power of buddy sleeping! 

The farm animals are also doing great. The horses are fuzzy and definitely enjoy being out during the day. Their stalls are always clean and ready for their return in the afternoon with grain and good hay. The ducks/geese are so funny. There are places for them to go to to get out of the winter, but they insist on staying out in it--facing the wind. I've told them--go to shelter, but they're not listening! The peacocks are also doing good. Birds have an incredible way of keeping warm within. The donkey and goat are also doing fine. They have their little barn that won't let any wind or snow come inside.This is also where the chickens like to hang if they're not already in their coop. All are snug but I'm sure they'll be glad for spring.

The cats here are doing good. The general health is awesome and for that I'm extremely grateful. Lots of energy is spent for play. I saw Miss Marti do a flip in the air this morning to land on top of DeLeon who rolled her then they started grooming each other! I love the friendships that these cats have. Derecho right now is on a rug, with his paw over little Piet grooming him. Miss Molly will have her x-ray soon.

For the last 3 mornings, we have put the CHicago-5 and the BeaCH-2 in the Kitty Kabana Room for a few hours so they can run and make friends. It's time to branch out a little for them! Today the door to the front office/lavender room is now open so they have two rooms to cruise about. Jackson and August are getting the hang of it. August likes to walk the orange catwalk by the windows. Both August and Jackson use the "wide back leg stance" to help with their walking.

The CHicago-5 now have names:
Xena--brown tiger, female with spots
Mary Kay--brown tiger, female with more stripes, muted look
Wrigley--black tiger, CH, kink in tail
Cubby--black tiger, biggest of the group
O'Hare--brown tiger, long hair

Wrigley and Cubby are by far the most active and friendliest. Wrigley definitely has the "Walter head Wiggle" going on. He is a loverbug! Cubby is the great explorer. They are all coming along, slowly but surely. They sure do love to eat! They have such gorgeous faces.

BOXES are going to happen tonight! Fun! But, let's start at 5:30 instead of 6:00.  That way, if I need to do catching up tonight, it'll give me a bit more time. Come join the fun!

I've heard from so many of our recently adopted cats. I love to hear the stories! Sounds like things are going great. It is said that if a cat comes from a rescue/shelter that cages, it generally, on the average, takes 7-8 days to fully acclimate to their new home. But for a cat that's been in a cage-free environment, generally it takes 2-3 days. Isn't that wonderful?! I love that. And most people when they call me back say within 24 hours their new friend is cruising about quite happily. It so pleases me to hear that our cats are doing good. 

Miata isn't happy though in the rescue center. It's very obvious her life before here was more "to herself". I will take her to the Back Thumper's Room for her to be more comfortable. Too many cats and kittens around her is not her style. Then she'll be happier.  Suzanna has fully been enjoying her return to the rescue center. She's made many friends. She's is so pretty. Shiloah too is making friends and is playing more and more. She sure loves catnip. Both Miss Eltoe and Yvonne are gaining weight. They are still very thin but they're on their way to the FFRC belly-look.  Shamballie will have his pin pulled on our next surgery date. He is one super sweet boy. Zata is growing and thinks she's a lion in a little kitten body. Love this little girl! 

We have thanks to give! The cats have all voted--it's unanimous--each and every viewer, mod and admin are the best in the world! 
Anonymous Friend--donation for FFRC
CharfromBiloxi--donation to help with the Chicago-5's care
Carol N--donation for FFRC
Shannon W--donation to help FFRC
DebbiDear--donation for FFRC
Jowlee from MD--donation to help all the kitties
Aunty Fi--donation in memory of special friend Anna Marie--her birthday was 1/1 and in honour of other FFRC friends
Oilsandsgirl--to use where needed
Bonnie & Don K and family, in memory of Jack P

I'd like to give the moderators a special thanks. With their help, we have ordered another Water Lilly and Spider set for the Kitty Kabana Room. You know---this truly is the kitties favorite place to sleep--curled up in the middle of the flower! I was able to order it in orange and yellow! It'll be here fairly soon. Thanks, Mods. 

This month will also bring about the "planting of Jenna Rador". It will be right out the window of Kitty Kabana. What peace of mind this will bring. Also in January will be the extended countertop (need more space!!) and the cabinets and cupboards. We'll be taking out the old (will use them elsewhere for FFRC). This will give us more space to store things. Kathy has said she will repaint the cabinet doors so no worries! 

Today we will be moving the pen condo from June's Room to the Back Thumper's Room. In it's place will be a cabinet for med storage. It will also have a very small refrigerator on the counter to house the vaccines and refrigerator meds. We are doing this to continue with our compliance for new med regulations. 

Kona is rolling on a rainbow catnip toy. Fiesto is playing like crazy with the turbo track. Zelda and Kiara are on my desk. Little Xena came running over to me! Asha is taking a nap with one eye open--she's watching the kittens playing. Paddy Cake is on a shelf watching all the action. All is well in the FFRC world! Peace to you all.