Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Weds., Jan. 29

It's a raffle! This upcoming weekend is known as Super Bowl Weekend, but at FFRC it's Super Blanket Raffle Weekend!  And you are all invited to participate!  In fact, we're starting the weekend on THURSDAY, because it's that big!

We have five beautiful blankets, known as Warped-de-dos, made by Warped in MN.  They are:
A--yellow with blue birds, 58 x 70
B--purple, blue, red, green abstract, 56 x 70
C--butterflies, flowers blocks, 57 x 70
D--purple, green, pink flowers, 59 x 70
E--Pretty Cat, red, white, etc., 57 x 70

These Warped-de-dos are twin size blankies, super soft, washes and dries easily. They are like the Leggydews but much bigger. 

Here's how it works: Each blanket has a letter associated with it. Each $5.00 donation gets your name in a raffle for whichever blanket you ae interested in. If you donate $5.00 for blanket A, for example, your name will go into the raffle for that blanket.  If you donate $25 for blanket B, your name will go in five times.  Five blankets==five boxes. 

We are putting all the names on a numbered list, so your name is associated with a number and on Saturday at 6:00 pm we will draw one number from each box and look at the list to see who the winner is!

We're doing this so more of you can participate in getting one or more of these beautiful, handmade blankets.  If you don't want to participate, that's ok, just be thankful for all who do and of course for the wonderful time and talent of Warped.

Entries for the raffle must be made by paypal, be sure to include which letter blanket you want. Raffle tickets may be purchased starting THURSDAY, Jan 30 through 3:00 SATURDAY, Feb. 1.  Then on Saturday at 6:00 pm we will draw the five lucky winners.

We'll post the pictures of the blankets on FB chatters and FFRC Nation beginning on Thursday. Thank you for supporting FFRC as the money raised by the blanket promotions goes to help pay for our electric bill (over $1,000 for last month). Thanks ever so much! Let the PayPals begin Thursday!! Remember, be sure to put which letter of BLANKET and how many tickets you'd like to buy. Of course, if you'd like, you can do more than 1 blanket!