Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thursday, Jan. 23

Patricia and Seymour are up in the Main Rescue Center half of the time now. You may see Patricia prancing around--she's thoroughly enjoying all the windows. Seymour loves the toys. These are such nice cats. Both are blending in very well. 

We had BOXES last night! Big time thanks to you!
Cheri B--monthly Spoiled Rotten box--kitty kisses snackers, sprong toy, wooly fun toy, feather toys, 2 grooming mitts and 2 cans of Halo Spot's
Anonymouse Friend--4 of the K&H microwaveable pet bed warmers
Michlynn--bag of spiral yarn toys in catnip, 8 beautiful crocheted scarves for Day Sale, small framed stencil picture of Strawberry Wreath
Anonymous Friend--from Nordstrom--24 of the 2 pack of low cut socks for a Flash Sale--lime green and pink with kitties
Anonymous Friend--green bed and blankie for Coralie, colored paper for packing, box of Carter thermal blankies, crochet multi-colored blankies, 4 rolls duct tape, 5 super mega snackers for all the cats, bag of Jelly Belly buttered popcorn flavor, box of peacock thank you notes, 9 large fleec blankets
Sheila/oilsandsgirl--blinking buddy toy, flashing firefly mat, 2 quiet glow moth toys, senses speed circuit toy, 2 cases Whiskas Purrfectly Chicken and a case of Whiskas Chef flavored packets
Norm from CT/taishan05--letter, bunches of colorful sponges, 12 O'Cedar mop head replacements!
Yankeechick--5 rainbow mice for August and Jackson
Betsey in ME--donation in memory of Kodie M
Eaglewatcher/Beth--battery pack for the monitor for surgery
Tabitha's friend--a case of Sparkle Towels for Tabitha's nest!
JoAnn S--a memorial donation for John H and Helen G

Speaking of Tabitha's nest--she loves the roll of paper towels that hang in her cabinet. When the nest is low, she unwinds a bit, tears it off and adds it to her "pile".  What a girl--she's priceless!

We also had a few Paypal notes to make:
Anonymous Friend--PayPal in memory of Intrepid
Leslie M from KS--donation for Coralie
Selena and Scott W--donation for FFRC and to name a cat for a family member
Halos Mom & Dad--a donation to help with Coralie's medical needs

We had some sad news. Our Intrepid that was adopted out recently has passed away. The cause is unknown. While this gives us much sadness to us who cared for him as a kitten, we send our condolences to Intrepid's family.  We never know day to day what life will bring. Give your family and your pets that extra hug today.  

Yesterday was a big travel day for Hark, Markie and Barky. They were escorted by Angie and Bill to their new home and mama. I've already heard from her this morning and it sounds like all is well and happy! 

We now have 3 adoptions scheduled for this coming Sunday. The times are 10:30, 11:30 and 12:30. The 2 kittens are Miss Molly, Miss Eltoe and Xena (the first of the Chicago 5 kittens). 

Our new cat that we took in about 10 days ago, Jimmy James is still in Thumper's Room.  We've tried a couple times to acclimate him into the Main Area, but his words are no, no, no--I prefer the quieter Thumper's Room! So, he's still there and very comfortable there! 

We are having a surprise Flash Sale today--afterall, isn't that what a Flash Sale is--a surprise! We aim to get all orders done, mailed and sent 100% correctly.  If you participate in any of the sales, please remember that we need your PayPal or check before sending orders out. Thanks! And if we make an error or you do not receive your order, don't hesitate to send me an email! 

The generator/Jenna Radar is now done and complete and ready for action! How thrilling! While we hope there won't be a need, should we have a bad storm again, we are now prepared! This has been a very cold, windy, snowy winter for our area. 

I just did a FFRC belly check this morning--Paddy Purr, Cutie, Zata and Yvonne all pass!