Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday, January 10

We passed! We passed! The Ohio State Board of Pharmacology passed us 100% on their rules and regulations! Whew! So glad that is done. Actually, it was a great learning experience for me and FFRC. It's also a good thing to keep current with these things. I appreciate your support. I'm soooo glad that that is done and we passed!! 

In celebration of our Passing, there will be a cake coming from Kathy K from IA! Also lunch was provided by eaglewatcher. I so much appreciate your generosity. The cats insisted on a yummy for themselves so they got another ham bone! That's the crunch, crunch, crunch noise you probably hear on the cam! 

More good news! Coralie's dressings were changed today. Two days ago (we are to change the dressings every 2 days), she had 12 black pads. Today.......there are only TWO!!! Isn't that just wonderful?! And both rear feet are improved too--the infection is getting under control. Her ears are very hard and black, but she's already told me that she'll look cute even with short ears and I believe her! We'll keep a close eye on her toesies and feet and ears. If we need to make a debridement appointment with our vets, we will. So far, so good!

Our new boy, Freedom has arrived! Oh my goodness, this boy is a love machine! He loves to be held, loves to be petted, loves to play! He is a bit like Lorenzo and Derecho how they use our legs to help with support. He's probably more severe CH than the other cats. But, that boy has a heart of gold---truly loves people and the other cats. His determination level is at a very high mark! He has a tiny bit of a runny nose so we'll keep him in the back Thumper's Room for a little bit yet. We'll show him to the cam though occasionally

CH--besides meaning Cerebellar Hypoplasia, what else could it mean? I like Coming Home. I also like Capable and Happy. 

More good news! We have three adoptions tomorrow. Our sweet Miss Marti will be going home with Tammy who is visiting here for a couple days. The other two cats are Turtle and HoHos. These are the last of Paul's 6 cats. They will be going with our friends Curt and Connie. All 3 will have awesome homes. 

Want more good news? Our friend Diana that is visiting from South America has extended her visit by a whole week! She is staying with Sherri B. We're so glad to have her stay longer! 

Yesterday was another fun Snow Day! In the afternoon, Lynnette, Kelly, Diana, Sherri, Jimmy, Haley, Tammy and myself went out on the farmyard--snow angels were made, snow splits were done and snowballs were thrown! A few went in shorts and tshirts---coooooold but very fun! I believe the horses thought we were crazy!

We will have BOXES tonight, but the time is at 5:30 pm instead of 6:00. 

We had BOXES last night! Many, many thank yous to you!
Laura/Medic101--case of Fancy Feast grilled
Mary O/Merry_Marvin from CA with Peanut--allkinds of note pads, penciles, travel bags, school box, etc. Fun things! A stuffed kitty that meow's! Books--wonderful books. Dish towel with kitty & fish, 2 Diamond Oregon mugs for Jacci & Steve, 4 packages K-cups with lids
LJ323--13 crocheted kitty beds made with knit jersey for FFRC & Day Sale--2 bath rugs memory foam, Cans of salmon, chicken and sardines, bag of Sunkist dark chocolate and raspberry sticks
Beth A/eaglewatcher--3 K^H pet bed warmers
Jacksmom--kitty card, pop tabs for Kellen, Giant black rat with light eyes, lots of toys, Tiki food, case of Fancy Feast fish/shrimp, case of Friskies gravy sensations, Christmas Kitty Plate by Fitz n Floyd, Meow plaque, Frames--two wonderful cats ones, kitty pin for Jacci   Also a leggydew for Coralie. 
Mary C/midwesterngirl from IL--case of Royal Canin kitten & 3 bags Royal Canin kitten
CacheMaine/cameoD & Trudy--40 crocheted beautiful blankies for FFRC and Day Sale--we are using them today! And a beautiful afghan with blues, greens and cream
Kathy G--donation in memory of Jack P
Joyce H--donation for Jack P
Peter B from NY--a thank you card
Trudy S from Bryan--donation to FFRC
Betz--letter for Bill & Angie
Yoder family--donation for Jack P
Dee & Jim S--donation for FFRC
Pat & Ellen--a donation from their amazon and ebay sales, for FFRC. 
Oilsandsgirl--donation for those who braved the cold to make snow angels, for the Feliz Navidad fund
Kate E from UK--donation to help towards the heating bills!
Jakesmeowmy--donation to use wherever needed
Geremy K from WI--donation for the head rub that Steve gave to Magenta 
Dawn D--donation for Jimmy's hurt head from the icicle!
Dawn/itsanoone from MI--donation in honor of Jimmy's concussion
Lucy/Lu-Little--a wonderful CH vest for any of them that can use it and some Bondi Licks! 
Ted E/chiefted--for his special blanket for Wrigely: "When I saw that one of the Chicago 5 was a CH kitten I knew that he should have a blanket to call his own".  Thanks, Ted

We will not have surgery after all tomorrow. The vet tech is sick. It is rescheduled until 1/25.  

The temp is up! It is now 40 degrees! It sure is dripping everywhere outside. Today the Covies are out running--and they are truly having fun and stretching their legs! Must feel great.We are doing great here at FFRC.