Thursday, January 9, 2014

THursday, January 9

Our level 3 has been lifted! We can now drive with caution. The temp the next few days is suppose to be in the 30's and low 40's. Things are looking up! Yesterday a couple of the volunteers were able to come in--they were able to catch up on their specific things they do. Elizabeth and Emily went back to their homes last night. Sarah will go back home today. I am so so grateful for them--they stayed thru the entire rough weather time! 

Our inspection that was to take place today at 10:00 has been pushed to tomorrow at 10:00. Our inspector has been affected by the weather too. So.....tomorrow is the big day! Surgery is still scheduled for Saturday. 

We did not have boxes last night.....UPS has not had any deliveries due to road conditions. Today we will have some more snow fun with our visitor friend from South America--Diana!

Piet is sitting up on my desk but falling asleep. He's trying very hard to stay upright! Zata is doing better. Her appetite has picked up. Yesterday we all agreed that Yvonne looks better yet! While she's still so thin, her energy level is better and her bones are covered a bit. She's a beauty. Piet just gave it up--she's now curled up on a cushie and her eyes have closed!

The CHicago-5 are fantastic. It's amazing to me how quickly they have "friended up"! Their shyness is almost gone. They love to play. These 5 are zoomers--they are so very quick. Climb this, jump from that, run from room to room. Yet when it's time for naps, they all find each other and curl up into a big tiger ball. So sweet.

One of the viewers made a comment today that I like. CH means Come Home! I am trying to figure out a time to get to Bowling Green, here in Ohio. There is a shelter there that has a CH male, black cat, about 2 years old there that needs a home.  They have accepted FFRC as his forever home! Here is his bio: "This guy is quite the lover and a survivor. He has been living with CH his entire life as an outdoor cat. What he lacks in coordination, he makes up for with his HUGE personality!"  Because of the weather, we have been unable to get him yet but hopefully very soon now. 

We also took in another cat yesterday--a female gold tiger, young adult. She was found on Monday, outside, covered in ice and unresponsive. The couple that found her took her in and warmed her with warmed up towels. The next day, Tuesday, she began to eat, but her feet started swelling terribly and her ears began to turn black all from frostbite. They brought her to us the next day, Weds. Dr. Darcy will see her on Saturday but in the meantime has given us a protocol of treatment which we are following. For right now, all four feet are wrapped with burn ointment on them. Many of the toes are black and hard. This cat is a dear--such a sweetie. She is most definitely not out of the woods. While she is eating good, we need some healing power going on as all four of her feet and 2 legs are affected. She can life with shorter ears after they are healed--that won't be a problem. Her name is Coralie. Please keep her in your prayers. 

Cozarelii loves to play with the laser birds. And he so so loves his snackers! Keesha is becoming a big wheel runner. We saw Zata on the wheel yesterday too! DeLeon and his friend Dodger are so fun to watch--they were born to tackle play. Over and over again. Little Miss Molly is playing with everything that moves! Daisy, Meowzer and Hark have become good friends too--even with the size differences. Give these 3 a feather and all kinds of fun can happen. Plop, plop, plop, plop---that's what happened yesterday. I picked up my peacock afghan in the house and out plopped four Z's onto the couch! Oh, were they toasty!