Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tuesday, Jan. 14

Seymour is coming! Seymour is coming!  Introducing Seymour......he is a 6 month old 1/2 Persian that has some spinal cord injury. This has probably been an issue for him since birth. Seymour and his mama Patricia are at a shelter right now called Riverside Regional Pet Shelter/BENCH in Mankato, MN. Here is a link to see him --  http://www.keyc.com/story/24419588/pick-of-the-litter-january-10-2014

Now, the TV News says he "needs" his mama, Patricia but the truth is, she's ready to move on and find her own home! And Seymour wants some play friends. So, Patricia will stay there and be adopted while Seymour will make his way to FFRC where he will have tons of friends. Our promise, as requested, to this shelter is that Seymour will always be here--we will give him forever care and love.

These two cats were left at the shelter, in a box, in their parking lot. While Seymour's back legs don't work properly, the really important thing to note is that he can hold his tail straight up! That means he can "feel" when he has to potty and he makes his way to the litterbox just fine. And his rear right leg has a little flutter motion that he can make--like to help "scoot off". And scoot he does--very quickly and perfectly! 

Two cam friends who are sisters live in Mankato. They have offered to drive Seymour here. Their names are Julie and Patty. I'm so very grateful for them to make this trip. The plan right now, is that they will arrive here at FFRC late on Thursday. They will then spend 2 nights here in a hotel so they can have time to visit the Rescue Center and get ready for the long drive back. Again, thanks so much Julie and Patty!

Our Coralie girl is so so sweet. She just is so tolerant of her treatments. We rewrapped her feet this morning and will try and keep these on for 2 days. She is truly a purr girl. Freemont is a charmer. He knows how to work it! Rub, rub, rub and yep, you fall in love with him! He loves to rub on legs. What a boy.

Piet is growing. Clayton is a funny boy--always in the middle of all things orneriness-wise. Mellow is here in the office looking pretty sweet. She loves her cushie beds and to have the top of her head rubbed. 

The lilly flower and spider beds have arrived. Casters will be put on today and they will then be in use. The kittens are already climbing on them and napping. Because of our order, we were able to purchase the Beanstalk Tree. It's awesome! It is yellow, green and pink with many leafs extending out from it for cats to nap in. They actually "sink down" into the leaves for a comfy nap! The top has a sort of "crown" that can hold 5-6 cats to nap! It's wonderful! 

We had BOXES last night. Big time thanks to you--your hearts are awesome!
Brooke (visiting for a couple days)--Chicken Soup for the Soul, cat toys, cat snackers and most importantly 2 containers of Fudge!
Cindy M1 from NY--note, mouse pads from Zazzle for Lynnette and Jacci--so cute!
AuntyFi--5 smart crushers, different colors for adopters
Sheriff Putter by way of NY--kitty sized tools for kittys to help Dion with construction
Anna B--case of Appetizers for Tabith & friends
Zsa Zsa and mom Kathy--6 cases of Fancy Feast Appetizers
Laurie H/felinetoyz--a box of colorful things! 5 rolls decorative duct tape, laser inkjet paper, steno book, colored paper reinforcements, sticky notes, colored magnets, doodle pad, swirl pad, stickers
Kayton19--The Best Cat in the World Book for anyone that has lost a precious one
Missbekkah/Miss Bekkahs Corner--crocheted cat balls
Gusti--large bag of Royal Canin kitten, case of Royal Canin baby cat
Geremy K--potty bags, 4 cans Sheba, 4 cans Fancy Feast, 7 rolls flexible bandages, snackers, beautiful purple rug and towel
Sheila/oilsandsgirl--3 covered Kitty Campers with heaters for Porchies or Barnies
ErikaM from Hong Kong--Christmas card for FFRC and Farrah
Jan M from NY--donation--wherever is needed
Realty Five of Defiance--donation from a sale that client chose FFRC as their charity!
Sophieandlucysdad/Mike from MI--coupons

We also received some PayPals! I thank you.
Shimazu Ai--donation for FFRC
Lois B from OH--donation for FFRC
Eric Hamersly--donation for FFRC
Jatcat from CA--donation for an awesome HP laserjet Pro Printer--many thanks!
Shannon S from OH--donation for the care of Leonard and any other FFRC needs

Our Toy Sale/Poof Sale yesterday went great! I appreciate all the support. Lynnette has been super busy today putting orders together! 

I've talked to Dr. Pettigrew about the 3 cats that spent the day there at the vet office. DeLeon was neutered. He's doing great. Little Miss Molly had her leg x-rayed. It of course showed the old fracture site of that rear leg. It shows a complete mend. It's crooked a bit and a tad shorter than the other leg, but nothing wrong with that. She keeps the leg and will be just fine! They were pleased with her x-rays. Shamballie also went to have his pin removed from his front leg. After looking at his x-ray, it was decided not to pull it yet. More healing and mending is needed. Possibly another 2 weeks. 

Now, to discuss something rather sensitive. I know a few of our viewers have asked about Janet--if she is coming to visit FFRC since she is in the US. The answer is no. I let Janet know that we would let our viewers know this. I believe honesty is the best policy. I will not go into details or reasons because that is not necessary. But Janet and FFRC have parted ways due to a difference of opinions. I wish her well and a happy life. Now...it's time to put this away. Please...I expect to see no gossip about this, no speculation, just respect for all involved. This is not open for discussion. Thank you.

Tomorrow is an exciting day! Dion will be here (yes, I know--plans have changed slightly!) The door to the bathroom will be enlarged to accommodate a walker. Then the fun stuff happens! The new countertop and cabinets for the Rescue Center will be installed. Octavia now realizes she will still have full access to the food pantry--that was such a worry for her. And we finally calmed Tabitha down too. We assured her she will have a whole section for her nest--not to worry! The cat's hard hats and little tools are ready for use!