Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tuesday, Jan. 21

The Jenna Radar is here! Yes, indeed, FFRC finally has it's generator! I was surprised yesterday when the Gustwiller crew arrived in the morning and proceeded to work on installing our wonderful Jenna Radar!  Today, the finishing touches will be done. Wow--I'm so so glad to have this added protection for FFRC. It's a beautiful site! 

Ming is rolling on his back and is acting like a kitten. I still feel sometimes that that is where his mind is--in kittenhood. He will be a fun cat forever! He loves the track toy and those banana catnip toys! The Chicago 5 gang is the chirpiest group of kittens I believe we have ever had. They run and play, all the while, chirping chirping chirping to each other. It's a beautiful sound. I marvel at how friendly they are. When they first arrived, I must admit I was a bit worried but they've succeeded in becoming so very friendly! 

And talk about friendly cats....Freemont is at the top of the list. He is a doll---so friendly. We love him to pieces. Pania has started a new adventure. She loves to climb up (slowly and surely) to the very very top of the giant Beanstalk cat furniture. Then she lays down with her head between the pedals, waiting for someone to climb up and bring her down. Easy going up for her, hard to get down. But she doesn't mind our helping her! 

Our visitors Julie and Patty who brought Seymour and Patricia from MN, are on their way back home now. Safe travels. The visitors who are with us right now are Leenie and Nikka. Welcome! 

Tomorrow early morning is when our "ark" group will be making their way to their new mama. Bill and Angie will be flying with them (2 in one crate/1 in the other). Hark, Markie and Barky will earn their flying wings as they make their way to a new happy life. We'll keep you posted as to their journey. There's a possibility of a 4th friend going with them....more later on that. 

On Friday night, at 6 pm, we will begin another group of for the Afghan Auction. They are beautiful! Pictures and descriptions will soon be on Facebook Chatters page. The bidding will end at 6 pm sharp on Saturday night. Let the fun begin!

On Saturday we will have another surgery day. We tentatively have these cats scheduled: Patricia, Wrigley, O'Hare, Mary Kay, Xena, Piet, Yvonne, Miss Eltoe, Zata and Miss Molly. Then Coralie will be done last. This will be a major undertaking. If we cannot do her spay, that will come later, but her frostbite wounds will be tended to first. 

This Sunday we will have a busy day. At 11:30 will be Miss Eltoe's adoption! She has her very own home and she picked her own human all by herself! It's such a joy when they do this. Then at 12:30, Miss Molly will be leaving to go to her forever home. At 2:00 is our Annual Volunteer Information Meeting. Lots of things going on. 

We had BOXES last night and Saturday night and have much thanks to give.
Caren F--case of Fancy Feast Kitten, case of Friskies Salmon and case of Friskies Pate, package of coil toys and nip puff ball toys
Elizabeth/widdletigger--note for Octavia, 2 cases Meow Mix bowls, 2 sided clock with a pretty wall mount
Bonnie, Michael & Dave--a beautiful wicker bassinet for the cats
Pat/Cathouze & Ellen/Furkitty & fur kids---note, 2 packages snackers, bunch of hot cocoa, Fancy Feast variety cans, 2 containers of Earth Friendly cat nip and 2 canisters guar free cocoa
Leenie--4 boxes A&M clump and seal litter--good stuff!
Judy & Phil--day visitors--100 forever stamps
Millie/Glenda W from MA--a PayPal donation 
Deborah W from KS--A PayPal donation
Gusti--PayPal donation for Coralie to help with her meds
Eugenia S from Russia--donation thru PayPal
Brooke B--PayPal donation
Timothy M from FL--Paypal for Snappy & Whisk's catnip pad for their birthday
Zoltan N--PayPal donation
Tigercat/Great Aunt Julie in IA--2 crinkle chutes, case of Appetizers, 2 cases of Fancy Feast kitten and 4 pkgs. Command hangers

We also had our Afghan Auction on Friday to Saturday this past weekend. What a wonderful success! These were the South African afghans donated by Rosemary--all were so beautiful. The results were:
We had 72 bids, made up of 23 different people. 
The winning bids:
Afghan A to Demiloon for $300
Afghan B to Hull for $200 (and then donated to Bonnie!
Afghan C to Carolminda for $240
Afghan D to Lovebugs for $302
This made a total of $1,042. Oilsandsgirl donated $58 to make a total of $1,100!!! I thank you so very much for this successful event!

I've been asked a few times about Zelda's limp.  Yes, she is limping more. Remember she has chronic pain in her shoulders and elbows from her original injury, from when she was stuck in between the two walls as a kitten. We need to work on weight control with her--would love to see her shave a little weight off. This will help with the amount of pressure on her front leg joints. Maybe we can practice jumping up and down from boxes several times a day?!!!

We have another cold front coming in. All is well though. The Barnies, Covies and Porchies are doing well--lots of heated areas to go to during this big freeze.