Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday, Jan. 26

All went well with our surgery day yesterday although it was a very long day. 
Those that were spayed:
Patricia--physical good, weighed 6.05
Miss Eltoe--physical good, weighed 4.08
Miss Molly--physical good, previous fracture is stable, weighed 2.07
Xena--physical good, weighed 3.09 (Vet thought these 5 cats have savannah or bengal in them)
Mary Kay--physical good, weighed 3.05
Piet--physical good, weighed 3.06
Zata--physical good, weighed 2.05
Yvonne--physical good, good weight now, weighed 7.09

Those that were neutered:
O'Hare--physical good, weighed 3.03
Wrigley--physical good, CH confined to head wobbles and slight body imbalance, weighed 3.08

Shamballie had his pin removed. Past fracture appears to be stable. Had a bit of difficulty retrieving the pin, was a bit sore directly after surgery, but doing great now. Given soreness meds. Putter--not now. It's not your turn yet.

Coralie, our frostbite girl, was a very long surgery, about 2 1/2 hours. We had difficulty keeping her body temp up. We may look into a heater surgical pad for future needs. Dr. Darcy did an awesome job. Her ears look great--removed about 1/2 of them. When the fur returns, she'll look wonderful! About 2/3s of the tail was removed--no more carrying around that dead tail end. We worked a long time on her feet. There's one paw that may not need any pad removal, just a declaw on the toe nail beds that are dead. But that's better than a toe! On a front paw, 3 out of the 4 pads (not a dewclaw) had to be removed. This leaves her with a very stubby foot. One rear paw had to have 3 nails declawed. We're hoping to save those pads on that foot. The other rear foot has to have tissue removal yet, but it's temporarily down to healthy tissue. We want to see if she can produce some more healing before her next surgery. Both hocks are troublesome, but much of the "caps" were removed. We're hoping for lots of granulation to happen. This cat is simply awesome. Just love her to pieces. Her attitude is--it's ok, let's just get on with it and enjoy life! Please, if you know of an animal outside in this brutal winter, please check on them. 

We've heard from Bonnie! Her surgery went good. She stands a good chance of a successful surgery. We will get those cards to her very soon! Bonnie is a special person to FFRC and hopefully you will see her sometime again soon. Her brace on her neck has to be in place for 6 weeks. 

We completed our Afghan Auction last night! Wow--what a wonderful auction this was! Such beautiful handiwork. 
Jacksmom--won afghan A for $255
Gusti--won afghan B for $180
Lady Doc--won afghan C for $176
Littleonemine--won afghan D for $247.  
Ann F sent a donation of $142 to round up this afghan auction to $1,000!  I want to thank all the bidders, Ann, the chatters for adding to the fun, Canton cat and the mods for helping with this sale and the people who made the afghans. We are very grateful!

We had BOXES on Friday evening. We are thankful to YOU!
Terese in NJ--flannel cat nip toy with feather for August, Jackson and Shamballie
Yankeechick--red blanket with paw prints for Freemont, catnip ball toys for Lorenzo and Derecho
Nancy/Kerswill--letter, yarn for Pat, 2 bags of pompoms, pop tabs/box tops for Caryn & Kellen, bag of crazy stems (giant pipe cleaners), Keurig black tea cups, hole reinforcements, sugar free goodies, packets for the volunteers with goodies, 4 wildlife cards, Rescue Roast coffe K cups
Zsa Zsa and mama Kathy--case of Nature Tuna/Chicken, 2 cases of Halo Spot's Stew Cat Turkey, bag of Royal Canin Indoor Adult, 5 cases of Tiki Cat can
Joy in Ohio--green kitty doily made by her mother who has Alzheimer's, pop tabs and pull tabs, various office items including colored paper, construction paper, chalk and stickers
Anonymous Friend--flowered round beach towel, peanut butter & chocolate pecan fudge (very very delicious), kitty pictures, collars, cardinal cat toy, 4 colorful rugs
Pat L from Kansas--4 boxes Whiskas gravy sensations
Elizabeth/Liz from UK--6 packages cat snackers, Ferrero Rocher candy--yummy
Lisa, our baker friend--10 pies and lots of homemade cookies!
Connie K--donation in memory of Larry
Mary/Midwestern from IL--donation in lieu of payment for American Doll clothes made by Leggygal
Judy HK--donation in memory of Jack P
Tom & Jean from Defiance--Chief register tapes
JenniB from FL--donation for FFRC
Nancyerin from FL--donation in memory of Paul
Wanda E--donation for a portrait!
Joyce D--thanks for the pizza for surgery day!

Putter--you are so impatient today, buddy.  Soon.

Want to help a school class have some fun? One of our viewers is a teacher and her class is studying pets and people in all countries and states. If you'd like to participate, please send a postcard just stating where you are from and what pets you have! The address is:
Ms. Robin's Class
Downs PreK
3831 Mars Hill Road
Watkinsville, GA  30677

Patricia and Seymour are now in the Main Area all the time. They are doing great. Seymour is a climber--he loves to get up on the Kuranda Towers! Dr. Darcy was able to look at the x-rays of Seymour. Her findings: she still feels his mobility problem is from some sort of trauma. The x-rays show a big curvature of the lumbar region, with much narrowing of the vertebrae which results in nerve damage. Also both femur heads show misalignment into the pelvic joint. Even more important is what the heart shows. There is a distinct malformation of the heart--not the normal picture of a heart. This could be the explanation of what happened last week. Instead of asthma as previously thought, his respiratory problem could have been from this heart issue. We will keep a close eye on him and will do a repeat chest x-ray in the future. 

All is fine. Cats are busy watching the birds eat at the feeders. We are again in more winter weather. It is very cold here, very windy and another 2-4 inches of snow expected today. We will cancel our volunteer meeting as it is more important to think of the safety of the volunteers driving. 

Ok, Putter, now it's your turn! Yes, sweet boy--tell us your thoughts. 
From Putter--his advice for all of us: "You should surround yourself with people who make you laugh. Love the people who treat you right, pray for the ones who don't. Life is too short to be anything but happy. Falling down is a part of life, getting back up is living."  Thanks Putter--love you.