Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saturday, Jan. 18

The Seymour and Patricia family arrived late last night, about 11:30 pm. What a long day for Patty and Julie who drove them all the way here. We put the cats on the floor right away so they could stretch their legs and go potty. They both ate some dry food, can food and had a good drink of water. Then Patricia started investigating the room and Seymour played with the toys. He probably thought---why worry when mom's here--she can do the worrying! They both look wonderful. We notified our contact person at BENCH that they arrived safely. 

It's wonderful to see Seymour doing his thing. We've seen him twice now get into the litter box, wait until he feels his back end plop into the box, then go potty! When he scooches around, that tail is straight up like a rudder with a flag on the end. I believe he thinks he's just fine and that there's nothing wrong with him! I do believe this is a spinal cord problem. We have seen it 3 other times. It's probably when he was developing in mama, his positioning was "wrong". He is fortunate that he has use of that tail--it means he has control over bathroom issues. You could probably think of it as a "kink" in his nervous system--not much "brain telling power" reach his legs. His rear right leg does have a bit of ability to push off at times. Bottom line is this--he's an awesome cat, he's a happy boy and he loves to be out and about. He and Patricia will spend some time in the back Thumper's Room to acclimate to all of these changes. 

We had two adoptions yesterday! George and Kona left together! Their new mom/dad already love them! They also stayed awhile to visit all the cats and us! Had a very nice time. 

We have a few more kittens on hold. Barky, Markie and Hark will be leaving this next week. We also have Miss Molly on hold. She will be leaving on Sunday at 12:30. Zata is on hold but has to be spayed first.

We had a BOX last night and several BOXES the night before! Thanks bunches for all these donations!
Widdletigger--a whole case of papertowels for FFRC and Tabitha!
Gusti -- donation in honor of Dianes birthday for her to name a cat and best wishes
Liz S from UK--a donation to help with the cost of bringing Seymour and Patricia to FFRC
Catslife--donation for FFRC to use where needed
Jacksmom--donation to FFRC in honor of Kelly R who did a kind deed for Jackson!
Arden and Charmaine--12 jumbo rolls paper towels, 3 boxes Bounce, 6 gal Tide HE, 4 gallons Mr. Clean
Beth/Eaglewatcher from IL--musical 5/1 holiday clock
Northpole--snow roof rake for FFRC
Lori from Defiance--donation in memory of Richard S and for his kitty Sadie
Tobyswife--2 special mylar balls for Pania (which she has been playing with!)
Mary H from Archbold--lots of snackers for the cats, kitty face wipes, markers, flannel/fleece blankies
Jan--2 appetizer cases and some Mega cat Temptation snackers
Diana from South America--a wonderful, blue cat stoller. It's really nice! I can just image Bella wanting to go on stroller rides as soon as the weather is nice! And Walter too! And.........oh, this could be so much fun! 

Good news from Ustream! We received our revenue share from the Ustream Partner Program for the time between 11/01/13 to 11/30/13.  This has been the best revenue yet from Ustream to FFRC. Are you ready for this?!  It's for $2,927.90!! I am thrilled and grateful.

The countertop is in place! We have most of the drawers, cupboards and cabinets all organized! Breakfast was prepared on the new countertop and it was wonderful to have more room! Magenta is thrilled to have her place back! We have some painting to do yet.

We are in the process of our first Afghan Auction for the year! We have 4 stunning afghans up for auction on FB chatters page. Check it out. Bids can be upped from $1 to $20. The bidding stops sharply at 6:00 pm (FFRC time). Next Friday and Saturday, we will have another afghan auction!

The cats are doing great. Health issues remain good. We still have some URI with Camvie but we are aware that this is a chronic problem for her. She has so much love to give and will still make a family happy! Freemont remains in the Main Area. Birds are feeding heavily so the cats are thrilled to watch the activity. The cupboard that is now Tabitha's nest, will have a rail on it to keep her paper towel bed in place. She'll also have her own paper towel holder in this cupboard so she can continue to build her nest as she wants! 

Today Coralie will spend the day with her dressings off so she can do some grooming on her wounds. She's so been wanting to do this. This will be a good thing. 

Our 2-week visitor friend, Diana from South America will be leaving us today. We have so enjoyed her visit. She has been staying with Sherri, Sophie's mom. Patti and Julie who are sisters and brought our 2 Minnesota cats last night will be here for 2 nights. 

Next Saturday is our surgery day. It will prove to be a busy day for us. Next Sunday at 2:00 will be our annual Volunteer Meeting. This is where we go over ideas, our future goals and catch-up time on many items.