Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday, Jan. 5

Okay--button down the hatches. Make sure all outside cats have their heaters on and dry/clean blankies. Lots of hay and straw for the horses, donkey and goat. Plenty of feed for the geese, ducks, chickens and peacocks (oh, and the guinea hens!). Porchies have all heaters plugged in. Covies are toasty warm. Shovels are ready to do their job. Keep that faucet dripping in the front Thumper's Room. Pet safe salt ready to use. Plow guy at the ready.  Bird feeders full. Are we ready for a new snow and the big upcoming freeze? Yep, we're ready.  Let the snow begin!

We had an adoption yesterday. Our sweet Dovie girl went to her new home. Garsh, some of these cats are extra hard to let go. Sometimes I want to grab them and take them in the house and act innocent--I'm not sure where that cat is anymore. But, I also know in my heart, that I wouldn't let them go unless I was SURE they were going into a great home. Dovie's new mama called last night. She had already eaten, pottied, drank and napped. Sounds like she's going to be a very happy girl in a loving family. 

We have had some PayPal donations that I'd like to send a big Thanks to.
Pat & Ellen--a donation for Farrah (hug given to her from you!)
Susan S from WI--donation in appreciation of the volunteers, use wherever needed
Joni G from WA--donation for Magenta and Jolene
Eaglewatcher/Beth--for a pizza for lunch for the hard working crew!
Sarah P from MO--donation for Zata (snuggle given!)
CJ M from OH--donation for FFRC
Susan L from OH--donation for FFRC
Tobyswife--donation for Dovie and a leggydew and catnip pad for her

We also had BOXES on Friday night! Big time thanks.
Andrea F from CA--card with donation for Feliz Navidad Fund and a Walmart gift card for Pat to be able to continue to make things for FFRC
Julie & Matthew L--Happy New Year card with their kitties on it (Lucky, Leo, Trinity, Bentley and Lexie
Jeannette B from TN & Fur Haven Kitties--note and lots of pocket calendars for the volunteers
FaithyMD--Happy Birthday, Faithy!  She is celebrating her birthday in true Hobbit fashion, by giving gifts to others. Bunny card, Under Cover Mouse toy, Tote blue/green (Steve's already used!), 2 pieces of pyrite, Hobbit key, Hobbit broach (very pretty!), Bobcat baby plate and a charging station for batteries and mobile devices
Melissa P/melpenrod--mylar balls, toys & more toys, Fancy Feast and cat snackers
KnittenKitten2--3 K&H Lectro Soft Heated beds with covers--big thanks
Vickie B/nyckitty--5 bags of Royal Canin baby cat dry
Anonymous Friend--2 cases Northern toilet paper, 2 big boxes of 30 gallon Glad trash bags and a case of sardines in olive oil

The Chicago-5 and the Beach-2 are out and about! Their door to their room was opened today for them to make the decision to go in and out by themselves. The Chicago-5 immediately were out. Then came August. Jackson is thinking about it. But, wow--what progress! That Cubby--he's a rascal, so sweet and ornery. Wrigley is right there too among the orneriness. The two shy girls, Xena and Mary Kay are making big leaps and bounds of being more self confident. And then there's O'Hare--she loves to have a head rub. August and Jackson love the catnip toys and are becoming more confident as well. It's so so nice to see them adjusting to FFRC life!

As many of you know, Zata had a couple days of not feeling as spunky as she normally is. She's been started on antibiotics and syringe fed. This morning and last night she started eating again by herself. We still supplemented a bit this morning. I saw her a bit ago, go up to Derecho and swat his tail. Derecho reached over, put his arm around her and groomed her! She's a sweetheart for sure! 

Forgive me if this week I get behind on emails and other things. We have a very important day here on Thursday morning (weather permitting). We have a pharmaceutical inspection. Our goal is to meet all regulations 100%, but I've already been told by the inspector that no one passes the first time. That's part of what this inspection is about--to help us comply. So, we have already started working on this and will continue the next 4 days to work on this. It's very time consuming but very important to me and FFRC to do this right. Unfortunately, we will lose June's Room as a transitional room for the cats. It is now the med room only. All will be well and we will work around this inconvenience. The condo pen that was in June's Room is now in the back Thumper's Room for our use.

All is well here. Cats have been super ornery and playful! Just how I like it! Putter was even playing in the house. Keesha has been running the wheel big time this week. The cats are doing chirping songs as they watch the bird feeders. This morning Clayton got inside the refrigerator THREE times (no worries, we are careful and knew immediately he was there) and he also clawed 2 water bottles which made a big water puddle. He watched me clean it up! George must think he's going to get cold--he's been dragging a blankie around all morning. Kiara is snugged under the pile of warm laundry. Just love these cats!