Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tuesday, Jan. 28

Brrrr, goosebumps, chilly, oh my garsh it's cold out there. We are a very cold area, but fairly toasty inside. Wind chills are in the minus twenties. Schools are closed again. Some of the Porchies have decided they are to be called Front Thumper's Room cats as they've invited themselves right inside. This morning there were 5 of the Porchies inside Thumper's Room. They looked so happy to be in. With the shortage of propane though, we have brought the thermostat down a few notches. We have to be conservative.

Yesterday and each Monday at 9:00, the Jenna Radar will flip itself on for a very short cycle to rotate the oil and be sure it's working properly. Oh, what a lovely sound that generator made....I thought of it as a purr! It was wonderful!

Slowly but surely we are going thru the website and updating each category. This will take a bit of time but we will get it done! Ginger is in top form--Octavia would be so proud of her. She is a great apprentice! Just this morning alone she thieved 4 packets of food. Tabitha too has become an accomplished "nester". Remember, she had 2 cases of paper towels donated just for her. And she loves it! She will take the roll of paper towels (that's on the holder) and unroll and unroll a length of PT. Then she pulls it off, mushes it up and takes a nap! She's so sweet, she even shares her nest with others! We sometimes "borrow" some of her towels to use them! She doesn't mind!

As many of you probably know already, S.T.O.P., a cat rescue in Mansfield, OH had a fire. (reference to it is in late blog yesterday). FFRC has extended help to them. THe director, Diana, will keep us posted and let us know if/when we can help with some of the cats. She sent an email just this morning, and said their biggest concern is for the cats with eye damage from the fire. As FFRC knows more about the situation, we will pass it on to you.

We had BOXES last night! Please know how grateful we are to you.
Barbwick--with a note--fish kitty bowl with lid for a flash sale.
Oilsandsgirl--jumbo automatic atomic digital clock--check it out--numbers are 4 1/2 inches tall!
For Jimmy--2 official FFRC Customer Man t-shirt!! (from Mod friends)
Jay H--2 large bottles of L-Oysine for Asha & friends
Mayumi from Japan--2 cases of Chicken tulle and 2 bags of chicken steaks
Leggygal from CA--2 large bags of Royal Canin Kitten dry food
LJ323--2 crocheted samples of how the cat bowl beds are made
Kelly R in CA--bags of sugar free candy and regular candy for the volunteers, Bag of cat snackers, Fancy Feast, Appetizers and baby food
Susan C--donation for FFRC
Helmin from UK--donation to FFRC as a help for the quilt project

FFRC has always had a plan of action for an emergency. Due to the fire at S.T.O.P., we want to update our Emergency Plan. We had actually started this process last week. We now have 9 fire extinguishers in place and 9 smoke detectors, some with carbon monoxide detectors built in. Our Instruction in Case of Emergency paper has been updated. We always keep extra carriers in the middle shed just for this occasion.

We had 3 adoptions this past Sunday. Xena went to her new home. I do believe she was thoroughly loved by her new family even before they left with her! Next was Miss Eltoe, followed by Miss Molly. I believe these 3 all went into wonderful homes. I've already seen pics of Miss Molly--all looks well!

Ming had a real treat last night--he got to spend a night in Kitty Kastle with Sarah and Beth. Sarah spent the night so that she didn't have to contend with road conditions this morning. Ming so enjoyed being "the only cat"! He's a great boy. 

All is well at FFRC. I so appreciate the extra effort that it takes to keep things going with this cold weather. We truly do have the best volunteers!